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Graefe's Archive for Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology

Graefe's Archive for Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology 1/2021

Ausgabe 1/2021

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 37 Artikel )

28.07.2020 | Review Article | Ausgabe 1/2021

Intense pulsed light for meibomian gland dysfunction: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Xiangjie Leng, Meirong Shi, Xinyu Liu, Jingzhe Cui, Huaping Sun, Xuejing Lu

22.06.2020 | Editorial (by Invitation) | Ausgabe 1/2021

Silicone oils compared and found wanting

David H. W. Steel, David Wong, Taiji Sakamoto

04.07.2020 | Retinal Disorders | Ausgabe 1/2021

Benchmarking different brands of silicone oils

Joachim H. Dresp

27.11.2020 | Retinal Disorders | Ausgabe 1/2021

Benchmarking different brands of perfluorocarbon liquids

Joachim H. Dresp

06.08.2020 | Retinal Disorders | Ausgabe 1/2021

Combined pars plana vitrectomy (PPV) and phacoemulsification (phaco) versus PPV and deferred phaco for phakic patients with full-thickness macular hole (FTMH) and no significant cataract at baseline: 1-year outcomes of a randomized trial combined PPV/phaco vs PPV/deferred phaco for MH

Karlos Ítalo S. Viana, Camila T. Gordilho, Felipe P. P. Almeida, Marcelo M. Esperandio, David R. Lucena, Denny M. Garcia, Ingrid U. Scott, André M. V. Messias, Rodrigo Jorge

11.08.2020 | Retinal Disorders | Ausgabe 1/2021

Preoperative central macular thickness as a risk factor for pseudophakic macular edema

C. J. Doncel-Fernández, M. L. Alferez-Asenjo, A. Quereda-Castañeda, G. Castro-Luna

19.08.2020 | Retinal Disorders | Ausgabe 1/2021

Combined phaco-vitrectomy provides lower costs and greater area under the curve vision gains than sequential vitrectomy and phacoemulsification

Alexander D. Port, John G. Nolan, Nicole H. Siegel, Xuejing Chen, Steven D. Ness, Manju L. Subramanian

19.08.2020 | Retinal Disorders | Ausgabe 1/2021

Vitreous levels of vascular endothelial growth factor, stromal cell–derived factor-1α, and angiopoietin-like protein 2 in patients with active proliferative diabetic retinopathy

Ali Keles, Kenan Sonmez, Yasemin Ozdamar Erol, Sema Nur Ayyıldız, Elmas Ogus

10.07.2020 | Retinal Disorders | Ausgabe 1/2021

Topographic analysis of retinal and choroidal microvasculature according to diabetic retinopathy severity using optical coherence tomography angiography

Gahyung Ryu, Inhye Kim, Min Sagong

09.07.2020 | Retinal Disorders | Ausgabe 1/2021

Angulation of the inner nuclear layer as an indicator of the severity of macular pseudohole

Hee Chan Ku, Eun Hyung Cho, Jeong Mo Han, Eun Koo Lee, Young-Hoon Park

20.06.2020 | Retinal Disorders | Ausgabe 1/2021

Progression of myopic maculopathy in a Caucasian cohort of highly myopic patients with long follow-up: a multistate analysis

Rosa M. Coco-Martin, Minal Belani-Raju, Daniel de la Fuente-Gomez, María R. Sanabria, Itziar Fernández

20.08.2020 | Basic Science | Ausgabe 1/2021

A potential novel therapeutic target in diabetic retinopathy: a chemokine receptor (CCR2/CCR5) inhibitor reduces retinal vascular leakage in an animal model

Finny Monickaraj, Sreenivasa R. Oruganti, Paul McGuire, Arup Das

14.08.2020 | Basic Science | Ausgabe 1/2021

Retinal pigment epithelial responses based on the irradiation density of selective retina therapy

Seung Hee Jeon, Minhee Kim, Young-Jung Roh

26.08.2020 | Cornea | Ausgabe 1/2021 Open Access

Descemet membrane endothelial keratoplasty (DMEK): clinical results of precut versus surgeon-cut grafts

