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Intensive Care Medicine

Intensive Care Medicine 11/2018

Ausgabe 11/2018

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 51 Artikel )

21.10.2018 | Original | Ausgabe 11/2018 Open Access

Impact of a multifaceted prevention program on ventilator-associated pneumonia including selective oropharyngeal decontamination

C. Landelle, V. Nocquet Boyer, M. Abbas, E. Genevois, N. Abidi, S. Naimo, R. Raulais, L. Bouchoud, F. Boroli, H. Terrisse, J.-L. Bosson, S. Harbarth, J. Pugin

21.10.2018 | Original | Ausgabe 11/2018

Safety and tolerability of a single administration of AR-301, a human monoclonal antibody, in ICU patients with severe pneumonia caused by Staphylococcus aureus: first-in-human trial

Bruno François, Emmanuelle Mercier, Céline Gonzalez, Karim Asehnoune, Saad Nseir, Maud Fiancette, Arnaud Desachy, Gaëtan Plantefève, Ferhat Meziani, Paul-André de Lame, Pierre-François Laterre, for the MASTER 1 study group

21.10.2018 | Original | Ausgabe 11/2018

Small volume resuscitation with 20% albumin in intensive care: physiological effects

The SWIPE randomised clinical trial
Johan Mårtensson, Shailesh Bihari, Jonathan Bannard-Smith, Neil J. Glassford, Patryck Lloyd-Donald, Luca Cioccari, Nora Luethi, Aiko Tanaka, Marco Crisman, Nicolas Rey de Castro, Marcus Ottochian, Agnes Huang, Maria Cronhjort, Andrew D. Bersten, Shivesh Prakash, Michael Bailey, Glenn M. Eastwood, Rinaldo Bellomo

21.10.2018 | Original | Ausgabe 11/2018

A multicentre randomized pilot trial on the effectiveness of different levels of cooling in comatose survivors of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest: the FROST-I trial

Esteban Lopez-de-Sa, Miriam Juarez, Eduardo Armada, José C. Sanchez-Salado, Pedro L. Sanchez, Pablo Loma-Osorio, Alessandro Sionis, Maria C. Monedero, Manuel Martinez-Sellés, Juán C. Martín-Benitez, Albert Ariza, Aitor Uribarri, José M. Garcia-Acuña, Patricia Villa, Pablo J. Perez, Christian Storm, Anne Dee, Jose L. Lopez-Sendon

03.07.2018 | Original | Ausgabe 11/2018

Terlipressin versus norepinephrine as infusion in patients with septic shock: a multicentre, randomised, double-blinded trial

Zi-Meng Liu, Juan Chen, Qiuye Kou, Qinhan Lin, Xiaobo Huang, Zhanhong Tang, Yan Kang, Ke Li, Lixin Zhou, Qing Song, Tongwen Sun, Ling Zhao, Xue Wang, Xiandi He, Chunting Wang, Benquan Wu, Jiandong Lin, Shiying Yuan, Qin Gu, Kejian Qian, Xianqing Shi, Yongwen Feng, Aihua Lin, Xiaoshun He, Xiang-Dong Guan, Study Group of investigators

04.10.2018 | Original | Ausgabe 11/2018 Open Access

Challenges in assessing the burden of sepsis and understanding the inequalities of sepsis outcomes between National Health Systems: secular trends in sepsis and infection incidence and mortality in Germany

C. Fleischmann-Struzek, A. Mikolajetz, D. Schwarzkopf, J. Cohen, C. S. Hartog, M. Pletz, P. Gastmeier, K. Reinhart

05.10.2018 | Original | Ausgabe 11/2018

Early PREdiction of sepsis using leukocyte surface biomarkers: the ExPRES-sepsis cohort study

Manu Shankar-Hari, Deepankar Datta, Julie Wilson, Valentina Assi, Jacqueline Stephen, Christopher J. Weir, Jillian Rennie, Jean Antonelli, Anthony Bateman, Jennifer M. Felton, Noel Warner, Kevin Judge, Jim Keenan, Alice Wang, Tony Burpee, Alun K. Brown, Sion M. Lewis, Tracey Mare, Alistair I. Roy, John Wright, Gillian Hulme, Ian Dimmick, Alasdair Gray, Adriano G. Rossi, A. John Simpson, Andrew Conway Morris, Timothy S. Walsh

21.10.2018 | Original | Ausgabe 11/2018

Plasma angiopoietin-2 as a potential causal marker in sepsis-associated ARDS development: evidence from Mendelian randomization and mediation analysis

