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Health Care Analysis

An International Journal of Health, Philosophy and Policy

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31.03.2020 | Original Article Open Access

Governing the Global Antimicrobial Commons: Introduction to Special Issue

Antimicrobial resistance is one of the greatest public health crises of our time. The natural biological process that causes microbes to become resistant to antimicrobial drugs presents a complex social challenge requiring more effective and …

31.03.2020 | Original Article Open Access

Making Use of Existing International Legal Mechanisms to Manage the Global Antimicrobial Commons: Identifying Legal Hooks and Institutional Mandates

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is an urgent threat to global public health and development. Mitigating this threat requires substantial short-term action on key AMR priorities. While international legal agreements are the strongest mechanism for …

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The journal Health Care Analysis promotes debate about the fundamental rationale of all aspects of health systems and health care provision, including public policy and health; health-related education; health services organization and decision-making; health care professional practice.

The journal is committed to the view that all aspects of health systems are interrelated, and presents and papers which make links between some of these areas.
As a journal for everyone interested in philosophical issues in health care, Health Care Analysis seeks to support the conversation between philosophy and policy. It publishes contributions from philosophers, social scientists, other health-related academics and policy analysts, health care educators, health care professionals and managers.

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