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Inflammation 1/2012

Ausgabe 1/2012

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 45 Artikel )

01.02.2012 | Ausgabe 1/2012

Stimulation of FasL Induces Production of Proinflammatory Mediators Through Activation of Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinases and Nuclear Factor-κB in THP-1 Cells

Sang-Min Lee, Eun-Ju Kim, Kyoungho Suk, Won-Ha Lee

01.02.2012 | Ausgabe 1/2012

Changes of Inflammation and Apoptosis in Adrenal Gland After Experimental Injury in Rats with Acute Necrotizing Pancreatitis

Jia Yu, Sheng Xu, Wei-Xing Wang, Wen-Hong Deng, Hao Jin, Xiao-Yan Chen, Chen Chen, Hai-Tao Sun

01.02.2012 | Ausgabe 1/2012

Redistribution of Tight Junction Proteins During EPEC Infection In Vivo

Qiang Zhang, Qiurong Li, Chenyang Wang, Ning Li, Jieshou Li

01.02.2012 | Ausgabe 1/2012

Time Course of Endotoxin-Induced Airways’ Inflammation in Healthy Subjects

Virginie Doyen, Zaina Kassengera, Duc Huy Phong Dinh, Olivier Michel

01.02.2012 | Ausgabe 1/2012

VGluT2 and NMDAR1 Expression in Cells in the Inflammatory Infiltrates in Experimentally Induced Myositis: Evidence of Local Glutamate Signaling Suggests Autocrine/Paracrine Effects in an Overuse Injury Model

Christoph Spang, Alexander Scott, Patrik Danielson, Ronny Lorentzon, Sture Forsgren

01.02.2012 | Ausgabe 1/2012

Cholesterol 27-Hydroxylase but Not Apolipoprotein apoE Contributes to A2A Adenosine Receptor Stimulated Reverse Cholesterol Transport

Taiese Crystal Bingham, Saj Parathath, Heather Tian, Allison Reiss, Edwin Chan, Edward A. Fisher, Bruce N. Cronstein

01.02.2012 | Ausgabe 1/2012

Anti-inflammatory Activity of Hyperimmune Plasma in a Lipopolysaccharide-Mediated Rat Air Pouch Model of Inflammation

Bryan E. Essien, Michael Kotiw

01.02.2012 | Ausgabe 1/2012

Antihypertensive Drugs and Inflammation in Acute Ischemic Stroke as a Predictor Factor of Future Cardiovascular Mortality

Gulcin Benbir, Birsen Ince, Emre Kumral, Zeki Ongen, Hakan Kultursay, Lale Tokgozoglu, Ali Oto, Hasan Tuzun, on the behalf of ARDA Investigators

01.02.2012 | Ausgabe 1/2012

Impact of Selenium on the Leukotriene B4 Synthesis Pathway during Isoproterenol-Induced Myocardial Infarction in Experimental Rats

Seema Panicker, S. S. Swathy, Febi John, Indira M.

01.02.2012 | Ausgabe 1/2012

Interaction of Serine Proteases from Polymorphonuclear Leucocytes with the Cell Surface and Heparin

Jana Fleddermann, Annelie Pichert, Jürgen Arnhold

01.02.2012 | Ausgabe 1/2012

Inhibitory Effects of Prior Low-dose X-irradiation on Cold-induced Brain Injury in Mouse

Masaaki Yoshimoto, Takahiro Kataoka, Teruaki Toyota, Takehito Taguchi, Kiyonori Yamaoka

01.02.2012 | Ausgabe 1/2012

Chemical Mediators of Inflammation and Resolution in Post-Operative Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Patients

Padmini S. Pillai, Stanley Leeson, Timothy F. Porter, Christopher D. Owens, Ji Min Kim, Michael S. Conte, Charles N. Serhan, Simon Gelman

01.02.2012 | Ausgabe 1/2012

Hesperidin Suppresses Ovalbumin-Induced Airway Inflammation in a Mouse Allergic Asthma Model

Dajun Wei, Xinxin Ci, Xiao Chu, Miaomiao Wei, Shucheng Hua, Xuming Deng

01.02.2012 | Ausgabe 1/2012

Effect of Donor JNK Signal Transduction Inhibition on Transplant Outcome in Brain Dead Rat Model

Lu Chen, Danfeng Xu, Yi Gao, Xingang Cui, Zunguo Du, Qiang Ding, Xiang Wang

01.02.2012 | Ausgabe 1/2012

Beneficial Effect of a CXCR4 Agonist in Murine Models of Systemic Inflammation

Hongkuan Fan, Donald Wong, Sarah H. Ashton, Keith T. Borg, Perry V. Halushka, James A. Cook

01.02.2012 | Ausgabe 1/2012

Effects of TGF-β and b-FGF on the Potential of Peripheral Blood-Borne Stem Cells and Bone Marrow-Derived Stem Cells in Wound Healing in a Murine Model

