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Hernia 4/2021

Ausgabe 4/2021

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 33 Artikel )

29.07.2021 | Editor’s Corner | Ausgabe 4/2021

Ventral hernia and diastasis recti. Is there a consensus?

G. Campanelli

07.08.2021 | Editorial | Ausgabe 4/2021

How to bridge the gap: understanding and optimising management of rectus diastasis

David Ross, Maurice Nahabedian

28.07.2021 | Review | Ausgabe 4/2021

Closing the gap: evidence-based surgical treatment of rectus diastasis associated with abdominal wall hernias

H. ElHawary, N. Barone, D. Zammit, J. E. Janis

30.07.2021 | Original Article | Ausgabe 4/2021

Diastasis recti repair with onlay mesh

M. Y. Nahabedian

03.08.2021 | Original Article | Ausgabe 4/2021 Open Access

Mesh abdominoplasty for rectus diastasis in women and men

G. A. Dumanian, S. Moradian

20.06.2020 | Original Article | Ausgabe 4/2021

Surgical treatment of diastasis recti: the importance of an overall view of the problem

Federico Fiori, Francesco Ferrara, Davide Gobatti, Daniele Gentile, Marco Stella

06.08.2021 | Review | Ausgabe 4/2021 Open Access

Prevalence and risk factors for diastasis recti abdominis: a review and proposal of a new anatomical variation

M. Cavalli, A. Aiolfi, P. G. Bruni, L. Manfredini, F. Lombardo, M. T. Bonfanti, D. Bona, G. Campanelli

28.07.2021 | Original Article | Ausgabe 4/2021

Comparison of outcomes in rectus abdominis diastasis repair—which data do we need in a hernia registry?

F. Köckerling, R. Lorenz, B. Stechemesser, J. Conze, A. Kuthe, W. Reinpold, H. Niebuhr, B. Lammers, K. Zarras, R. Fortelny, F. Mayer, H. Hoffmann, J. F. Kukleta, D. Weyhe

24.07.2021 | Review | Ausgabe 4/2021 Open Access

Evaluation of functional outcomes following rectus diastasis repair—an up-to-date literature review

A. Olsson, O. Kiwanuka, G. Sandblom, O. Stackelberg

27.07.2021 | Review | Ausgabe 4/2021

Diagnostic techniques for diastasis recti

R. C. Tung, S. Towfigh

02.08.2021 | Review | Ausgabe 4/2021

Contemporary imaging of rectus diastasis and the abdominal wall

A. A. Plumb, A. C. J. Windsor, D. Ross

03.08.2021 | Review | Ausgabe 4/2021

Management of the post-pregnancy abdomen: the plastic surgical perspective

M. Mughal, D. Ross

26.07.2021 | Review | Ausgabe 4/2021

The postpartum abdomen: psychology, surgery and quality of life

S-J. Edmondson, D. A. Ross

23.07.2021 | Review | Ausgabe 4/2021

The male rectus diastasis: a different concept?

S. W. Nienhuijs, E. H. M. Berkvens, T. S. de Vries Reilingh, E. H. H. Mommers, N. D. Bouvy, J. Wegdam

25.07.2021 | How-I-Do-It | Ausgabe 4/2021

SubCutaneous OnLay endoscopic Approach (SCOLA) for midline ventral hernias associated with diastasis recti

C. Claus, L. Cavazzola, F. Malcher

06.10.2020 | Original Article | Ausgabe 4/2021

Identifying critical computed tomography (CT) imaging findings for the preoperative planning of ventral hernia repairs

Bradley Kushner, Carter Starnes, Maggie Sehnert, Sara Holden, Jeffrey Blatnik

23.11.2020 | Original Article | Ausgabe 4/2021

Application of 3D reconstruction through CT to measure the abdominal cavity volume in the treatment of external abdominal hernia

X. Gong, Z.-Y. Pan, J. Chen, S. Yang, T. Jiang, Y.-M. Shen

13.03.2021 | Original Article | Ausgabe 4/2021 Open Access

Evaluation of the Ventral Hernia Working Group classification for long-term outcome using English Hospital Episode Statistics: a population study

J. D. Hodgkinson, G. Worley, J. Warusavitarne, G. B. Hanna, C. J. Vaizey, O. D. Faiz

21.09.2020 | Review | Ausgabe 4/2021

Evolving concepts in ventral hernia repair and physical therapy: prehabilitation, rehabilitation, and analogies to tendon reconstruction

J. E. Perez, M. A. Schmidt, A. Narvaez, L. K. Welsh, R. Diaz, M. Castro, K. Ansari, R. W. Cason, J. A. Bilezikian, W. Hope, A. D. Guerron, J. Yoo, H. Levinson

