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Forensic Science, Medicine and Pathology

Ausgabe 4/2022

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Open Access Original Article

Could herbal soup be a potentially unrecognized cause of hepatotoxicity at autopsy?

Susan M. Britza, Rachael Farrington, Ian F. Musgrave, Craig Aboltins, Roger W. Byard

Original Article

A comparative autopsy study of the injury distribution and severity between suicidal and accidental high falls

Maria Tsellou, Artemis Dona, Anastasia Antoniou, Nikolaos Goutas, Efstathios Skliros, Iordanis N. Papadopoulos, Chara Spiliopoulou, Stavroula A. Papadodima

Open Access Original Article

An analysis of child suicide from three centers (2008–2017)

Kelly L. Olds, Rexson Tse, Simon Stables, Andrew M. Baker, Kathryn Hird, Neil E. I. Langlois, Roger W. Byard

Original Article

Utility of the sternal synostosis for age-at-death estimation in a Mediterranean population

Manuel Partido Navadijo, Inmaculada Alemán Aguilera

Open Access Original Article

Characteristics of fatal insulin overdoses

Lilli Stephenson, Corinna van den Heuvel, Melissa Humphries, Roger W. Byard

Open Access Original Article

The intervertebral discs’ fibrocartilage as a DNA source for genetic identification in severely charred cadavers

Marcin Tomsia, Kornelia Droździok, Przemysław Banaszek, Michał Szczepański, Artur Pałasz, Elżbieta Chełmecka

Open Access Original Article

Young adults in motor vehicle collisions in Norway: user safety errors observed in majority of cases with severe or fatal injuries

Jan Mario Breen, Pål Aksel Næss, Trond Boye Hansen, Christine Gaarder, Harald Klemmetsen, Arne Stray-Pedersen

Open Access Case Report

Visceral artery aneurysmal lesion of the omentum – a rare cause of spontaneous fatal intra-abdominal hemorrhage

Claire M. McClintock, Roger W Byard, Ruben Sebben, Neil E. I. Langlois

Case Report

Sudden death of a 2-year-old child due to alpha-ketoadipic aciduria

Hiroki Kondou, Hiroaki Ichioka, Yoshihisa Akasaka, Hidehito Kondo, Hiroshi Ikegaya

Open Access Case Report

Autopsy and its role in Franco’s dictatorship: a case of the last Republican mayor of the town Calera y Chozas (Toledo, Spain)

Nataša Šarkić, Miriam Saqqa Carazo, Lucia Muñoz Ugarte, Jesús Herrerín López

Open Access Case Report

Renal secondary hyperparathyroidism should be considered a differential diagnosis in forensic cases where animal abuse is suspected

Leonie W. L. van Bruggen, Javier P. Deniz Marrero, Guy C. M. Grinwis, Nienke Endenburg, Reza R. R. Gerretsen, Hubert G. T. Nijs


The value of the defence postmortem examination in England and Wales

Finn Morgan Auld, Alfredo E Walker


HIV contact notification in sexual assault cases—ethical, legal, and procedural challenges

Phillipa Brook, Jo Ann Parkin, Nicola Cunningham

Open Access Review

Causes of fatalities in motor vehicle occupants: an overview

Siobhan O’Donovan, Corinna van den Heuvel, Matthew Baldock, Roger W. Byard


Traumatic axonal injury: neuropathological features, postmortem diagnostic methods, and strategies

Qianling Chen, Xuebing Chen, Luyao Xu, Rui Zhang, Zhigang Li, Xia Yue, Dongfang Qiao

Images in Forensics

Fatal injuries due to direct helicopter propeller strike

Larissa Amadasi, Alberto Amadasi, Claas Thade Buschmann, Michael Tsokos

Open Access Images in Forensics

Sudden unexpected death in a 17-year-old boy due to unacknowledged adamantinoma-like Ewing sarcoma

N. Pigaiani, F. Ausania, M. Tudini, F. Bortolotti, F. Tagliaro, M. Brunelli

Open Access Images in Forensics

Laryngeal oncocytic cystadenoma and sudden death

John D. Gilbert, Roger W. Byard

Letter to the Editor

Does Bak Kut Teh soup really cause hepatotoxicity?

Mun Fei Yam, Hui Wei Loh


Correction to: Fatal injuries due to direct helicopter propeller strike

Larissa Amadasi, Alberto Amadasi, Claas Thade Buschmann, Michael Tsokos

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