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Forensic Science, Medicine and Pathology

Ausgabe 2/2021

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Open Access Original Article

Correlation of age, sex and season with the state of human decomposition as quantified by postmortem computed tomography

Dominic L. C. Guebelin, Akos Dobay, Lars Ebert, Eva Betschart, Michael J. Thali, Sabine Franckenberg

Original Article

Evaluation of the efficiency of Isohelix™ and Rayon swabs for recovery of DNA from metal surfaces

Dan O. M. Bonsu, Denice Higgins, Julianne Henry, Jeremy J. Austin

Original Article

An alarming rise in the prevalence of deaths with methamphetamine involved in Tehran, Iran 2011-2018

Somayeh Paknahad, Maryam Akhgari, Masoud Ghadipasha

Open Access Original Article

Human DNA collection from police dogs: technique and application

Alexandra Brower, Brice Akridge, Nancy Siemens-Bradley

Open Access Original Article

Autopsy findings in drivers and passengers from fatal motor vehicle collisions: limited differences in injury patterns and toxicological test results

Jan Mario Breen, Pål Aksel Næss, Christine Gaarder, Arne Stray-Pedersen

Open Access Original Article

Typology of murder-suicides in Berlin according to a longitudinal study based on autopsy files

Milan Zimmermann, Michael Tsokos

Open Access Original Article

An algorithm for automatically generating gas, bone and foreign body visualizations from postmortem computed tomography data

Lars C. Ebert, Dilan Seckiner, Till Sieberth, Michael J. Thali, Sabine Franckenberg

Zur Zeit gratis Review

The roles of medical examiners in the COVID-19 era: a comparison between the United States and Italy

Matteo Moretti, Ashim Malhotra, Silvia D. Visonà, Sheree J. Finley, Antonio Marco Maria Osculati, Gulnaz T. Javan

Open Access Review

Patricide and overkill: a review of the literature and case report of a murder with Capgras delusion

Silvia Trotta, Gabriele Mandarelli, Davide Ferorelli, Biagio Solarino

Open Access Review

Autopsy findings in COVID-19-related deaths: a literature review

Aniello Maiese, Alice Chiara Manetti, Raffaele La Russa, Marco Di Paolo, Emanuela Turillazzi, Paola Frati, Vittorio Fineschi


Microbiomes in forensic botany: a review

Sarah Ishak, Eleanor Dormontt, Jennifer M. Young

Case Report

Unexpected fatal intramyocardial cartilaginous tumor: pathophysiology, mechanism of death and review of the literature

Chahnez Makni, Syrine Azza Manoubi, Olfa Bekir, Meriem Ksentini, Soumaya Rammeh, Moncef Hamdoun

Case Report

Skeletal muscle and fatty tissue in mixed pulmonary embolism associated with liposuction: An incidental autopsy finding

Víctor E. Zamora-Mostacero, Juan E. Vargas-Ferrer, Alex A. Paredes-Julca, Angélica T. Vásquez-Montoya

Case Report

Toxicological investigations in a death involving 2-MAPB

Nadine Theofel, Dennis Budach, Elke Vejmelka, Stefan Scholtis, Michael Tsokos

Case Report

Undiagnosed acromegaly as an underlying cause of sudden death

Anna Elisabet Borgen, Anne Birgitte Dyhre Bugge, Eva Løbner Lund, Jytte Banner

Images in Forensics

An unusual patterned injury from homicidal craniocerebral impalement with a metal chair leg

Jatin Bodwal, Mohit Chauhan, Chittaranjan Behera, Roger W. Byard

Images in Forensics

Fatal donkey bite in children: a case report

Amal Mosbahi, Wael Majdoub, Maroua Naouar, Elyes Turki

Images in Forensics

Heart of glass: fatal hematemesis caused by bronchiole-cardiac fistula

Maggie Bellis, Kristopher S. Cunningham, Michael J. Pickup

Images in Forensics

An unusual case of hypothermia and paradoxical undressing

Fernando Pisani, Maria Nittis

Images in Forensics

Seat belt asphyxia as a lethal mechanism in motor vehicle crashes

Roger W. Byard, Siobhan O’Donovan, John D. Gilbert

Open Access Images in Forensics

Classic but unexpected: a case of Jefferson fracture

Jean-Loup Gassend, Mohamed Yassine Braham, Raquel Vilarino, Virginie Magnin

Images in Forensics

Tattoo visualization using cross-polarized lighting and infrared photography

Mackenzie Cullip, Vi-Chi Tran, Christopher G. Ball

Images in Forensics

Unusual (self-)injuries in a case of hanging

Inga Duval, Elke Doberentz, Burkhard Madea

Images in Forensics

Another suicide by sodium nitrite and multiple drugs: an alarming trend for “exit”?

Carlos Durão, Frederico Pedrosa, Ricardo Jorge Dinis-Oliveira

Letter to the Editor

Regarding “The ongoing loss of historical material from institutions“

Slobodan Nikolić, Danica Cvetković, Vladimir Živković

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Neu im Fachgebiet Pathologie

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Zur Festlegung der Grenze alkoholbedingter Fahrunsicherheit

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