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Dermatology and Therapy 10/2022
Dermatology and Therapy

Ausgabe 10/2022


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Open Access 25.08.2022 | Review

Clinical Efficacy and Safety of Psoriasis Treatments in Patients with Concomitant Metabolic Syndrome: A Narrative Review
Joseph F. Merola, Arthur Kavanaugh, Mark G. Lebwohl, Robert Gniadecki, Jashin J. Wu

Open Access 01.09.2022 | Review

Polyaphron Dispersion Technology, A Novel Topical Formulation and Delivery System Combining Drug Penetration, Local Tolerability and Convenience of Application
Morten Praestegaard, Fraser Steele, Nigel Crutchley

Open Access 17.09.2022 | Review

Comorbidities in Androgenetic Alopecia: A Comprehensive Review
Shuang Chen, Xiaohang Xie, Guoqiong Zhang, Yong Zhang

Open Access 19.09.2022 | Review

Dermatologic Disease-Directed Targeted Therapy (D3T2): The Application of Biomarker-Based Precision Medicine for the Personalized Treatment of Skin Conditions—Precision Dermatology
Philip R. Cohen, Razelle Kurzrock

Open Access 14.09.2022 | Review

Mindfulness and Meditation for Psoriasis: A Systematic Review
Erin Bartholomew, Mimi Chung, Samuel Yeroushalmi, Marwa Hakimi, Tina Bhutani, Wilson Liao

Open Access 04.08.2022 | Original Research

Botulinum Toxin A Alleviates Persistent Erythema and Flushing in Patients with Erythema Telangiectasia Rosacea
Rongli Yang, Chang Liu, Wenli Liu, Jintian Luo, Shaoli Cheng, Xin Mu

Open Access 13.09.2022 | Correction

Correction to: Botulinum Toxin A Alleviates Persistent Erythema and Flushing in Patients with Erythema Telangiectasia Rosacea
Rongli Yang, Chang Liu, Wenli Liu, Jintian Luo, Shaoli Cheng, Xin Mu

Open Access 01.09.2022 | COVID-19 | Original Research

Maskne—Dermatosis of a Pandemic. A Survey on the Impact of PPE on Facial Skin Among HCW and N-HCW in Poland
Izabela U. Malczynska, Gabriela Krych, Anna Baran, Tomasz W. Kaminski, Iwona Flisiak

Open Access 05.09.2022 | Original Research

Real-Life Effectiveness and Safety of Risankizumab in 131 Patients Affected by Moderate-to-Severe Plaque Psoriasis: A 52-Week Retrospective Study
Luigi Gargiulo, Luciano Ibba, Giulia Pavia, Carlo Alberto Vignoli, Francesco Piscazzi, Mario Valenti, Federica Sanna, Chiara Perugini, Jessica Avagliano, Antonio Costanzo, Alessandra Narcisi

Open Access 13.09.2022 | Original Research

Efficacy of Tildrakizumab Across Different Body Weights in Moderate-to-Severe Psoriasis Over 5 Years: Pooled Analyses from the reSURFACE Pivotal Studies
Diamant Thaçi, Sascha Gerdes, Kristian Gaarn Du Jardin, Jean-Luc Perrot, Lluís Puig

Open Access 09.09.2022 | Original Research

A Retrospective Real-World Study of the Effectiveness and Tolerability of Tildrakizumab in UK Adults with Moderate-to-Severe Chronic Plaque Psoriasis
Gabrielle Becher, Sophia Conner, Jennifer A. Ingram, Karen E. Stephen, Alison C. McInnes, Adrian H. Heald, Paul A. Riley, Mark Davies, Arnau Domenech, Ismail Kasujee

Open Access 16.09.2022 | COVID-19 | Original Research

A Cross-Sectional Study on Factors Affecting the Decision to Conduct Dermatologic Surgery Procedures During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Rungsima Wanitphakdeedecha, Tatre Jantarakolica, Tatchalerm Sudhipongpracha, Supisara Wongdama, Mia Katrina R. Gervasio, Ma. Christina B. Gulfan, Yuri Yogya, Krisinda Clare C. Dim-Jamora

Open Access 21.09.2022 | Original Research

Can Microneedle Fractional Radiofrequency System Treatment Impair the Skin Barrier Function in Chinese Patients? A Prospective Clinical Trial
Xiujuan Wu, Zhen Zhang, Jian Zhu, Sheng Lu, Chen Chen, Xianglei Wu, Xue Wang, Zongfeng Zhao

Open Access 21.09.2022 | Brief Report

Release of Cervical Muscle Tension Improves Psychological Stress and Symptoms of Moderate-to-Severe Atopic Dermatitis: a Case Series with 20 Patients
Shusaku Hosono, Koji Fujita, Akimoto Nimura, Keiichi Akita

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