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Dysphagia 3/2022

Ausgabe 3/2022


Inhaltsverzeichnis (25 Artikel)

Open Access 05.07.2021 | Review

Autoimmune Neurogenic Dysphagia
Panos Stathopoulos, Marinos C. Dalakas

23.04.2021 | Original Article

Improving Accuracy of Texture-Modified Diets and Thickened Fluids Provision in the Hospital: Evidence in Action
Marie Hopper, Shelley Roberts, Rachel Wenke, Zane Hopper, Leisa Bromiley, Chelsea Whillans, Andrea P. Marshall

12.04.2021 | Original Article

Free from Dysphagia? A Test Battery to Differentiate Between Mild and No Dysphagia
Emma Lindroos, Kerstin Johansson

09.04.2021 | Original Article

The Role of Instrumental Swallowing Assessment in Adults in Residential Aged Care Homes: A National Modified Delphi Survey Examining Beliefs and Practices
Olga Birchall, Michelle Bennett, Nadine Lawson, Susan M. Cotton, Adam P. Vogel

15.05.2021 | Original Paper

Characterizing Quality of Life in Caregivers of People with Parkinson’s Disease and Dysphagia
Sarah E. Perry, James C. Borders, Avery E. Dakin, Michelle S. Troche

27.04.2021 | Original Article

Gold Standard? Method of Citric Acid Solution Swallowing Test as a Screening Test for Patients with Tracheostomy
Sang Hun Kim, Dong-Min Kim, Ho Eun Park, Yong Beom Shin, Byeong Ju Lee, Myung Hun Jang, Jin A Yoon

19.04.2021 | Original Article

Simple Advanced Preparation Method for Improving the Thickness Stability of Powder Thickening Agents in Dysphagia Management
Jui-Chu Kao, Hsin-Ya Yu, Yuan-Hao Hsu, Chia-Ning Hsu, Yen-Chun Chen, Yen-Ling Su, Li-ni Yen, Kuo-Tung Liao, Shao-Chen Tsai, Sheng-Kai Lin, Shih-Han Hung

Open Access 26.05.2021 | Original Article

Laryngeal Sarcoidosis and Swallowing: What Do We Know About Dysphagia Assessment and Management in this Population?
Lindsay Lovell, Gemma M. Clunie, Chadwan Al-Yaghchi, Justin Roe, Guri Sandhu

30.04.2021 | Original Article

Relationships Between Survival and Oral Status, Swallowing Function, and Oral Intake Level in Older Patients with Aspiration Pneumonia
Taku Suzuki, Takanori Tsujimura, Jin Magara, Naohito Hao, Naru Shiraishi, Kazuya Maekawa, Kazuo Matsushima, Makoto Inoue

08.05.2021 | Original Article

Exploring the Interplay Between Radiotherapy Dose and Physiological Changes in the Swallowing Mechanism in Patients Undergoing (Chemo)radiotherapy for Oropharynx Cancer
Alana R. Hutchison, Laurelie R. Wishart, Bena Brown, Elizabeth C. Ward, Catriona Hargrave, Elizabeth Brown, Sandro Porceddu

05.05.2021 | Original Article

Thickened Liquids Using Pureed Foods for Children with Dysphagia: IDDSI and Rheology Measurements
Laura Brooks, Jianshan Liao, Jaclyn Ford, Sarah Harmon, Victor Breedveld

03.05.2021 | Original Article

Detecting Aspiration During FEES with Narrow Band Imaging in a Clinical Setting
Claire Stanley, Paul Paddle, Susie Griffiths, Adnan Safdar, Debra Phyland

29.04.2021 | Original Article

The Effect of Combined Guidance of Botulinum Toxin Injection with Ultrasound, Catheter Balloon, and Electromyography on Neurogenic Cricopharyngeal Dysfunction: A Prospective Study
Mengshu Xie, Peishan Zeng, Guifang Wan, Delian An, Zhiming Tang, Chao Li, Xiaomei Wei, Jing Shi, Yaowen Zhang, Zulin Dou, Hongmei Wen

Open Access 28.04.2021 | Original Article

The Relationships Between Radiation Dosage and Long-term Swallowing Kinematics and Timing in Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Survivors
Dai Pu, Victor H. F. Lee, Karen M. K. Chan, Margaret T. Y. Yuen, Harry Quon, Raymond K. Y. Tsang

Open Access 28.04.2021 | Original Article

Pediatric Flexible Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing: Critical Analysis of Implementation and Future Perspectives
Jana Zang, Julie Cläre Nienstedt, Jana-Christiane Koseki, Almut Nießen, Till Flügel, Susan Hyoungeun Kim, Christina Pflug

Open Access 11.05.2021 | Original Article

Cough-Inducing Method Using a Tartaric Acid Nebulizer for Patients with Silent Aspiration
Tomohisa Ohno, Naomi Tanaka, Mariko Fujimori, Keishi Okamoto, Satoe Hagiwara, Kyoko Hojo, Takashi Shigematsu, Takafumi Sugi, Hideaki Kanazawa, Kenjiro Kunieda, Ichiro Fujishima

26.05.2021 | Original Article

Decreased Tongue Strength is Related to Skeletal Muscle Mass in COPD Patients
Ryuji Sugiya, Yuji Higashimoto, Masashi Shiraishi, Tomomi Tamura, Tamotsu Kimura, Yasutaka Chiba, Osamu Nishiyama, Shinichi Arizono, Kanji Fukuda, Yuji Tohda

26.05.2021 | Original Article

Swallowing Safety and Efficiency Impairment Profiles in Individuals with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
Raele Robison, Lauren DiBiase, Amy Ashley, Kasey McElheny, Amber Anderson, James P. Wymer, Emily K. Plowman

22.05.2021 | Original Article

Validity and Reliability of the Turkish Translation of the Yale Pharyngeal Residue Severity Rating Scale
Yavuz Atar, Sevgi Atar, Can Ilgin, Melis Ece Arkan Anarat, Ugur Uygan, Yavuz Uyar

20.05.2021 | Original Article

Establishing Reference Values for Temporal Kinematic Swallow Events Across the Lifespan in Healthy Community Dwelling Adults Using High-Resolution Cervical Auscultation
Cara Donohue, Yassin Khalifa, Shitong Mao, Subashan Perera, Ervin Sejdić, James L. Coyle

05.07.2021 | Original Article

Evaluation of Oropharyngeal Dysphagia in Elderly Patients with Pharyngeal Aberrant Internal Carotid Artery Using the Eating Assessment Tool-10 (EAT-10)
Sabuhi Jafarov, Artoghrul İsazade, Alper Köycü, Gülfem Beyazpınar, Melike Bahçecitapar, Arzu Tüzüner

12.01.2021 | Clinical Conundrum

An Octogenarian with Progressive Dysphagia
Lang Peng, Renyi Yin, Zihu Tan, Guang Yang

03.04.2021 | Clinical Conundrum

A Rare and Unusual Cause of Tenth Cranial Nerve Palsy Leading to Dysphagia
Amanda Ngouajio, Marisa Buchakjian

21.04.2021 | Clinical Conundrum

An Unusual Cause of Late Dysphagia After Head and Neck Radiation Therapy
Giuseppe Fancello, Oreste Gallo, Giandomenico Maggiore, Luca Giovanni Locatello

14.04.2021 | Clinical Conundrum

Postcricoid Mass Mimicking a Malignancy
Ahmed Amin Nassar, Ahmad Mohamed Eltelety

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