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European Journal of Trauma and Emergency Surgery

Ausgabe 2/2012

Inhalt (17 Artikel)

Original Article

Indications for bullet removal: overview of the literature, and clinical practice guidelines for European trauma surgeons

T. Dienstknecht, K. Horst, R. M. Sellei, A. Berner, M. Nerlich, T. C. Hardcastle

Review Article

Contemporary body armor: technical data, injuries, and limits

N. Prat, F. Rongieras, J.-C. Sarron, A. Miras, E. Voiglio

Original Article

Causes of inpatient death for patients with warfare-related limb trauma and logistic regression analysis of the risk factors

C. Z. Cheng, D. H. Zhao, Q. Y. Li, H. Y. Qu, B. C. Chen, Z. D. Lin

Disaster & Military Surgery

Assessment of hospital disaster plans for conventional mass casualty incidents following terrorist explosions using a live exercise based upon the real data of actual patients

I. Ashkenazi, A. Ohana, B. Azaria, A. Gelfer, C. Nave, Z. Deutch, I. Gens, M. Fadlon, Y. Dahan, L. Rapaport, D. Kishkinov, A. Bar, E. Tal-Or, N. Vaknin, A. Blumenfeld, B. Kessel, R. Alfici, O. Olsha, M. Michaelson

Original Article

Injury pattern of suicide bomb attacks in Pakistan

M. M. A. Yasin, G. Nasreen, S. A. Malik

Review Article

Clinical review: Volkmann’s ischaemic contracture

D. A. Pettitt, P. McArthur

Original Article

Emergency thoracotomies in the largest trauma center in Denmark: 10 years’ experience

K. Kandler, L. Konge, S. Rafiq, C. F. Larsen, J. Ravn

Original Article

Severe pelvic fracture-related bleeding in pediatric patients: does it occur?

H. Tuovinen, T. Söderlund, J. Lindahl, T. Laine, P. Åström, L. Handolin

Original Article

Prehospital HMG Co-A reductase inhibitor use and reduced mortality in hemorrhagic shock due to trauma

J. M. Feeney, V. Jayaraman, J. Spilka, D. S. Shapiro, S. Ellner, W. T. Marshall III, L. M. Jacobs

Original Article

Do stable multiply injured patients with bilateral femur fractures have higher complication rates? An investigation by the EPOFF study group

Roman Pfeifer, Dieter Rixen, Elisabeth Ellingsen Husebye, Dustin Pardini, Michael Müller, Clemens Dumont, Hans Georg Oestern, Peter Giannoudis, Hans-Christoph Pape

Open Access Original Article

Results of the femur fractures treated with the new selfdynamisable internal fixator (SIF)

Milorad Mitkovic, S. Milenkovic, I. Micic, D. Mladenovic, Milan Mitkovic

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