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Intensive Care Medicine

Intensive Care Medicine 3/2012

Ausgabe 3/2012

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 28 Artikel )

01.03.2012 | Editorial | Ausgabe 3/2012

Transpulmonary pressure as a surrogate of plateau pressure for lung protective strategy: not perfect but more physiologic

Jean-Christophe M. Richard, John J. Marini

01.03.2012 | Editorial | Ausgabe 3/2012

Physicians just need to be better trained to provide the best care at the end-of-life

Márcio Soares, Jefferson P. Piva

01.03.2012 | Year in Review 2011 | Ausgabe 3/2012 Open Access

Year in review in Intensive Care Medicine 2011. II. Cardiovascular, infections, pneumonia and sepsis, critical care organization and outcome, education, ultrasonography, metabolism and coagulation

Massimo Antonelli, Marc Bonten, Jean Chastre, Giuseppe Citerio, Giorgio Conti, J. Randall Curtis, Daniel De Backer, Goran Hedenstierna, Michael Joannidis, Duncan Macrae, Jordi Mancebo, Salvatore M. Maggiore, Alexandre Mebazaa, Jean-Charles Preiser, Patricia Rocco, Jean-François Timsit, Jan Wernerman, Haibo Zhang

01.03.2012 | Systematic Review | Ausgabe 3/2012

Dobutamine for patients with severe heart failure: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials

Catherine L. Tacon, John McCaffrey, Anthony Delaney

01.03.2012 | Special Article | Ausgabe 3/2012

Consensus statement of the ESICM task force on colloid volume therapy in critically ill patients

Konrad Reinhart, Anders Perner, Charles L. Sprung, Roman Jaeschke, Frederique Schortgen, A. B. Johan Groeneveld, Richard Beale, Christiane S. Hartog

01.03.2012 | Conference Reports and Expert Panel | Ausgabe 3/2012 Open Access

Gastrointestinal function in intensive care patients: terminology, definitions and management. Recommendations of the ESICM Working Group on Abdominal Problems

Annika Reintam Blaser, Manu L. N. G. Malbrain, Joel Starkopf, Sonja Fruhwald, Stephan M. Jakob, Jan De Waele, Jan-Peter Braun, Martijn Poeze, Claudia Spies

01.03.2012 | Original | Ausgabe 3/2012

ECMO criteria for influenza A (H1N1)-associated ARDS: role of transpulmonary pressure

Salvatore Grasso, Pierpaolo Terragni, Alberto Birocco, Rosario Urbino, Lorenzo Del Sorbo, Claudia Filippini, Luciana Mascia, Antonio Pesenti, Alberto Zangrillo, Luciano Gattinoni, V. Marco Ranieri

01.03.2012 | Original | Ausgabe 3/2012

Association between education in EOL care and variability in EOL practice: a survey of ICU physicians

Daniel Neves Forte, Jean Louis Vincent, Irineu Tadeu Velasco, Marcelo Park

01.03.2012 | Original | Ausgabe 3/2012

In vivo effects on human skeletal muscle oxygen delivery and metabolism of cardiopulmonary bypass and perioperative hemodilution

R. A. De Blasi, E. Tonelli, R. Arcioni, M. Mercieri, L. Cigognetti, R. Romano, G. Pinto

01.03.2012 | Original | Ausgabe 3/2012

Can changes in arterial pressure be used to detect changes in cardiac index during fluid challenge in patients with septic shock?

Charalampos Pierrakos, Dimitrios Velissaris, Sabino Scolletta, Sarah Heenen, Daniel De Backer, Jean-Louis Vincent

01.03.2012 | Original | Ausgabe 3/2012

Circulating endothelial progenitor cells inversely associate with organ dysfunction in sepsis

Sushma K. Cribbs, Diane J. Sutcliffe, William R. Taylor, Mauricio Rojas, Kirk A. Easley, Li Tang, Kenneth L. Brigham, Greg S. Martin

01.03.2012 | Original | Ausgabe 3/2012

Early peak temperature and mortality in critically ill patients with or without infection

Paul Jeffrey Young, Manoj Saxena, Richard Beasley, Rinaldo Bellomo, Michael Bailey, David Pilcher, Simon Finfer, David Harrison, John Myburgh, Kathryn Rowan

01.03.2012 | Original | Ausgabe 3/2012

The sensitivity of neutrophil CD64 expression as a biomarker of bacterial infection is low in critically ill patients

Antoine Gros, Mikael Roussel, Elise Sauvadet, Arnaud Gacouin, Sophie Marqué, Loïc Chimot, Sylvain Lavoué, Christophe Camus, Thierry Fest, Yves Le Tulzo

