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European Archives of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology

Ausgabe 4/2023

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Review Article

Primary prevention of depression in head and neck cancer patients: a scoping review

Rawan Arif, Hani Z. Marzouki, Jennifer A. Silver, Rahaf Al Thomali, Mazin Merdad, Nader Sadeghi

Open Access Review Article

Multicentric study on surgical information and early safety and performance results with the Bonebridge BCI 602: an active transcutaneous bone conduction hearing implant

Georg Sprinzl, Joseph Toner, Assen Koitschev, Nadine Berger, Thomas Keintzel, Thomas Rasse, Wolf-Dieter Baumgartner, Clemens Honeder, Astrid Magele, Stefan Plontke, Gerrit Götze, Joachim Schmutzhard, Philipp Zelger, Stephanie Corkill, Thomas Lenarz, Rolf Salcher

Review Article

Botulinum toxin A treatment in facial palsy synkinesis: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Frank W. de Jongh, Anouk W. M. A. Schaeffers, Zoë E. Kooreman, Koen J. A. O. Ingels, Niels van Heerbeek, Carien Beurskens, Stan J. Monstrey, Sjaak Pouwels

Open Access Otology

Correlation of Eustachian tube function with the results of type 1 tympanoplasty: a prospective study

Waleed Moneir, Noha Ahmed El-Kholy, Ahmed Ismail Ali, Mohamed Moustafa Abdeltawwab, Asser Abdel Raouf El-Sharkawy


Bonebridge® bone conduction implant. Hearing outcomes and quality of life in patients with conductive/mixed hearing loss

Claudio Carnevale, C. Morales-Olavarría, G. Til-Pérez, P. Sarría-Echegaray

Open Access Otology

A deep learning approach to the diagnosis of atelectasis and attic retraction pocket in otitis media with effusion using otoscopic images

Junbo Zeng, Wenting Deng, Jingang Yu, Lichao Xiao, Suijun Chen, Xueyuan Zhang, Linqi Zeng, Donglang Chen, Peng Li, Yubin Chen, Hongzheng Zhang, Fan Shu, Minjian Wu, Yuejia Su, Yuanqing Li, Yuexin Cai, Yiqing Zheng


Long-term outcomes of retrospective case series of middle ear implantation with Vibrant Soundbridge in children with congenital aural atresia

Barbara Cadre, François Simon, Charlotte Célérier, Cyrille Coudert, Jonathan Flament, Natalie Loundon, Kahina Belhous, Françoise Denoyelle

Open Access Otology

Interobserver variability of cochlear duct measurements in pediatric cochlear implant candidates

Almir Salkic, Erdem Yildiz, Wolf-Dieter Baumgartner, Lejla Tokic, Sabrina Uscuplic, Senada Sarihodzic, Fuad Brkic, Alen Harcinovic, David T. Liu, Faris F. Brkic


The study of predictive factors for the evolution of vestibular schwannomas

Le-Uyen France Truong, Jean Charles Kleiber, Carole Durot, Esteban Brenet, Coralie Barbe, Christine Hoeffel, Arnaud Bazin, Marc Labrousse, Xavier Dubernard

Open Access Otology

Habituation of changed acoustics properties after canal wall down mastoidectomy

M. R. Zwemstra, P. Brienesse, M. J. F. de Wolf, E. van Spronsen


A retrospective cohort study of telephone versus face-to-face clinics for the management of new otology referrals

Christopher Metcalfe, Peter Gaskell, Thomas McLelland, Sanjay Patel, Jameel Muzaffar, Lucy Dalton, Chris Coulson

Open Access Otology

Otoendoscopy in the era of narrow-band imaging: a pictorial review

Federica Pollastri, Luca Giovanni Locatello, Chiara Bruno, Giandomenico Maggiore, Oreste Gallo, Rudi Pecci, Beatrice Giannoni

Open Access Otology

Long-term follow-up of patients with vestibular neuritis by caloric testing and directional preponderance calculation

András Molnár, Benjámin Donát Jassoy, Stefani Maihoub, Panayiota Mavrogeni, László Tamás, Ágnes Szirmai


Mastoid obliteration with hydroxyapatite vs. bone pâté in mastoidectomy surgery performed on patients with cholesteatoma and chronic suppurative otitis media: a retrospective analysis

Jantine J. Lindeboom, P. M. W. van Kempen, J. Buwalda, B. O. Westerlaken, D. A. van Zuijlen, S. J. H. Bom, F. B. van der Beek