John P. Reilly, Fan Wang, Tiffanie K. Jones, Jessica A. Palakshappa, Brian J. Anderson, Michael G. S. Shashaty, Thomas G. Dunn, Erik D. Johansson, Thomas R. Riley, Brian Lim, Jason Abbott, Caroline A. G. Ittner, Edward Cantu, Xihong Lin, Carmen Mikacenic, Mark M. Wurfel, David C. Christiani, Carolyn S. Calfee, Michael A. Matthay, Jason D. Christie, Rui Feng, Nuala J. Meyer

05.10.2018 | Original | Ausgabe 11/2018

Latent class analysis of ARDS subphenotypes: a secondary analysis of the statins for acutely injured lungs from sepsis (SAILS) study

Pratik Sinha, Kevin L. Delucchi, B. Taylor Thompson, Daniel F. McAuley, Michael A. Matthay, Carolyn S. Calfee, for the NHLBI ARDS Network

21.10.2018 | Seven-Day Profile Publication | Ausgabe 11/2018

A multicenter randomized controlled trial of a 3-L/kg/min versus 2-L/kg/min high-flow nasal cannula flow rate in young infants with severe viral bronchiolitis (TRAMONTANE 2)

Christophe Milési, Anne-Florence Pierre, Anna Deho, Robin Pouyau, Jean-Michel Liet, Camille Guillot, Anne-Sophie Guilbert, Jérôme Rambaud, Astrid Millet, Mickael Afanetti, Julie Guichoux, Mathieu Genuini, Thierry Mansir, Jean Bergounioux, Fabrice Michel, Marie-Odile Marcoux, Julien Baleine, Sabine Durand, Philippe Durand, Stéphane Dauger, Etienne Javouhey, Stéphane Leteurtre, Olivier Brissaud, Sylvain Renolleau, Aurélie Portefaix, Aymeric Douillard, Gilles Cambonie, for the GFRUP Respiratory Study Group

21.10.2018 | Original | Ausgabe 11/2018

Questions to improve family–staff communication in the ICU: a randomized controlled trial

Elie Azoulay, Jean-Marie Forel, Isabelle Vinatier, Romain Truillet, Anne Renault, Sandrine Valade, Samir Jaber, Jacques Durand-Gasselin, Carole Schwebel, Hughes Georges, Sybille Merceron, Alain Cariou, Myriam Moussa, Sami Hraiech, Laurent Argaud, Marc Leone, J. Randall Curtis, Nancy Kentish-Barnes, Elisabeth Jouve, Laurent Papazian

25.09.2018 | Original | Ausgabe 11/2018

Effectiveness of sodium bicarbonate infusion on mortality in septic patients with metabolic acidosis

Zhongheng Zhang, Carlie Zhu, Lei Mo, Yucai Hong

25.09.2018 | Original | Ausgabe 11/2018

Healthcare-related costs in very elderly intensive care patients

L. E. M. Haas, Ilse van Beusekom, Diederik van Dijk, Marije E. Hamaker, Ferishta Bakhshi-Raiez, Dylan W. de Lange, Nicolette F. de Keizer

05.10.2018 | Original | Ausgabe 11/2018

Performance of Doppler-based resistive index and semi-quantitative renal perfusion in predicting persistent AKI: results of a prospective multicenter study

Michael Darmon, Aurelie Bourmaud, Marie Reynaud, Stéphane Rouleau, Ferhat Meziani, Alexandra Boivin, Mourad Benyamina, François Vincent, Alexandre Lautrette, Christophe Leroy, Yves Cohen, Matthieu Legrand, Jérôme Morel, Jeremy Terreaux, David Schnell

05.10.2018 | Original | Ausgabe 11/2018

Mechanical power of ventilation is associated with mortality in critically ill patients: an analysis of patients in two observational cohorts

Ary Serpa Neto, Rodrigo Octavio Deliberato, Alistair E. W. Johnson, Lieuwe D. Bos, Pedro Amorim, Silvio Moreto Pereira, Denise Carnieli Cazati, Ricardo L. Cordioli, Thiago Domingos Correa, Tom J. Pollard, Guilherme P. P. Schettino, Karina T. Timenetsky, Leo A. Celi, Paolo Pelosi, Marcelo Gama de Abreu, Marcus J. Schultz, for the PROVE Network Investigators

18.01.2018 | What's New in Intensive Care | Ausgabe 11/2018

Immunoglobulins and sepsis

Manu Shankar-Hari, Martin Bruun Madsen, Alexis F. Turgeon

22.01.2018 | What's New in Intensive Care | Ausgabe 11/2018

Should this elderly patient be admitted to the ICU?