Doreen Koechel, Nicola Hofmann, Jan D. Unterlauft, Peter Wiedemann, Christian Girbardt

19.08.2020 | Cornea | Ausgabe 1/2021 Open Access

Detection of systemic immunosuppressants in autologous serum eye drops (ASED) in patients with severe chronic ocular graft versus host disease

Volkan Tahmaz, Martin H. J. Wiesen, Uta Gehlsen, Laura Sauerbier, Michael E. Stern, Udo Holtick, Birgit Gathof, Christof Scheid, Carsten Müller, Philipp Steven

16.09.2020 | Glaucoma | Ausgabe 1/2021

Atopic dermatitis as a risk factor for severe visual field loss in youth—a retrospective cohort study of glaucoma under steroid treatment

Kenji Suda, Tadamichi Akagi, Hanako Ohashi Ikeda, Takanori Kameda, Tomoko Hasegawa, Masahiro Miyake, Ai Kido, Eri Nakano, Akitaka Tsujikawa

30.09.2020 | Glaucoma | Ausgabe 1/2021

Determinants of post-mydriatic intraocular pressure in phakic eyes with prevalent angle closure diseases

Yu-Chieh Ko, Che-Yuan Kuo, Tung-Mei Kuang, Wei-Ta Chen, Pesus Chou, Catherine Jui-ling Liu

19.09.2020 | Neurophthalmology | Ausgabe 1/2021 Open Access

Tendon elongation with bovine pericardium in strabismus surgery—indications beyond Graves’ orbitopathy

Andrea Hedergott, Ursula Pink-Theofylaktopoulos, Antje Neugebauer, Julia Fricke

25.09.2020 | Neurophthalmology | Ausgabe 1/2021

Ocular fixation and macular integrity by microperimetry in multiple sclerosis

Amparo Gil-Casas, David P. Piñero Llorens, Ainhoa Molina-Martin

08.06.2020 | Oculoplastics and Orbit | Ausgabe 1/2021

Occurrence of ocular injury and orbital fracture in orbital blunt trauma patients at tertiary care center emergency room

Hoon Noh, Joon Kyo Chung, Kyung In Woo, Yoon-Duck Kim

03.08.2020 | Oculoplastics and Orbit | Ausgabe 1/2021

Transcanalicular endoscopic dacryoplasty in patients with primary acquired nasolacrimal duct obstruction

Sang Min Lee, Helen Lew

26.08.2020 | Oncology | Ausgabe 1/2021

Evaluation of 20-MHz high-frequency ultrasonography for the diagnosis of choroidal nevi

Magali Albrieux, Pierre Pégourié, Florent Aptel, Dominique Satger, Marc Bru, Georges Zaatar, Christophe Chiquet

25.07.2020 | Oncology | Ausgabe 1/2021 Open Access

Focal aggregates of normal or near normal uveal melanocytes (FANNUMs) in the choroid: a distinct clinical and histopathological entity?

James J. Augsburger

18.08.2020 | Pediatrics | Ausgabe 1/2021 Open Access

Etiology, microbiological isolates, and antibiotic susceptibilities in culture-proven pediatric endophthalmitis: a 9-year review

Yao Yang, Lixia Lin, Yujie Li, Zhaoxin Jiang, Cheng Li, Manli Liu, Fang Duan, Xiaofeng Lin

21.08.2020 | Pediatrics | Ausgabe 1/2021

Association of lateral rectus muscle volume and ocular motility with the abducens nerve in Duane’s retraction syndrome

Hee Kyung Yang, Jounghan Kim, Dae-seung Lee, Jeong-Min Hwang

17.08.2020 | Pediatrics | Ausgabe 1/2021

Surgical outcomes of cataract surgery in anterior and combined persistent fetal vasculature using a novel surgical technique: a single center, prospective study

Surbhi Khurana, Jagat Ram, Ramandeep Singh, Parul Chawla Gupta, Rohit Gupta, Sonam Yangzes, Jaspreet Sukhija, Mangat Ram Dogra

