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Forensic Science, Medicine and Pathology

Ausgabe 3/2022

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Open Access Case Report

Fatal course of undetected Ewing-like sarcoma in a 9-year-old boy with uncharacteristic clinical presentation

Walther Gotsmy, Bettina Neumayer, Theo Kraus, Barbara Zellinger, Daniel Neureiter, Fabio Monticelli, Harald Meyer, Peter Hofer

Case Report

A missed psoas abscess diagnosis: A forensic case report

Meriem Grayaa, Sami Ben Jomaa, Said Saadi, Seifeddine Ben Hammouda, Nouha Ben Abdeljelil, Dorra Oualha, Nidhal Haj Salem

Case Report

Toxicological analysis of a "poison vial" found in the remains of an SS soldier (Maltot, Normandy, France)

Philippe Charlier, Dominique Corde, Virginie Bourdin, Thierry Martin, Vincent Tessier, Mel Donnelly, Adeline Knapp, Jean-Claude Alvarez

Case Report

A case of autopsy discovery of acute chest syndrome triggered by pulmonary embolism in a sickle cell patient

Kouadio Marc-Eric Victor Ebouat, Zana Konate, Zié Moussa Coulibaly, Mathurin Djodjo, Koffi Botti, Hélène Yapo-Etté

Images in Forensics

Fuel tank injury in a fatal motorcycle accident

Lucia Tattoli, Marta Moretti, Giancarlo Di Vella

Images in Forensics

Unusual suicidal penetrating heart injury by captive-bolt gunshot

Slobodan Nikolić, Tatjana Atanasijević, Vladimir Živković

Open Access Images in Forensics

A cranio-encephalic trauma due to electric-scooter accident: could the wearing of a helmet reduce this risk?

Giovanni Aulino, Matteo Polacco, Vincenzo Fattoruso, Francesca Cittadini

Images in Forensics

Patterned lividity – the ‘underwear sign’

Roger W Byard, John D. Gilbert

Open Access Images in Forensics

Patterned injuries from screwdrivers

Roger W Byard

Images in Forensics

Fatal iatrogenic cardiac tamponade due to central venous catheterization

Murilo Sérgio Valente-Aguiar, Eduardo Roberson de Carvalho, Teresa Magalhães, Ricardo Jorge Dinis-Oliveira

Original Article

Confusion between firearms and electrical weapons as a factor in police shootings

Mark W. Kroll, Judy Melinek, Jeffrey A. Martin, Michael A. Brave, Howard E. Williams

Original Article

Analysis of the risk of traumatic brain injury and evaluation neurogranin and myelin basic protein as potential biomarkers of traumatic brain injury in postmortem examination

Yanjie Shang, Yuxin Wang, Yadong Guo, Lipin Ren, Xiangyan Zhang, Shujuan Wang, Changquan Zhang, Jifeng Cai

Original Article

The potential for investigator-mediated contamination to occur during routine search activities

Sasha Carson, Luke Volgin, Damien Abarno, Duncan Taylor

Open Access Original Article

Increasing use of sodium nitrite in suicides—an emerging trend

Lilli Stephenson, Stephen Wills, Corinna van den Heuvel, Melissa Humphries, Roger W. Byard

Original Article

mRNA microarray analysis for the identification of potential biomarkers for vital reaction in burned skin: a preliminary pilot study

Jia-Li Liu, Ye-Hua Zheng, Li-Jian Chen, Kai-Kai Zhang, Jia-Hao Li, Jian-Zheng Yang, Xiu-Wen Li, Dong Zhao, Xiao-Li Xie, Qi Wang

Original Article

Cardiac disease and driver fatality

Siobhan O’Donovan, Melissa Humphries, Corinna van den Heuvel, Matthew Baldock, Roger W Byard

Open Access Original Article

Estimating heart mass from heart volume as measured from post-mortem computed tomography

Hamish M. Aitken-Buck, Matthew Moore, Gillian A. Whalley, Larissa Lohner, Benjamin Ondruschka, Sean Coffey, Rexson D. Tse, Regis R. Lamberts

Open Access Original Article

How does mass loss compare with total body score when assessing decomposition of human and pig cadavers?

Blake M. Dawson, James F. Wallman, Philip S. Barton

Open Access Original Article

Vaginal injuries after consensual sexual intercourse — a survey among office-based gynecologists in Hamburg, Germany

L. Lohner, L. Nigbur, C. Klasen, I. Witzel, J. Garland, B. Ondruschka, S. Anders


Gunshot trauma in human long bones: towards practical diagnostic guidance for forensic anthropologists

Anika Veenstra, Wim Kerkhoff, Roelof-Jan Oostra, Ignasi Galtés

Publisher Correction

Publisher Correction: Gunshot trauma in human long bones: towards practical diagnostic guidance for forensic anthropologists

Anika Veenstra, Wim Kerkhoff, Roelof-Jan Oostra, Ignasi Galtés

Open Access From the Courtroom

An avenue to miscarriage: a case report

S. Grey, J. Lartey, J. Millington, R. Vardon, J. Crane, J. Preuß-Wössner, C. Buschmann

Author Correction

Author Correction: Review of autopsy reports of deaths relating to fire in South Australia 2000–2015

Claire J. Sully, G. Stewart Walker, Neil E. I. Langlois

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