Bertrand Guidet, Dylan W. de Lange, Hans Flaatten

20.01.2018 | What's New in Intensive Care | Ausgabe 11/2018

Adjuvant therapies in critical care: music therapy

Jonathan Messika, Pierre Kalfon, Jean-Damien Ricard

31.01.2018 | What's New in Intensive Care | Ausgabe 11/2018

The ten tips to manage critically ill patients with acute-on-chronic liver failure

Valentin Fuhrmann, Tony Whitehouse, Julia Wendon

01.03.2018 | What's New in Intensive Care | Ausgabe 11/2018

Is my patient’s respiratory drive (too) high?

Irene Telias, Laurent Brochard, Ewan C. Goligher

08.03.2018 | What's New in Intensive Care | Ausgabe 11/2018 Open Access

Vitamin therapy in critically ill patients: focus on thiamine, vitamin C, and vitamin D

Karin Amrein, Heleen M. Oudemans-van Straaten, Mette M. Berger

23.12.2017 | Understanding the Disease | Ausgabe 11/2018

Understanding and monitoring brain injury: the role of cerebral microdialysis

Mauro Oddo, Peter J. Hutchinson

29.06.2018 | Imaging in Intensive Care Medicine | Ausgabe 11/2018

Concordance of longitudinal strain and MRI in a case of myocardial contusion in a patient with normal conventional 2D echocardiography

Gary Duclos, Ugo Scemama, Marc Leone, Laurent Zieleskiewicz

16.06.2018 | Imaging in Intensive Care Medicine | Ausgabe 11/2018

Sudden appearance of neck and face emphysema during above cuff vocalisation

Italo Calamai, Romano Giuntini, Francesco Tomeo, Rosario Spina

12.06.2018 | Imaging in Intensive Care Medicine | Ausgabe 11/2018

An unexpected blood thief: the subacute presentation of a spontaneous Ilio-iliac arterio-venous fistula

Leonardo Caranzano, Jacopo Colombo, Roberto Cartolari, Andreas Perren

08.06.2018 | Imaging in Intensive Care Medicine | Ausgabe 11/2018

Unilateral orolingual angioedema after thrombolysis in a patient with cerebrovascular ischemia

L. Arts, L. van Bloemendaal, A. J. Kooter, P. R. Tuinman

27.03.2018 | From the Inside | Ausgabe 11/2018

A walk after hemiplegia

Gentle Sunder Shrestha

28.09.2018 | Editorial | Ausgabe 11/2018

What will junior editors add to Intensive Care Medicine?

Julie Helms, ICM Junior Editors

21.10.2018 | Editorial | Ausgabe 11/2018

Beat around the bush for VA-LRTI

Ignacio Martin-Loeches, Pieter Depuydt, Michael S. Niederman

13.07.2018 | Editorial | Ausgabe 11/2018

Terlipressin or norepinephrine, or both in septic shock?

Johan Mårtensson, Anthony C. Gordon

24.07.2018 | Editorial | Ausgabe 11/2018

Moving albumin into the small volume resuscitation era

Fernando G. Zampieri, Peter Buhl Hjortrup

04.10.2018 | Editorial | Ausgabe 11/2018

Will my patient survive? Look for creatinine in the urine!

Michael Darmon, Kianoush Kashani, Miet Schetz

11.10.2018 | Editorial | Ausgabe 11/2018

Frailty: we need valid and reliable tools in critical care

Hans Flaatten, Andrew Clegg

18.10.2018 | Editorial | Ausgabe 11/2018

Editorial to: Adrenocortical function during prolonged critical illness and beyond: a prospective observational study

Heleen M. Oudemans-van Straaten, Tatsuya Fujikawa, Jerry J. Zimmerman

28.09.2018 | Editorial | Ausgabe 11/2018

Inherent value of baseline measures when assessing the trajectory of health-related quality of life among children surviving critical illness

Elizabeth Y. Killien, R. Scott Watson, Jerry J. Zimmerman

28.09.2018 | Editorial | Ausgabe 11/2018

Treatment and mortality of Klebslella pneumoniae infections in critically ill patients: should we do and predict them better?