Open Access Otology

Cholesteatoma surgery in the pediatric population: remaining challenges in the era of mastoid obliteration

Victor J. Kroon, Steven W. Mes, Pepijn. A. Borggreven, Rick van de Langenberg, David R. Colnot, Jasper J. Quak

Open Access Rhinology

The pattern of epistaxis recurrence in patients taking prophylactic acetylsalicylic acid (ASA) from a 10 year cohort

Petar Stanković, Stephan Hoch, Stefan Rudhart, Stefan Stojković, Thomas Wilhelm


Differential disease diagnoses of epistaxis based on dynamic uncertain causality graph

Xusong Bu, Mingxia Zhang, Zhan Zhang, Qin Zhang


Factors affecting the location of sphenoid sinus ostium: a binary logistic regression analysis

Dong-Hyun Kim, Hyung-Bon Koo, Sang-Jun Son, Jae-Hoon Lee


CT analysis of the anterior nasal airway based on the direction of nasal airflow in patients with nasal obstruction and trauma controls

Aris I. Giotakis, Gerlig Widmann, Erik Mallien, Felix Riechelmann, Helen Heppt, Herbert Riechelmann


Nasal eosinophilia as a preliminary discriminative biomarker of non-allergic rhinitis in every day clinical pediatric practice

Athina Papadopoulou, Stavroula Lambidi, Theano Lagousi, Maria Syrrou, Fani Giannoula, Efstathia Staikou, Stavroula Kostaridou, Despoina-Zoe T. Mermiri


Posterior nasal nerve neurectomy for the treatment of chronic rhinosinusitis with nasal polyposis: a randomized controlled trial

Yash Mittal, Pradeep Pradhan, Saurav Sarkar, Chappity Preetam, Pradipta Kumar Parida, Dillip Kumar Samal


Relationship of cepstral analysis with voice self-assessments in dysphonic and normal speakers

Saeed Saeedi, Mahshid Aghajanzadeh, Seyyedeh Maryam Khoddami, Payman Dabirmoghaddam, Shohreh Jalaie


Transcutaneous electrical acupoint stimulation for suspected laryngopharyngeal reflux disease

Hailong Shen, Yanxun Han, Changyu Yao, Ye Tao, Jing Wu, Chaobing Gao, Feihu Wu, Yehai Liu

Open Access Laryngology

A refashioned foley catheter: novel cost-effective available stent in pediatric laryngotracheal reconstruction

Ahmed El-Sobki, Mohamed Elkahwagi, Mohamed E. El-Deeb, Fedaey R. Habaza, Mohammed Abdelbadie Salem, Ahmed Hemdan, Noha Ahmed El-Kholy, Mahmoud Elsaid Ibrahim Alsobky

Open Access Laryngology

Pepsin enhances glycolysis to promote malignant transformation of vocal fold leukoplakia epithelial cells with dysplasia

Haitong Li, Shasha Zhang, Shuihong Zhou, Yangyang Bao, Xiaojuan Cao, Lifang Shen, Bin Xu, Weimin Gao, Yunzhen Luo

Open Access Laryngology

Causes of death after laryngeal cancer diagnosis: A US population-based study

Abdelrahman Yousry Afify, Mohamed Hady Ashry, Mohammed Ahmed Sadeq, Mohamed Elsaid


Endoscopic management of adult subglottic stenosis: an alternative to open surgery

Adrien Ferney, Thibault Ferney, Ludovic Giraud, Amandine Briault, Marie-Pierre Aboussouan, Paul F. Castellanos, Ihab Atallah

Open Access Head and Neck

The role of elective neck dissection in T1 and T2 nasal cavity squamous cell carcinomas

Claudia Lill, Boban M. Erovic, Rudolf Seemann, Muhammad Faisal, Klaus Stelter, Bernd Gandler, Florian Frommlet, Andreas Strobl, Michael Formanek, Stefan Janik

Head and Neck

Abdominal ultrasound in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma staging: yes or no?

