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Hellenic Journal of Surgery

Ausgabe 3-4/2020

Inhalt (13 Artikel)

Original Article

Laparoscopic Repair of Primary and Secondary Epigastric Hernias. Technical Considerations of the IntraPeritoneal On Lay Mesh + Defect Closure (IPOM-Plus Technique)

Muthukumaran Rangarajan, Praveen Raj, Palanisamy Sendhilnathan, Ramakrishnan Parthasarathi, Chinnusamy Palanivelu

Original Article

Surgeon-Patient Interaction Under Consultation’s Game Perspective

Christos Bartsokas, F. Patoulis, A. Melou, S. Voulgaris, P. Vassiliu

Medical History

The Contribution of Petrus Camper to the Anatomy and Aetiology of Inguinal Hernias

Eelco de Bree, J. Tsiaoussis, G. Schoretsanitis

Case Report

Internal Hernia through a Congenital Peritoneal Defect in the Pouch of Douglas causing Small Bowel Obstruction

C. Kounoudes, G. Veloudis, P. Katopodis, M. Malamas, Stavros Gourgiotis

Case Report

Left Mini Thoracotomy as a Method for Epicardial Implantable Cardioverter-Defibrillator Placement in a Child. An Effective Alternative to the Transvenous Approach

Meletios Kanakis, A. Tsoutsinos, T. Maounis, D. Bobos, A. Lioulias, T. Kousi, K. Alexiou, N. Giannopoulos

Case Report

Skull Base Defect Associated with Spontaneous Intraventricular Pneumocephalus in a Patient with Ventriculo-peritoneal Shunt

Alejandro Augusto Ortega Rodriguez, Laura Torres Brunet, José Luís Caro Cardera

Case Report

Amyand’s Hernia: Blending two Surgical Cases in the Same Patient

Mary Solou, C. Bartsokas, Konstantina Solou, D. Ntzialas, Elpida Tsekoura, T. Fatouros, V. Kalliakmanis

Case Report

Situs Inversus Totalis: Operating on the Mirror Image

Avijit Roy, Madhumita Mukhopadhyay

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