Matteo Bassetti, Mura Akova, Mario Tumbarello

11.06.2018 | Editorial | Ausgabe 11/2018

Do trials that report a neutral or negative treatment effect improve the care of critically ill patients? Yes

Anders Perner, Simon Finfer

11.06.2018 | Editorial | Ausgabe 11/2018

Do trials that report a neutral or negative treatment effect improve the care of critically ill patients? No

Jean-Louis Vincent, John J. Marini, Antonio Pesenti

05.09.2018 | Focus Editorial | Ausgabe 11/2018

Focus on acute kidney injury 2017

Miet Schetz, John Prowle

04.10.2018 | Editorial | Ausgabe 11/2018

Cardiovascular focus editorial ICM 2018

A. Aneman, A. Vieillard-Baron

10.10.2018 | Focus Editorial | Ausgabe 11/2018

Focus on sepsis: new concepts and findings in sepsis care

Jean-Francois Timsit, Etienne Ruppe, Ricard Ferrer

06.10.2018 | Focus Editorial | Ausgabe 11/2018

The most recent concepts for the management of bacterial and fungal infections in ICU

Matteo Bassetti, Garyfallia Poulakou, Marin H. Kollef

15.10.2018 | Letter | Ausgabe 11/2018

Hyperchloremia is associated with acute kidney injury in pediatric patients with septic shock

Erin K. Stenson, Natalie Z. Cvijanovich, Geoffrey L. Allen, Neal J. Thomas, Michael T. Bigham, Scott L. Weiss, Julie C. Fitzgerald, Parag N. Jain, Keith Meyer, Michael Quasney, Mark Hall, Rainer Gedeit, Robert J. Freishtat, Jeffrey Nowak, Riad Lutfi, Shira Gertz, Jocelyn R. Grunwell, Hector R. Wong, Nick Anas

25.09.2018 | Letter | Ausgabe 11/2018

Phase 1 safety and pharmacokinetic study on the use of pioglitazone in critically ill patients with sepsis: a randomized clinical trial

Jennifer M. Kaplan, Basilia Zingarelli, Kelli Krallman, Sonya Tang Girdwood, Denise Lagory, Tomoyuki Mizuno, Lin Fei, Hector R. Wong, Alexander A. Vinks

25.09.2018 | Letter | Ausgabe 11/2018

Socioeconomic status features of ICU patients: the PRECAREA pilot study

Morgan Benaïs, Daniel Da Silva, Luis Ferreira, Laurent Lainé, Mathilde Lermuzeaux, Nathalie Mémain, Gabriel Preda, Bruno Verdière, Guillaume Geri, Etienne de Montmollin

04.10.2018 | Correspondence | Ausgabe 11/2018

Do not abandon monitoring the central venous pressure during fluid resuscitation of septic shock patients

Jihad Mallat, Benjamin John Reddi

15.10.2018 | Correspondence | Ausgabe 11/2018

Discussion about “Association of frailty with short-term outcomes, organ support and resource use in critically ill patients”

Jai N. Darvall, David Pilcher, Rinaldo Bellomo, Fernando G. Zampieri, Theodore J. Iwashyna, Elizabeth M. Viglianti, Marcio Soares

27.08.2018 | Correspondence | Ausgabe 11/2018

Use of time-varying coefficients in a Cox regression model when the proportional hazard assumption is violated

Maofeng Wang, Weimin Li, Nadir Yehya, Garrett Keim, Neal J. Thomas

17.09.2018 | Correction | Ausgabe 11/2018 Open Access

Correction to: ECDC definitions and methods for the surveillance of healthcare-associated infections in intensive care units

Diamantis Plachouras, Alain Lepape, Carl Suetens

17.09.2018 | Correction | Ausgabe 11/2018

Correction to: White paper: statement on conflicts of interest

Julian Bion, Massimo Antonelli, LLuis Blanch, J. Randall Curtis, Christiane Druml, Bin Du, Flavia R. Machado, Charles Gomersall, Christiane Hartog, Mitchell Levy, John Myburgh, Gordon Rubenfeld, Charles Sprung

13.09.2018 | Correction | Ausgabe 11/2018

Correction to: Epinephrine and short-term survival in cardiogenic shock: an individual data meta-analysis of 2583 patients

Valentine Léopold, Etienne Gayat, Romain Pirracchio, Jindrich Spinar, Jiri Parenica, Tuukka Tarvasmäki, Johan Lassus, Veli-Pekka Harjola, Sébastien Champion, Faiez Zannad, Serafina Valente, Philip Urban, Horng-Ruey Chua, Rinaldo Bellomo, Batric Popovic, Dagmar M. Ouweneel, José P. S. Henriques, Gregor Simonis, Bruno Lévy, Antoine Kimmoun, Philippe Gaudard, Mir Babar Basir, Andrej Markota, Christoph Adler, Hannes Reuter, Alexandre Mebazaa, Tahar Chouihed

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