Benedikt Höing, L. Wittig, L. Weber, B. A. Stuck, S. Mattheis, T. Hussain, S. Lang, J. M. Theysohn, Y. Li, S. Hansen

Open Access Head and Neck

Malnutrition risk and frailty in head and neck cancer patients: coexistent but distinct conditions

Priya Dewansingh, Linda Bras, Lies ter Beek, Wim P. Krijnen, Jan L. N. Roodenburg, Cees P. van der Schans, Gyorgy B. Halmos, Harriët Jager-Wittenaar

Head and Neck

Feasibility of facial nerve monitoring using adhesive surface electrodes during parotidectomy: a comparative study with needle electrodes

Hye-Jin Park, Myeonggu Seo, Ha-Nee Kwon, Youngjin Cho, Yong-Il Cheon, Byung-Joo Lee, Sung-Chan Shin

Open Access Head and Neck

Influence of fat-free mass index on the survival of patients with head and neck cancer

Nina Lapornik, Brigita Avramovič Brumen, Gaber Plavc, Primož Strojan, Nada Rotovnik Kozjek

Head and Neck

Evaluation of a questionnaire as a screening tool for benign paroxysmal position vertigo

Lin Yan, Xiaoman Wu, Zhixian Wang, Jianming Yang

Head and Neck

Sialendoscopy for pediatric salivary gland disorders: a study of safety and effect

Mads S. Liljekvist, Jakob Foghsgaard, Michael F. Howitz

Head and Neck

Dynamic nomogram for long-term survival in patients with locally advanced oropharyngeal cancer after (chemo)radiotherapy

Francesca De Felice, L. Humbert-Vidan, M. Lei, A. King, T. Guerrero Urbano

Head and Neck

Does a tonsillectomy indicated according to the German S2k guideline affect short-term quality of life in adults?

Michaela Plath, Matthias Sand, Kjell Behnen, Karim Plath, Ingo Baumann

Head and Neck

Prediction of extranodal extension in oropharyngeal cancer patients and carcinoma of unknown primary: value of metabolic tumor imaging with hybrid PET compared with MRI and CT

Amina Nemmour, Thomas M. Stadler, Alexander Maurer, Zsofia Kovacs, Bettina Serrallach, Diana Born, Constanze M. Nemes, Martina A. Broglie, Shila Pazahr, Niels J. Rupp, Martin W. Hüllner, Sandro J. Stoeckli, Grégoire B. Morand

Open Access Head and Neck

Descending necrotizing mediastinitis: etiopathogenesis, diagnosis, treatment and long-term consequences—a retrospective follow-up study

Thea Charlott Reuter, Valentina Korell, Jens Pfeiffer, Gerd Jürgen Ridder, Manuel Christoph Ketterer, Christoph Becker

Open Access Head and Neck

Comparison of PD-L1 expression in squamous cell cancer of unknown primary and oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma

Benedikt Schmidl, Kim-Aylin Voßenkämper, Leonhard Stark, Melanie Boxberg, Fabian Stögbauer, Katharina Feigl, Christof Winter, Anja Pickhard, Barbara Wollenberg, Markus Wirth


The association between obstructive sleep apnea and lung nodule, carcinoembryonic antigen

Li-Da Chen, Ai-Ming Zeng, Jie-Feng Huang, Meng-Xue Chen, Gong-Ping Chen, Qi-Chang Lin


New surgical frontiers for 4K 3D-exoscope in paediatric head and neck surgery

Emilien Chebib, Charlotte Benoit, Emilie Bois, Natacha Teissier, Thierry Van Den Abbeele

Open Access Short Communication

Augmented reality during parotid surgery: real-life evaluation of voice control of a head mounted display

Claudia Scherl, David Männle, Nicole Rotter, Jürgen Hesser, Jan Stallkamp, Tobias Balkenhol, Lena Huber, Benedikt Kramer, Anne Lammert, Annette Affolter

Letter to the Editor

Sleep surgery randomized clinical trials: design and execution are important

Andrew Chun Lok Wong, Andrew Jones, Stuart Grayson MacKay

Letter to the Editor

Transcutaneous electrical acupoint stimulation, autonomic nerve dysfunction and laryngopharyngeal reflux

Jerome R. Lechien, Rida Cheikh-Youssef, Antonino Maniaci, Miguel Mayo-Yanez, Giannicola Iannella, Luigi A. Vaira


Correction to: Epidemiologic, radiologic, and sialendoscopic aspects in chronic obstructive sialadenitis

Álvaro Sánchez Barrueco, Jessica Mireya Santillán Coello, Fernando González Galán, Ignacio Alcalá Rueda, Sherouk Osama Aly, Beatriz Sobrino Guijarro, Ignacio Mahillo Fernández, Carlos Cenjor Español, José Miguel Villacampa Aubá

COVID-19 Correction

Correction to: Could a mannequin simplify rhinopharyngeal swab collection in COVID 19 patients?

Francesca Boscolo Nata, Barbara Pedruzzi, Emanuele Ferri, Francesco Scotto di Clemente, Giovanni Campolieti, Fabio Manoni, Giovanni Cristalli

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