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European Journal of Trauma and Emergency Surgery

Ausgabe 6/2011

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The challenges and advances of polytrauma care in 2012

Z. J. Balogh, H.-C. Pape

Review Article

Polytrauma in the elderly: specific considerations and current concepts of management

R. Dimitriou, G. M. Calori, P. V. Giannoudis

Original Article

The Glue Grant experience: characterizing the post injury genomic response

A. G. Cuenca, R. V. Maier, J. Cuschieri, E. E. Moore, L. L. Moldawer, R. G. Tompkins

Review Article

Physiological assessment of the polytrauma patient: initial and secondary surgeries

N. Enninghorst, R. Peralta, O. Yoshino, R. Pfeifer, H. C. Pape, B. M. Hardy, D. C. Dewar, Z. J. Balogh

Review Article

The treatment of traumatic shock: recent advances and unresolved questions

K. Sisak, D. Dewar, N. Butcher, K. King, J. Evans, M. Miller, O. Yoshino, P. Harrigan, C. Bendinelli, Z. J. Balogh

Original Article

Risk factors associated with the development of post-traumatic retained hemothorax

M. I. Villegas, R. A. Hennessey, C. H. Morales, E. Londoño

Original Article

Efficacy and safety of non-operative management of blunt liver trauma

C. Morales, L. Barrera, M. Moreno, M. Villegas, J. Correa, L. Sucerquia, W. Sanchez

Original Article

Endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy for posttraumatic complex regional pain syndrome

K. Demey, S. Nijs, W. Coosemans, H. Decaluwé, G. Decker, P. De Leyn, D. Van Raemdonck, A. Sermon, P. Broos, T. Lerut, P. Nafteux

Original Article

Introduction of guidelines to facilitate enteral nutrition in a surgical intensive care unit is associated with earlier enteral feeding

N. Zacharias, R. Blank, E. A. Bittner, S. Joyce, D. Kondili, D. Fisher, M. Eikermann, G. C. Velmahos, U. Schmidt

Original Article

Long-term follow-up of blowout fractures of the orbital floor reconstructed with a polyglactin 910/PDS implant

F. Blake, M. Blessmann, R. Smeets, R. Friedrich, R. Schmelzle, M. Heiland, W. Eichhorn

Original Article

Intramedullary femoral nailing through the trochanteric fossa versus greater trochanter tip: a randomized controlled study with in-depth functional outcome results

C. M. Ansari Moein, H. J. ten Duis, P. L. Oey, G. A. P. de Kort, W. van der Meulen, Chr. van der Werken

Open Access Original Article

Implant removal associated complications in children with limb fractures due to trauma

E. A. Gorter, D. I. Vos, C. F. M. Sier, I. B. Schipper

Original Article

Mesenchymal stem cell (MSC) and endothelial progenitor cell (EPC) growth and adhesion in six different bone graft substitutes

J. Schultheiss, C. Seebach, D. Henrich, K. Wilhelm, J. H. Barker, J. Frank

Original Article

Effects on the ubiquitin proteasome system after closed soft-tissue trauma in rat skeletal muscle

N. Ponelies, D. Gosenca, N. Ising, M. Schoen, K. Ruppel, B. Vollmar, U. Obertacke


Effective teaching modifies medical student attitudes toward pain symptoms

U. Schreiner, A. Haefner, R. Gologan, U. Obertacke


The use of cerclage wires as a suture passer in the repair of quadriceps tendon ruptures

D. Wordsworth, S. Sawalha, C. Pasapula, N. Coleman, S. Cutts

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