22.08.2020 | Pediatrics | Ausgabe 1/2021

Effect of prism adaptation in patients with partially accommodative esotropia: clinical findings and surgical outcomes

Yeonji Jang, Haeng-Jin Lee, Jae Ho Jung, Seong-Joon Kim

06.08.2020 | Refractive Surgery | Ausgabe 1/2021 Open Access

Differences between Scheimpflug and optical coherence tomography in determining safety distances in eyes with an iris-fixating phakic intraocular lens

Zoraida S. Gaurisankar, Gwyneth A. van Rijn, Gregorius P. M. Luyten, Jan-Willem M. Beenakker

29.07.2020 | Refractive Surgery | Ausgabe 1/2021 Open Access

Transepithelial corneal cross-linking assisted by two continuous cycles of iontophoresis for progressive keratoconus in adults: retrospective 5-year analysis

Huping Wu, Shunrong Luo, Xie Fang, Xumin Shang, Zhiwen Xie, Xianwen Xiao, Zhirong Lin, Zuguo Liu

21.06.2020 | Trauma | Ausgabe 1/2021

Predictive factors of enucleation after open globe injuries

Effy Ojuok, Aditya Uppuluri, Paul D. Langer, Marco A. Zarbin, Loka Thangamathesvaran, Neelakshi Bhagat

11.06.2020 | Trauma | Ausgabe 1/2021

A novel intraocular lens designed for sutureless scleral fixation: surgical series

Tommaso Rossi, Danilo Iannetta, Vito Romano, Carlo Carlevale, Matteo Forlini, Serena Telani, Aurelio Imburgia, Alessandro Mularoni, Luigi Fontana, Guido Ripandelli

30.07.2020 | Trauma | Ausgabe 1/2021

Clinical presentations and surgical outcomes of intraocular foreign body presenting to an ocular trauma unit

Rodrigo Anguita, René Moya, Victor Saez, Gaurav Bhardwaj, Alejandro Salinas, Rudolf Kobus, Cristóbal Nazar, Rodolfo Manriquez, David G. Charteris

09.10.2020 | Letter to the Editor | Ausgabe 1/2021

Silicone oil safety is not only a purity question

Cristina Andrés-Iglesias, José Carlos Pastor

12.10.2020 | Letter to the Editor (by invitation) | Ausgabe 1/2021

Letter of response to: Silicon oil safety is not only a purity question by Pastor et al.

Joachim H. Dresp

05.08.2020 | Correction | Ausgabe 1/2021

Correction to: Benchmarking different brands of silicone oils

Joachim H. Dresp

25.06.2020 | Correction | Ausgabe 1/2021

Correction to: Analysis of clinical features of RPE adenoma

Nan Zhou, Xiaolin Xu, Wenbin Wei

25.08.2020 | Correction | Ausgabe 1/2021

Correction to: Visual outcome and poor prognostic factors in acute retinal necrosis syndrome

Paolo Mora, Marta Zola, Stefania Favilla, Viola Tagliavini, Giacomo Calzetti, Arturo Carta, Stefano Gandolfi, Yan Guex-Crosier

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Neu im Fachgebiet Augenheilkunde

09.04.2021 | DFP-Fortbildung | Ausgabe 2/2021

Anteriore virale Uveitis

Klinik, diagnostisches Vorgehen und Behandlungsoptionen

19.03.2021 | Retinitis pigmentosa | Das diagnostische und therapeutische Prinzip | Ausgabe 5/2021 Open Access

Transkorneale Elektrostimulation bei Retinitis pigmentosa

Prüfplan einer multizentrischen, prospektiven, randomisierten, kontrollierten und doppelblinden Studie im Auftrag des Gemeinsamen Bundesausschusses (G-BA-Erprobungsrichtlinie)

17.03.2021 | Glaukom | Leitthema | Ausgabe 5/2021

Bedeutung von Citicolin bei der Glaukomerkrankung