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Infection 3/2009

Ausgabe 3/2009

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 18 Artikel )

01.06.2009 | Editorial | Ausgabe 3/2009

Influenza Moves to the Front of Public Health Concerns

C. Ruef

01.06.2009 | Review | Ausgabe 3/2009

Reducing the Burden of Influenza-Associated Complications with Antiviral Therapy

B. R. Ruf, T. Szucs

01.06.2009 | Clinical and Epidemiological Study | Ausgabe 3/2009

Influenza Vaccination Compliance Among Health Care Workers in a German University Hospital

S. Wicker, H. F. Rabenau, H. W. Doerr, R. Allwinn

01.06.2009 | Clinical and Epidemiological Study | Ausgabe 3/2009

Effect of Suppressing HIV Viremia on the HIV Progression of Patients Undergoing a Genotype Resistance Test after Treatment Failure

M. Zaccarelli, P. Lorenzini, V. Tozzi, F. Forbici, F. Ceccherini-Silberstein, C. Gori, R. D’Arrigo, M. P. Trotta, P. Narciso, C. F. Perno, A. Antinori, For the Collaborative Group for Clinical Use of the HIV Genotype Resistance Test (GRT) at the National Institute for Infectious Diseases ‘Lazzaro Spallanzani’

01.06.2009 | Clinical and Epidemiological Study | Ausgabe 3/2009

Leukocyte Interferon Alpha Early Retreatment for Child A HCV Genotype 1b-Infected Cirrhotics Intolerant to Pegylated Interferons

B. Cacopardo, G. Nunnari, F. Benanti, A. Cappellani, A. Onorante, E. Caltabiano, R. Russo

01.06.2009 | Clinical and Epidemiological Study | Ausgabe 3/2009

Clustering and Risk Factors of Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus Carriage in Two Italian Long-Term Care Facilities

P. Brugnaro, U. Fedeli, G. Pellizzer, D. Buonfrate, M. Rassu, C. Boldrin, S. G. Parisi, A. Grossato, G. Palù, P. Spolaore

01.06.2009 | Clinical and Epidemiological Study | Ausgabe 3/2009

Promoting Global Research Excellence in Severe Sepsis (PROGRESS): Lessons from an International Sepsis Registry

R. Beale, K. Reinhart, F. M. Brunkhorst, G. Dobb, M. Levy, G. Martin, C. Martin, G. Ramsey, E. Silva, B. Vallet, J.-L. Vincent, J. M. Janes, S. Sarwat, M. D. Williams, for the PROGRESS Advisory Board

01.06.2009 | Clinical and Epidemiological Study | Ausgabe 3/2009

Two Different Patterns of Mutations are Involved in the Genotypic Resistance Score for Atazanavir Boosted Versus Unboosted by Ritonavir in Multiple Failing Patients

M. M. Santoro, A. Bertoli, P. Lorenzini, F. Ceccherini-Silberstein, N. Gianotti, C. Mussini, C. Torti, G. Di Perri, G. Barbarini, T. Bini, S. Melzi, P. Caramello, R. Maserati, P. Narciso, V. Micheli, A. Antinori, C. F. Perno, and the CARe Study Group

01.06.2009 | Clinical and Epidemiological Study | Ausgabe 3/2009

Hyperbilirubinemia during Atazanavir Treatment in 2,404 Patients in the Italian Atazanavir Expanded Access Program and MASTER Cohorts

C. Torti, G. Lapadula, A. Antinori, T. Quirino, R. Maserati, F. Castelnuovo, F. Maggiolo, A. De Luca, G. Paraninfo, F. Antonucci, G. Migliorino, A. Lazzarin, G. Di Perri, G. Rizzardini, R. Esposito, G. Carosi

01.06.2009 | Brief Report | Ausgabe 3/2009

Efficacy and Safety of Atazanavir in Patients with End-Stage Liver Disease

G. Guaraldi, S. Cocchi, A. Motta, S. Ciaffi, M. Codeluppi, S. Bonora, F. Di Benedetto, M. Masetti, M. Floridia, S. Baroncelli, D. Pinetti, A. Bertolini, G. E. Gerunda, R. Esposito

01.06.2009 | Brief Report | Ausgabe 3/2009

Clonal Diversity in Episodes with Multiple Coagulase-Negative Staphylococcus Bloodstream Isolates Suggesting Frequent Contamination

U. Seybold, C. Reichardt, J. S. Halvosa, H. M. Blumberg

01.06.2009 | Brief Report | Ausgabe 3/2009

Detection of Pneumocystis jirovecii by Two Staining Methods and Two Quantitative PCR Assays

P. Rohner, V. Jacomo, R. Studer, J. Schrenzel, J.-D. Graf

01.06.2009 | Brief Report | Ausgabe 3/2009

Criteria for Successful Hepatitis B Vaccination in Adults: Results of a Case Study

F. Hofmann, N. Kralj

01.06.2009 | Consensus Report | Ausgabe 3/2009

Italian Consensus Statement on Management of HIV-Infected Individuals with Advanced Disease Naïve to Antiretroviral Therapy

A. Antinori, A. Ammassari, C. Torti, P. Marconi, M. Andreoni, G. Angarano, S. Bonora, A. Castagna, R. Cauda, M. Clerici, A. d’Arminio Monforte, A. De Luca, G. Di Perri, M. Galli, E. Girardi, A. Gori, A. Lazzarin, S. Lo Caputo, F. Mazzotta, F. Montella, C. Mussini, C. F Perno, M. Puoti, G. Rizzardini, S. Rusconi, V. Vullo, G. Carosi

01.06.2009 | Case Report | Ausgabe 3/2009

Acute Bacterial Parotitis Following Acute Stroke

V. K. Lee, D. J. Kimbrough, A. A. Jarquin-Valdivia

01.06.2009 | Case Report | Ausgabe 3/2009

Chest Wall Abscess likely due to BCG Vaccination in a Child

D. H. Kim, C. W. Choi

01.06.2009 | Case Report | Ausgabe 3/2009

Subcutaneous Fistulae in a Patient with Femoral Hypoplasia due to Actinomyces europaeus and Actinomyces turicensis

A. E. Zautner, S. Schmitz, C. Aepinus, A. Schmialek, A. Podbielski

01.06.2009 | Correspondence | Ausgabe 3/2009

Broad-Range PCR in Selected Episodes of Prosthetic Joint Infection

F. H. R. De Man, P. Graber, M. Lüem, W. Zimmerli, P. E. Ochsner, P. Sendi

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