01.03.2012 | Original | Ausgabe 3/2012

Use of expiratory change in bladder pressure to assess expiratory muscle activity in patients with large respiratory excursions in central venous pressure

James W. Leatherman, Christina Bastin-DeJong, Robert S. Shapiro, Ramiro Saavedra-Romero

01.03.2012 | Original | Ausgabe 3/2012

Non-invasive ventilation in community-acquired pneumonia and severe acute respiratory failure

Andres Carrillo, Gumersindo Gonzalez-Diaz, Miquel Ferrer, Maria Elena Martinez-Quintana, Antonia Lopez-Martinez, Noemi Llamas, Maravillas Alcazar, Antoni Torres

01.03.2012 | Original | Ausgabe 3/2012

Acute kidney injury following acute liver failure: potential role of systemic cadmium mobilization?

Perrine Hoet, Vincent Haufroid, Gladys Deumer, Xavier Dumont, Dominique Lison, Philippe Hantson

01.03.2012 | Pediatric Original | Ausgabe 3/2012 Open Access

Bedside prediction rule for infections after pediatric cardiac surgery

Selma O. Algra, Mieke M. P. Driessen, Alvin W. L. Schadenberg, Antonius N. J. Schouten, Felix Haas, Casper W. Bollen, Michiel L. Houben, Nicolaas J. G. Jansen

01.03.2012 | Pediatric Original | Ausgabe 3/2012

Cyclosporine treatment improves mesenteric perfusion and attenuates necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC)-like intestinal injury in asphyxiated newborn piglets during reoxygenation

Richdeep S. Gill, Namdar Manouchehri, Tze-Fun Lee, Woo Jung Cho, Aducio Thiesen, Thomas Churchill, David L. Bigam, Po-Yin Cheung

01.03.2012 | Experimental | Ausgabe 3/2012

Vasopressin improves systemic hemodynamics without compromising mesenteric perfusion in the resuscitation of asphyxiated newborn piglets: a dose–response study

Douglas C. Cheung, Richdeep S. Gill, Jiang-Qin Liu, Namdar Manouchehri, Consolato Sergi, David Bigam, Po-Yin Cheung, Bryan J. Dicken

01.03.2012 | Experimental | Ausgabe 3/2012

Effects of different tidal volumes in pulmonary and extrapulmonary lung injury with or without intraabdominal hypertension

Cíntia L. Santos, Lillian Moraes, Raquel S. Santos, Mariana G. Oliveira, Johnatas D. Silva, Tatiana Maron-Gutierrez, Débora S. Ornellas, Marcelo M. Morales, Vera L. Capelozzi, Nelson Jamel, Paolo Pelosi, Patricia R. M. Rocco, Cristiane S. N. B. Garcia

01.03.2012 | Experimental | Ausgabe 3/2012

Hypercapnic acidosis transiently weakens hypoxic pulmonary vasoconstriction without affecting endogenous pulmonary nitric oxide production

Manja C. A. Nilsson, Filip Fredén, Anders Larsson, Peter Wiklund, Maria Bergquist, Kristina Hambraeus-Jonzon

01.03.2012 | Physiological and Technical Notes | Ausgabe 3/2012

In-line filter included into the syringe infusion pump assembly reduces flow irregularities

B. Brotschi, B. Grass, M. Weiss, C. Doell, V. Bernet

01.03.2012 | Correspondence | Ausgabe 3/2012

Bedside lung volume measurement for estimation of alveolar recruitment

Jerónimo Graf

01.03.2012 | Correspondence | Ausgabe 3/2012

Response to Graf: Bedside lung volume measurement for estimation of alveolar recruitment

J. Dellamonica, L. Brochard

01.03.2012 | Correspondence | Ausgabe 3/2012

Contrast “induced” versus “associated” acute kidney injury: take care with the definition

Xavier Valette, Damien du Cheyron

01.03.2012 | Correspondence | Ausgabe 3/2012

Epidemiology of contrast-associated acute kidney injury in ICU patients: reply to Valette and du Cheyron

Eric Hoste, Severine Doom, Jan De Waele, Louke Delrue, Luc Defreyne, Dominique Benoit, Johan Decruyenaere

01.03.2012 | Correspondence | Ausgabe 3/2012

“The beach position”: crossed legs as a marker for a favourable clinical course in neurological intensive care unit patients

Ulf C. Schneider, Peter Vajkoczy

01.03.2012 | Correspondence | Ausgabe 3/2012 Open Access

Screening pediatric delirium with an adapted version of the Sophia Observation withdrawal Symptoms scale (SOS)

Monique van Dijk, Hennie Knoester, Babette S. van Beusekom, Erwin Ista

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