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European Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

European Child & Adolescent Psychiatry 1/2013

Ausgabe 1/2013

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 10 Artikel )

01.01.2013 | Editorial | Ausgabe 1/2013

From “ready to wear” to “custom-made”: the benefits of multidimensional approaches to tailor targeted interventions

Catherine Barthélémy

01.01.2013 | Original Contribution | Ausgabe 1/2013

Associations between adolescent depression and parental mental health, before and after treatment of adolescent depression

Paul O. Wilkinson, Claire Harris, Raphael Kelvin, Bernadka Dubicka, Ian M. Goodyer

01.01.2013 | Original Contribution | Ausgabe 1/2013

Adverse childhood experiences and suicidal behavior of adolescent psychiatric inpatients

Reetta Isohookana, Kaisa Riala, Helinä Hakko, Pirkko Räsänen

01.01.2013 | Original Contribution | Ausgabe 1/2013

Medical conditions affect the outcome of early intervention in preschool children with autism spectrum disorders

Mats Anders Eriksson, Joakim Westerlund, Åsa Hedvall, Per Åmark, Christopher Gillberg, Elisabeth Fernell

01.01.2013 | Original Contribution | Ausgabe 1/2013

Head circumference and height abnormalities in autism revisited: the role of pre- and perinatal risk factors

Margo Schrieken, Janne Visser, Iris Oosterling, Daphne van Steijn, Daniëlle Bons, Jos Draaisma, Rutger-Jan van der Gaag, Jan Buitelaar, Rogier Donders, Nanda Rommelse

01.01.2013 | Letter to the Editor | Ausgabe 1/2013

Engagement of commissioners, primary and secondary care for developing successful ADHD services

H. Ayyash, S. Sankar, H. Merriman, C. Vogt, T. Earl, K. Shah, S. Banerjee

01.01.2013 | Letter to the Editor | Ausgabe 1/2013

Longitudinal trends in diagnosis at child and adolescent mental health centres in Madrid, Spain

Juan J. Carballo, Rebeca García-Nieto, M. Mercedes Pérez-Rodríguez, Jorge López-Castromán, Hilario Blasco-Fontecilla, Laura Mata-Iturralde, Victoria de Leon, Enrique Baca-García

01.01.2013 | Letter to the Editor | Ausgabe 1/2013 Open Access

Recommendations for a better patient care in daily clinical practice: a joint perspective of ESCAP and ECAP

Aribert Rothenberger, Ruud Minderaa

01.01.2013 | Letter to the Editor | Ausgabe 1/2013

Manifest for evidence-based child psychiatry in France

Baudouin Forgeot D’Arc, Samuele Cortese, François Pinabel, Diane Purper-Ouakil

01.01.2013 | Brief Report | Ausgabe 1/2013

Electroconvulsive therapy in adolescents with intellectual disability and severe self-injurious behavior and aggression: a retrospective study

Angele Consoli, Johan Cohen, Nicolas Bodeau, Vincent Guinchat, Lee Wachtel, David Cohen

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