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Dermatology and Therapy

Research, treatment and aesthetic interventions in dermatology

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18.05.2018 | Brief Report Open Access

Integra®-Dermal Regeneration Template and Split-Thickness Skin Grafting: A Therapy Approach to Correct Aplasia Cutis Congenita and Epidermolysis Bullosa in Carmi Syndrome

The association of junctional epidermolysis bullosa with pyloric atresia (JEB-PA) and aplasia cutis congenita (ACC) was described by El Shafie et al. (J Pediatr Surg 14(4):446–449, 1979) and Carmi et al. (Am J Med Genet 11:319–328, 1982). Most …

16.05.2018 | Original Research Open Access

Omalizumab in Chronic Spontaneous Urticaria Refractory to Conventional Therapy: An Italian Retrospective Clinical Analysis with Suggestions for Long-Term Maintenance Strategies

Chronic spontaneous urticaria (CSU), also called chronic idiopathic urticaria, affects around 0.5–1% of the global population at any given time [ 1 ]. H 1 -antihistamine-refractory CSU (refractory CSU) has been previously defined as uncontrolled …

10.05.2018 | Original Research Open Access

Exploration of Patient Characteristics and Quality of Life in Patients with Lipoedema Using a Survey

Lipoedema is an adipose tissue disorder that was first described more than 75 years ago by Allen and Hines [ 1 ]. To date, there is little scientific evidence available on lipoedema. To gain better understanding of this frequently neglected and …

04.05.2018 | Original Research Open Access

Effect of Topical Steroids on Skin Prick Test: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Atopic dermatitis is the most common skin disease in childhood. It is associated with sensitization to allergens, and children with atopic dermatitis have increased risk of developing allergic rhinitis and asthma.

21.04.2018 | Original Research Open Access

The Potential Public Health Impact of Herpes Zoster Vaccination of People Aged ≥ 50 Years in Japan: Results of a Markov Model Analysis

Herpes zoster (HZ or shingles) is caused by reactivation of latent varicella-zoster virus (VZV) residing within the dorsal root ganglia of people who have had a primary varicella infection. The actual cause of reactivation of VZV has not been …

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Dermatology and Therapy is focused on cutting-edge research, treatment, and aesthetic interventions in dermatology. Emphasis is placed on articles that investigate the clinical aspects of dermatology, such as skin pharmacology; skin development and aging, prevention, diagnosis, and management of skin disorders; and research into dermal structures and pathology. Articles relating to diagnosis, pharmacoeconomics, outcomes, patient care, management, education, and quality of life are also encouraged. The journal is fully open access, internationally peer-reviewed and offers rapid publication (peer review within 2 week, online 3-4 weeks from acceptance).

The journal is of interest to a broad audience of pharmaceutical and healthcare professionals and publishes original research papers, drug reviews, case reports, and short communications.

Dermatology and Therapy offers a range of additional features designed to enhance the educational content of the research. Each article is accompanied by a bulleted slide summary for a time-efficient overview of the content. Articles also have the option to include various other types of enhanced features including slide sets, videos and animations. These features are published alongside the article on the bespoke journal website:

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    Guido Michels, Matthias Kochanek
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    J.F. Erckenbrecht, Sven Jonas
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    Grundlagen, Diagnostik, Therapie: Das beliebte und erfolgreiche Diabetes-Handbuch für Arztpraxis und Klinik – mit den wichtigsten Tipps, Tricks und Infos von multiprofessionellen Diabetes-Teams! 

    Peter Hien, Bernhard Böhm, Bernhard Böhm, Simone Claudi-Böhm, Christoph Krämer, Klaus Kohlhas

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