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05.02.2020 | original article

Transanal total mesorectal excision and adverse conditions for laparoscopic total mesorectal excision

Colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer worldwide and rectal cancer comprises about 25% of colorectal cancers [ 1 ]. The 5‑year overall survival of rectal cancer in Europe ranges from 55% to 62%, and tends to improve due to new approaches …

05.02.2020 | original article

Modified TAPP is the standard procedure for complex inguinal and femoral hernias: late results and patient satisfaction

A retrospective single-center long-term follow-up study

Anterior mesh repairs, transabdominal endoscopic laparoscopic hernioplasty (TAPP), and totally extraperitoneal procedures (TEP) are well accepted and recommended as treatment of primary inguinal and femoral hernias by EHS [ 1 ], IEHS [ 2 ], and …

10.01.2020 | original article Open Access

Differences in the recommendation of laparoscopic clinical practice guidelines according to the recommendation system—Re-evaluation using GRADE

A pilot study

In the UK the percentage of people receiving laparoscopic surgery increased from 10 to 28.4% between 2007 and 2009 [ 1 ]. In the US, it increased from 13.8 to 42.6% as well [ 2 ]. The increasing use of laparoscopy was due to the fact that for …

11.12.2019 | review Open Access

Breast reconstruction with the omentum flap: a case report with unsatisfactory outcome and review of the literature

The increasing detection of early breast cancer due to systematic screening allows less invasive surgery, such as breast-conserving surgery (BCS) and nipple-sparing and skin-sparing mastectomy [ 1 ]. Consequently, an increasing number of patients …

13.09.2019 | original article Open Access

Autologous aortic arch reconstruction in isolated and combined cardiac lesions

Aortic arch hypoplasia is a frequent finding in patients with isolated aortic coarctation as well as in combined cardiac lesions. The success of surgery in patients with aortic arch hypoplasia is determined by the complete relief of obstruction …

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The journal European Surgery focuses on general surgery, endocrine surgery, thoracic surgery, plastic surgery, heart and vascular surgery, and traumatology. Special features include sections on new surgical techniques such as minimally invasive surgery and robot surgery, and advances in surgery-related biotechnology, for example, equipment, interdisciplinary perioperative management and surgical oncology. The journal is a powerful instrument in bringing up-to-date scientific information to specialized surgery units of general hospitals. European Surgery presents original articles, reviews, case reports, and short communications on developments in surgical practice and research.

European Surgery is the official journal of the Austrian Society of Surgery and its affiliated societies, the Association of Surgeons of the Federation Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Croatian Surgical Society, the Czech Surgical Society (Member of the Czech Medical Society), the Hungarian Surgical Society, the Slovak Surgical Society, the Slovenian Association of Surgeons, and the European Federation for ColoRectal Cancer.

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16.02.2020 | Narben und Keloide | CME-Kurs | Kurs

Komplikationen bei kosmetischen Piercings und Tätowierungen im Kopf-Hals-Bereich

Nicht selten kommt es bei Piercings und Tätowierungen zu Komplikationen. Der CME-Kurs informiert über Infektionen, Narbenbildungen und allergische Reaktionen und stellt die therapeutischen Optionen vor.

22.01.2020 | Larynxkarzinom | CME-Kurs | Kurs

Angiolytische Laserverfahren am Kehlkopf – Phonochirurgische Aspekte bei transoraler Lasermikrochirurgie

Durch transorale Lasermikrochirurgie (TLM) in der Larynxkarzinomtherapie werden temporäre Tracheotomien reduziert, die Organerhaltraten erhöht und funktionelle Resultate verbessert. Der CME-Kurs erläutert den Stellenwert der Laser-Anwendungen vor dem Hintergrund der aktuellen Larynxkarzinomleitlinie.

04.12.2019 | Larynxkarzinom | CME-Kurs | Kurs

Die Laryngektomie – noch zeitgemäß?

Die Laryngektomie gehört zum bewährten Standardrepertoire der modernen Kopf-Hals-Onkologie. Dieser CME-Kurs verschafft einen Überblick hinsichtlich Indikation, präoperativer Diagnostik, operativem Verfahren, möglichen Komplikationen, alternativer Behandlungsansätze sowie Rehabilitation und Prognose der Kehlkopfentfernung.

06.11.2019 | Allergische Rhinitis | CME-Kurs | Kurs

T-Zell-Immunreaktionen bei chronisch entzündlichen Erkrankungen der nasalen Schleimhäute

Die akute Rhinosinusitis und die chronische Rhinosinusitis sind entzündliche Erkrankungen der Schleimhäute aufgrund fehlgeleiteter immunologischer Reaktionen auf Umweltallergene. T‑Zellen spielen hier eine herausragende Rolle. Dieser CME-Kurs vermittelt Ihnen die Mechanismen, die im Rahmen der allergischen Immunantwort eine Aktivierung spezifischer Th2-Zellen auslösen und wesentliche Grundlage allergischer Reaktionen vom Typ 1 sind.