Masoomeh Bakhshayesh, Mansooreh Soleimani, Mehdi Mehdizadeh, Majid Katebi

01.02.2012 | Ausgabe 1/2012

Estrogen Suppresses Metastasis in Rat Hepatocellular Carcinoma through Decreasing Interleukin-6 and Hepatocyte Growth Factor Expression

Yong-Cang Wang, Ge-Liang Xu, Wei-Dong Jia, Sheng-Jin Han, Wei-Hua Ren, Wei Wang, Wen-Bin Liu, Chuan-Hai Zhang, Hao Chen

01.02.2012 | Ausgabe 1/2012

Attenuation of Hyperoxia-induced Lung Injury in Rats by Adrenomedullin

Wei Tao, Yu-Sheng Shu, Qian-Bing Miao, Ya-Bing Zhu

01.02.2012 | Ausgabe 1/2012

Sphingosine-1-Phosphate Attenuates Lung Injury Induced by Intestinal Ischemia/Reperfusion in Mice: Role of Inducible Nitric-Oxide Synthase

Renyu Ding, Jiali Han, Yu Tian, Renxuan Guo, Xiaochun Ma

01.02.2012 | Ausgabe 1/2012

Human Macrophage ATP7A is Localized in the trans-Golgi Apparatus, Controls Intracellular Copper Levels, and Mediates Macrophage Responses to Dermal Wounds

Ha Won Kim, Qilin Chan, Scott E. Afton, Joseph A. Caruso, Barry Lai, Neal L. Weintraub, Zhenyu Qin

01.02.2012 | Ausgabe 1/2012

Effects of Urinary Trypsin Inhibitor on Lipopolysaccharide-Induced Acute Lung Injury in Rabbits

Hong-Beom Bae, Cheol-Won Jeong, Mei Li, Hyung-Seok Kim, Sang-Hyun Kwak

01.02.2012 | Ausgabe 1/2012

Effect of Scrophularia buergeriana Extract on the Degranulation of Mast Cells and Ear Swelling Induced by Dinitrofluorobenzene in Mice

Jin-Kyung Kim, Yoon Hee Kim, Hee Hwan Lee, Soon Sung Lim, Kyung Woo Park

01.02.2012 | Ausgabe 1/2012

Topical Azithromycin and Clarithromycin Inhibit Acute and Chronic Skin Inflammation in Sensitized Mice, with Apparent Selectivity for Th2-Mediated Processes in Delayed-Type Hypersensitivity

Vanesa Ivetić Tkalčević, Snježana Čužić, Miroslava Dominis Kramarić, Michael J. Parnham, Vesna Eraković Haber

01.02.2012 | Ausgabe 1/2012 Open Access

Vasopressors and Inotropes in the Treatment of Human Septic Shock: Effect on Innate Immunity?

Koen J. Hartemink, A. B. Johan Groeneveld

01.02.2012 | Ausgabe 1/2012 Open Access

Vagal Stimulation Modulates Inflammation through a Ghrelin Mediated Mechanism in Traumatic Brain Injury

Vishal Bansal, Seok Yong Ryu, Nicole Lopez, Sarah Allexan, Michael Krzyzaniak, Brian Eliceiri, Andrew Baird, Raul Coimbra

01.02.2012 | Ausgabe 1/2012

Soluble Urokinase Plasminogen Activator Receptor (suPAR) is Associated with Metabolic Changes in HIV-1-Infected Africans: A Prospective Study

Carla M. T. Fourie, Johannes M. Van Rooyen, Annamarie Kruger, Michael H. Olsen, Jesper Eugen-Olsen, Rudolph Schutte, Aletta E. Schutte

01.02.2012 | Ausgabe 1/2012

PI3-Kinase Regulates Eosinophil and Neutrophil Degranulation in Patients with Allergic Rhinitis and Allergic Asthma Irrespective of Allergen Challenge Model

Mary Kämpe, Maria Lampinen, Ingrid Stolt, Christer Janson, Gunnemar Stålenheim, Marie Carlson

01.02.2012 | Ausgabe 1/2012

Anti-inflammatory Effect of Resveratrol and Polydatin by In Vitro IL-17 Modulation

Giulia Lanzilli, Andrea Cottarelli, Giuseppe Nicotera, Serena Guida, Giampiero Ravagnan, Maria Pia Fuggetta

01.02.2012 | Ausgabe 1/2012

Infusion of a Glucose Solution Reduces Autophagy in the Liver after LPS-induced Systemic Inflammation

Satoshi Hagiwara, Hideo Iwasaka, Akira Hasegawa, Kyousuke Kudo, Jyunya Kusaka, Yoshimasa Oyama, Takayuki Noguchi

01.02.2012 | Ausgabe 1/2012

The Burn Wound Inflammatory Response Is Influenced by Midazolam

George F. Babcock, Laura Hernandez, Ekta Yadav, Sandy Schwemberger, Amy Dugan

01.02.2012 | Ausgabe 1/2012

Theaflavins Extracted from Black Tea Inhibit Airway Mucous Hypersecretion Induced by Cigarette Smoke in Rats

