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01.12.2018 | Research article | Ausgabe 1/2018 Open Access

BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine 1/2018

Genotoxicity evaluation of So-ochim-tang-gamibang (SOCG), a herbal medicine

BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine > Ausgabe 1/2018
Mi Young Lee, Yang-Chun Park, Mirim Jin, Eunseok Kim, Jeong June Choi, In Chul Jung



So-ochim-tang-gamibang (SOCG) is a traditional Korean medicine frequently used for depression in the clinical field. In this study, we evaluated the potential genotoxicity of SOCG using three standard batteries of tests as part of a safety evaluation.


SOCG was evaluated for potential genotoxic effects using the standard three tests recommended by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS) of Korea. These tests were the bacterial reverse mutation test (Ames test), in vitro mammalian chromosomal aberration test using Chinese hamster lung cells, and in vivo micronucleus test using ICR mice.


The Ames test with Salmonella typhimurium strains TA98, TA100, TA1535 and TA1537 and the Escherichia coli strain WP2uvrA(pKM101) showed that SOCG did not induce gene mutations at any dose level in all of the strains. SOCG did not induce any chromosomal aberrations in the in vitro chromosomal aberration test (for both the 6 and 24 h test) and the in vivo micronucleus test.


Based on the results of these tests, it was concluded that SOCG does not exhibit any genotoxic risk under the experimental conditions of this study.
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