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22.04.2019 | Medical Ophthalmology

Efficacy of azithromycin 1.5% eyedrops vs oral doxycycline in meibomian gland dysfunction: a randomized trial

Meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD) is the leading cause of ocular surface disease throughout the world, which has a prevalence that varied widely from 3.5 to 70% according to age, sex, and ethnicity [ 1 ]. MGD also has a major impact on patients’ …

19.04.2019 | Cornea

Comparison of the efficacy of different cell sources for transplantation in total limbal stem cell deficiency

The constant renewal and repair of corneal and conjunctival epithelium are important for maintenance of ocular surface stability. Limbal epithelial stem cells, located in the basal part of the corneal limbus, play vital roles in maintaining …

18.04.2019 | Basic Science

Characterization of deeply embedded corneal foreign bodies with anterior segment optical coherence tomography

Corneal foreign bodies (FBs) are responsible for one out of every three eye-related emergency room visits in the USA [ 1 ]. Most superficial injuries are mild and do not cause significant ocular morbidity as opposed to deeply embedded FBs which may …

17.04.2019 | Retinal Disorders

Correlation of retinal vascular perfusion density with dark adaptation in diabetic retinopathy

Diabetic retinopathy (DR) is the leading cause of preventable blindness, affecting approximately 93 million persons worldwide [ 1 ]. Of these, 21 million have macular edema and 17 million have proliferative DR (PDR). Given the increased prevalence …

16.04.2019 | Review Article

Implementations of 3D printing in ophthalmology

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