Haiqiao Wu, Qi Li, Xiangdong Zhou, Victor P. Kolosov, Juliy M. Perelman

01.02.2012 | Ausgabe 1/2012

PPAR-Gamma Agonist Rosiglitazone Attenuates the Inflammation Caused by Carrageenan in the Mouse Model of Pleurisy

Ziliani da Silva Buss, Yara S. Medeiros, Tania S. Fröde

01.02.2012 | Ausgabe 1/2012

Dexamethasone Pretreatment Attenuates Lung and Kidney Injury in Cholestatic Rats Induced by Hepatic Ischemia/Reperfusion

Liangyi Zhou, Xiangqing Yao, Yanling Chen

01.02.2012 | Ausgabe 1/2012

Interleukin-4 Modulates the Inflammatory Response in Ifosfamide-Induced Hemorrhagic Cystitis

Francisco Yuri Bulcão Macedo, Lívia Talita Cajaseiras Mourão, Helano Carioca Freitas, Roberto C. P. Lima-Júnior, Deysi Viviana Tenazoa Wong, Reinaldo Barreto Oriá, Mariana L. Vale, Gerly Anne Casto Brito, Fernando Q. Cunha, Ronaldo A. Ribeiro

01.02.2012 | Ausgabe 1/2012

Protective Effect of Intestinal Trefoil Factor on Injury of Intestinal Epithelial Tight Junction Induced by Platelet Activating Factor

Ling-fen Xu, Xu Teng, Jing Guo, Mei Sun

01.02.2012 | Ausgabe 1/2012

C-Reactive Protein Decrease After Postbariatric Abdominoplasty

Wilson Cintra, Miguel Modolin, Joel Faintuch, Rolf Gemperli, Marcus C. Ferreira

01.02.2012 | Ausgabe 1/2012

A Leaf Methanolic Extract of Wercklea insignis Attenuates the Lipopolysaccharide-Induced Inflammatory Response by Blocking the NF-κB Signaling Pathway in RAW 264.7 Macrophages

Ji-Won Park, Ok-Kyoung Kwon, Ha-young Jang, Hyeok Jeong, Sei-Ryang Oh, Hyeong-Kyu Lee, Sang-Bae Han, Kyung-Seop Ahn

01.02.2012 | Ausgabe 1/2012

Inhibitory Effects of the Methylene Chloride Fraction of JP05 on the Production of Inflammatory Mediators in LPS-activated BV2 Microglia

Hyo Won Jung, Tae Woo Oh, Jin Ki Jung, Je-Hyun Lee, Gil Jo Shin, Yong-Ki Park

01.02.2012 | Ausgabe 1/2012

Nicotine Induces Pro-inflammatory Response in Aortic Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells Through a NFκB/Osteopontin Amplification Loop-Dependent Pathway

Yongyi Wang, Fei Zhang, Wengang Yang, Song Xue

01.02.2012 | Ausgabe 1/2012

HMGB1 Increases Permeability of the Endothelial Cell Monolayer via RAGE and Src Family Tyrosine Kinase Pathways

Wenchang Huang, Yiyun Liu, Lei Li, Ruyuan Zhang, Wei Liu, Jun Wu, Enqiang Mao, Yaoqing Tang

01.02.2012 | Ausgabe 1/2012

Subacute Inflammatory Activation in Subjects with Acute Coronary Syndrome and Left Ventricular Dysfunction

Luisa De Gennaro, Natale Daniele Brunetti, Deodata Montrone, Fiorella De Rosa, Andrea Cuculo, Matteo Di Biase

01.02.2012 | Ausgabe 1/2012

Local Kappa Opioid Receptor Activation Decreases Temporomandibular Joint Inflammation

Tânia C. Chicre-Alcântara, Karla E. Torres-Chávez, Luana Fischer, Juliana T. Clemente-Napimoga, Vilma Melo, Carlos Amílcar Parada, Claudia Herrera Tambeli

01.02.2012 | Ausgabe 1/2012

Genistein Inhibit Cytokines or Growth Factor-Induced Proliferation and Transformation Phenotype in Fibroblast-Like Synoviocytes of Rheumatoid Arthritis

Yujun Zhang, Jianqiang Dong, Peiying He, Wende Li, Qi Zhang, Na Li, Tiezheng Sun

01.02.2012 | Ausgabe 1/2012

Proinflammatory CD14+CD16+ Monocytes are Associated with Microinflammation in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and Diabetic Nephropathy Uremia

Mengxue Yang, Hua Gan, Qing Shen, Weixue Tang, Xiaogang Du, Danyan Chen

01.02.2012 | Erratum | Ausgabe 1/2012

Erratum to: Chemical Mediators of Inflammation and Resolution in Post-Operative Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Patients

Padmini S. Pillai, Stanley Leeson, Timothy F. Porter, Christopher D. Owens, Ji Min Kim, Michael S. Conte, Charles N. Serhan, Simon Gelman

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