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Infection 4/2011

Ausgabe 4/2011

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 19 Artikel )

01.08.2011 | Editorial | Ausgabe 4/2011

Why do physicians prescribe antibiotics?

C. Ruef

01.08.2011 | Clinical and Epidemiological Study | Ausgabe 4/2011

A national cross-sectional study on socio-behavioural factors that influence physicians’ decisions to begin antimicrobial therapy

E. Velasco, W. Espelage, M. Faber, I. Noll, A. Ziegelmann, G. Krause, T. Eckmanns

01.08.2011 | Clinical and Epidemiological Study | Ausgabe 4/2011

Differences in outpatient antibiotic prescription in Italy’s Lombardy region

C. Franchi, M. Sequi, M. Bonati, A. Nobili, L. Pasina, A. Bortolotti, I. Fortino, L. Merlino, A. Clavenna

01.08.2011 | Clinical and Epidemiological Study | Ausgabe 4/2011

Impact of inappropriate empiric antimicrobial therapy on outcome in Pseudomonas aeruginosa bacteraemia: a stratified analysis according to sites of infection

E.-J. Joo, C.-I. Kang, Y. E. Ha, S. Y. Park, S.-J. Kang, Y. M. Wi, N. Y. Lee, D. R. Chung, K. R. Peck, J.-H. Song

01.08.2011 | Clinical and Epidemiological Study | Ausgabe 4/2011

De-escalation of antimicrobials in the treatment of bacteraemia due to antibiotic-sensitive pathogens in immunocompetent patients

N. Shime, S. Satake, N. Fujita

01.08.2011 | Clinical and Epidemiological Study | Ausgabe 4/2011

Lipopolysaccharide binding protein, interleukin-6 and C-reactive protein in acute gastrointestinal infections: value as biomarkers to reduce unnecessary antibiotic therapy

C. Elsing, S. Ernst, N. Kayali, W. Stremmel, S. Harenberg

01.08.2011 | Clinical and Epidemiological Study | Ausgabe 4/2011

Extended-spectrum β-lactamase-producing Gram-negative pathogens in community-acquired urinary tract infections: an increasing challenge for antimicrobial therapy

S. Meier, R. Weber, R. Zbinden, C. Ruef, B. Hasse

01.08.2011 | Clinical and Epidemiological Study | Ausgabe 4/2011

Clinical aspects of 2009 pandemic influenza A (H1N1) virus infection in Austria

W. Poeppl, M. Hell, H. Herkner, B. Stoiser, G. Fritsche, N. Schurz-Bamieh, G. Poeppl, R. Gattringer, N. Jones, M. Maass, A. Egle, H. Burgmann

01.08.2011 | Brief Report | Ausgabe 4/2011

Healthcare-acquired infections in rehabilitation units of the Lombardy Region, Italy

M. Tinelli, S. Mannino, S. Lucchi, A. Piatti, L. Pagani, R. D’Angelo, M. Villa, L. Trezzi, M. G. Di Stefano, A. Pavan, L. Macchi, Lombardy Region Infection in Rehabilitations Units Study Group, Italy

01.08.2011 | Brief Report | Ausgabe 4/2011

Suspicion of viral gastroenteritis does improve compliance with hand hygiene

S. Scheithauer, J. Oude-Aost, C. Stollbrink-Peschgens, H. Haefner, B. Waitschies, N. Wagner, S. W. Lemmen

01.08.2011 | Case Report | Ausgabe 4/2011

Development of immunity against hepatitis B virus after donor lymphocyte infusion in a peripheral blood stem cell transplantation recipient with chronic hepatitis B

L.-T. Chiang, M. Yao, B.-S. Ko, C.-H. Chen

01.08.2011 | Case Report | Ausgabe 4/2011

Successful switch to tenofovir after suboptimal response to entecavir in an immunocompromised patient with chronic hepatitis B and without genotypic hepatitis B virus resistance

C. Sarrecchia, V. Svicher, A. Volpi, R. Salpini, L. Ceccarelli, P. Sordillo, A. Bertoli, C. F. Perno, M. Andreoni

01.08.2011 | Case Report | Ausgabe 4/2011

Two case reports of Clostridium difficile bacteremia, one with the epidemic NAP-1 strain

J. Hemminger, J.-M. Balada-Llasat, M. Raczkowski, M. Buckosh, P. Pancholi

01.08.2011 | Case Report | Ausgabe 4/2011

Seronegative visceral leishmaniasis with relapsing and fatal course following rituximab treatment

A. Casabianca, M. Marchetti, F. Zallio, E. Feyles, E. Concialdi, E. Ferroglio, A. Biglino

01.08.2011 | Correspondence | Ausgabe 4/2011

Anemia and community-acquired pneumococcal pneumonia

S. M. Doshi, A. M. Rueda, V. F. Corrales-Medina, D. M. Musher

01.08.2011 | Correspondence | Ausgabe 4/2011

Multiple lung abscesses secondary to a uterine empyema caused by an intrauterine device

M. van Laren, N. C. van Walree, J. A. J. W. Kluytmans

01.08.2011 | Correspondence | Ausgabe 4/2011

Group A streptococcal vertebral osteomyelitis presenting with acute quadriplegia

M. Furitsch, K. Träger, M. van der Linden, B. Spellerberg

01.08.2011 | Correspondence | Ausgabe 4/2011

Brucella epididymo-orchitis initially mimicking choledocholithiasis

M. Kurt, S. Kuran, Y. T. Tekce, A. Sayilir, E. Oztas, N. Sasmaz

01.08.2011 | Images in infection | Ausgabe 4/2011

A case of tuberculous meningitis with multiple intracranial tuberculomas and miliary tuberculosis and choroid tubercles

K. K. Yasar, F. Pehlivanoglu, G. Sengoz, N. Ayrancioglu

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