14.09.2020 | Original Article | Ausgabe 4/2021 Open Access

Abdominal wall incisional hernia repair improves respiratory function: results after 3 years of follow-up

L. Licari, S. Campanella, C. Carolla, C. Madonia, B. Canino, G. Salamone

01.10.2020 | Original Article | Ausgabe 4/2021

Abdominal wall reconstruction with biosynthetic absorbable mesh after infected prosthesis explantation: single stage is better than two-stage approach of chronic mesh infection

J. Bueno-Lledó, M. Ceno, C. Pérez-Alonso, J. Martinez-Hoed, S. Pous-Serrano

02.01.2021 | Original Article | Ausgabe 4/2021

Management of ventral hernia defect during enterocutaneous fistula takedown: practice patterns and short-term outcomes from the Abdominal Core Health Quality Collaborative

A. Fafaj, L. Tastaldi, H. Alkhatib, S. J. Zolin, S. Rosenblatt, L.-C. Huang, S. Phillips, D. M. Krpata, A. S. Prabhu, C. C. Petro, M. J. Rosen

19.11.2020 | Original Article | Ausgabe 4/2021

It’s not just an ileus: disparities associated with ileus following ventral hernia repair

M. J. Lee, G. Sugiyama, A. Alfonso, G. F. Coppa, P. J. Chung

05.01.2021 | Original Article | Ausgabe 4/2021

Causes of prolonged hospitalization after open incisional hernia repair: an observational single-center retrospective study of a prospective database

D. M. Skovgaards, H. M. H. Diab, H. G. Midtgaard, L. N. Jørgensen, K. K. Jensen

19.01.2021 | Review | Ausgabe 4/2021

Ventral hernia repair with synthetic mesh in a contaminated field: a systematic review and meta-analysis

M. P. Morris, J. A. Mellia, A. N. Christopher, M. N. Basta, V. Patel, K. Qiu, R. B. Broach, J. P. Fischer

25.01.2021 | Original Article | Ausgabe 4/2021

Slowly absorbable mesh in contaminated incisional hernia repair: results of a French multicenter study

D. Charleux-Muller, R. Hurel, T. Fabacher, C. Brigand, S. Rohr, S. Manfredelli, G. Passot, P. Ortega-Deballon, V. Dubuisson, Y. Renard, B. Romain

10.02.2021 | Original Article | Ausgabe 4/2021

Endoscopic retromuscular technique (eTEP) vs conventional laparoscopic ventral or incisional hernia repair with defect closure (IPOM +) for midline hernias. A case–control study

J. Bellido Luque, J. C. Gomez Rosado, A. Bellido Luque, J. Gomez Menchero, J. M. Suarez Grau, I. Sanchez Matamoros, A. Nogales Muñoz, F. Oliva Mompeán, S. Morales Conde

24.05.2021 | Original Article | Ausgabe 4/2021

Robotic-assisted, laparoscopic, and open incisional hernia repair: early outcomes from the Prospective Hernia Study

K. A. LeBlanc, A. Gonzalez, E. Dickens, J. Olsofka, C. Ortiz-Ortiz, J.-C. Verdeja, R. Pierce, the Prospective Hernia Study Group

10.04.2021 | Original Article | Ausgabe 4/2021

What is the reality in epigastric hernia repair?–a trend analysis from the Herniamed Registry

F. Köckerling, D. Adolf, K. Zarras, R. Fortelny, R. Lorenz, B. Lammers, W. Reinpold, B. Stechemesser, C. Schug-Pass, D. Weyhe

24.06.2021 | Original Article | Ausgabe 4/2021

Management of epigastric, umbilical, spigelian and small incisional hernia as a day case procedure: results of long-term follow-up after open preperitoneal flat mesh technique

M. Zuvela, D. Galun, A. Bogdanovic, N. Bidzic, M. Zivanovic, M. Zuvela, M. Zuvela

02.11.2020 | Letter to the Editor | Ausgabe 4/2021

Abbreviations and synonyms of various surgical techniques in management of rectal diastasis with primary ventral hernias

A. Dey

18.04.2021 | Letter to the Editor | Ausgabe 4/2021

Comment to “Endoscopic retromuscular technique (eTEP) vs conventional laparoscopic ventral or incisional hernia repair with defect closure (IPOM +) for midline hernias: a case–control study”

A. K. Pal, A. D. Dwivedi, A. Kumar, H. S. Pahwa, A. A. Sonkar, K. K. Singh

18.04.2021 | Letter to the Editor | Ausgabe 4/2021

Comment to: “Endoscopic retromuscular technique (eTEP) vs conventional laparoscopic ventral or incisional hernia repair with defect closure (IPOM +) for midline hernias: a case–control study”—a longer follow-up would have been useful

J. Li

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