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European Journal of Plastic Surgery

European Journal of Plastic Surgery 5/2019

Ausgabe 5/2019

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 17 Artikel )

06.03.2019 | Review | Ausgabe 5/2019

Literature scans: cartilage grafts in nasal tip rhinoplasty

P. Gentile, G. Storti, B. De Angelis, A. Albano, V. Cervelli

23.02.2019 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 5/2019

Single centre review of the use of costal cartilage for reconstruction of the nasal dorsum

Serena Martin, Michael McBride, Robbie Stewart, Greg McBride, Chris Hill

12.03.2019 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 5/2019

Outcomes of prepectoral implant-based breast reconstruction with Braxon® acellular dermal matrix—a single-centre experience

Mihir Chandarana, Soni Soumian, Sadaf Jafferbhoy, Sekhar Marla, Sankaran Narayanan

27.03.2019 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 5/2019

Total breast reconstruction with fat graft after serial expander deflation: a case series

Giacomo Datta, Antongiulio Mangia, Fulvio Antonino Nicolò, Maria Piera Mano, Stefano Bruschi, Maria Grazia Baù, Alessandra Surace

17.04.2019 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 5/2019

Abdominoplasty, seroma formation and duration of hospitalisation: comparative analysis and outcome of 112 consecutive lipoabdominoplasties performed using progressive tension sutures

Umar Daraz Khan

07.03.2019 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 5/2019

Replantation and revascularization of the upper extremity: clinical experience of a microsurgical department in Portugal

Tiago Guedes, Marta Azevedo, João Morais, Carolina Andresen, Gustavo Coelho, Horácio Zenha, Horácio Costa

08.03.2019 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 5/2019

Evaluation of the role of unconjugated hyaluronic acid repetitive injection during the primary repair of flexor tendons in no man’s land: a randomized control trial

Omar Mohamed Nouh, Ahmed Safwat Salem, Youssif Ahmed Khachaba, Tarek Seif Eldin Ashour, Khaled Makeen ElRefaei

08.02.2019 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 5/2019

Extensor indicis opponensplasty: a modified evaluation system

Omar Mohamed Nouh, Shaimaa Mostafa Gad, Youssif Ahmed Khashaba, Ashraf Abolfotooh Khalil, Ashraf El-Sebaie Mohammed, Mostafa Ahmed Abo Elsoud

07.02.2019 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 5/2019

Antibiotic prophylaxis: current recommendations in plastic surgery

Shana S. Kalaria, Thanapoom Boonipat, J. Michael Smith, Eric L. Cole

21.05.2019 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 5/2019

Skin wound healing properties of Hypericum perforatum, Liquidambar orientalis, and propolis mixtures

Mehmet Altıparmak, Mustafa Kule, Yasin Öztürk, Serkan Yaşar Çelik, Mehmet Öztürk, Mehmet E. Duru, Uğur Koçer

10.05.2019 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 5/2019 Open Access

Danish and Dutch linguistic validation and cultural adaptation of the WOUND-Q, a PROM for chronic wounds

Tert C. van Alphen, Lotte Poulsen, Emiel L. W. G. van Haren, Amalie L. Jacobsen, Elena Tsangaris, Jens A. Sørensen, Maarten M. Hoogbergen, René R. J. W. van der Hulst, Andrea L. Pusic, Anne F. Klassen

22.03.2019 | Ideas and Innovations | Ausgabe 5/2019

A novel technique for the safe transfer of the pedicle of a free flap in head and neck reconstruction using a nasopharyngeal airway connected to a negative pressure suction

Tamir Shay, Lior Har-Shai, Dean D. Ad-El, Aharon Amir

23.04.2019 | Case Report | Ausgabe 5/2019

Liposuction fat emboli resulting in myocardial infarction: a case report and review of the literature

Luke J. Grome, Erica Bartlett, Shayan Izaddoost

30.05.2019 | Case Report | Ausgabe 5/2019 Open Access

Radiation-associated angiosarcoma after autologous breast reconstruction: report of two cases in a plastic surgery unit

Christina Yip, Eva Weiler-Mithoff, Julie Claire Doughty, Steven J. Lo

08.04.2019 | Case Report | Ausgabe 5/2019

Squamous cell carcinoma following multiple revision breast surgeries with massive chest wall reconstruction via flow-through double ALT free flaps

Pedram Goel, Daniel J. Gould, Anthony W. Kim, Julie E. Lang, Ketan M. Patel, Joseph N. Carey

05.06.2019 | Case Report | Ausgabe 5/2019

The use of a Gore-Tex prosthesis to stabilise venous drainage in an amputated distal forearm replantation

Tomas Kempny, Martin Knoz, B. Lipovy, A. Priol, J. Holoubek

04.07.2019 | Short Communication | Ausgabe 5/2019

“TRANS”-questionnaire (TRANS-Q): a novel, validated pre- and postoperative satisfaction tool in 145 patients undergoing gender confirming mastectomies

Jonathon Wanta, James Gatherwright, Rebecca Knackstedt, Tobias Long, Daniel A. Medalie

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