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Intensive Care Medicine

Intensive Care Medicine 6/2014

Ausgabe 6/2014

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 33 Artikel )

01.06.2014 | Systematic Review | Ausgabe 6/2014

Effects of interventions on survival in acute respiratory distress syndrome: an umbrella review of 159 published randomized trials and 29 meta-analyses

Adriano R. Tonelli, Joe Zein, Jacob Adams, John P. A. Ioannidis

01.06.2014 | Conference Reports and Expert Panel | Ausgabe 6/2014 Open Access

International guideline development for the determination of death

Sam D. Shemie, Laura Hornby, Andrew Baker, Jeanne Teitelbaum, Sylvia Torrance, Kimberly Young, Alexander M. Capron, James L. Bernat, Luc Noel, and The International Guidelines for Determination of Death phase 1 participants, in collaboration with the World Health Organization

01.06.2014 | My Paper 20 Years Later | Ausgabe 6/2014

Respiratory variations in the arterial pressure during mechanical ventilation reflect volume status and fluid responsiveness

Azriel Perel, Reuven Pizov, Shamay Cotev

01.06.2014 | Review | Ausgabe 6/2014

What’s new in the clinical and diagnostic management of invasive candidiasis in critically ill patients

Cristóbal León, Luis Ostrosky-Zeichner, Mindy Schuster

01.06.2014 | Review | Ausgabe 6/2014

Posttraumatic stress disorder among survivors of critical illness: creation of a conceptual model addressing identification, prevention, and management

Ann C. Long, Erin K. Kross, Dimitry S. Davydow, J. Randall Curtis

01.06.2014 | Original | Ausgabe 6/2014 Open Access

Intravenous administration of ulinastatin (human urinary trypsin inhibitor) in severe sepsis: a multicenter randomized controlled study

Dilip R. Karnad, Rakesh Bhadade, Pradeep K. Verma, Nivedita D. Moulick, Mradul K. Daga, Neelima D. Chafekar, Shivakumar Iyer

01.06.2014 | Original | Ausgabe 6/2014

A multicenter study of septic shock due to candidemia: outcomes and predictors of mortality

Matteo Bassetti, Elda Righi, Filippo Ansaldi, Maria Merelli, Trucchi Cecilia, Gennaro De Pascale, Ana Diaz-Martin, Roberto Luzzati, Chiara Rosin, Leonel Lagunes, Enrico Maria Trecarichi, Maurizio Sanguinetti, Brunella Posteraro, Jose Garnacho-Montero, Assunta Sartor, Jordi Rello, Giorgio Della Rocca, Massimo Antonelli, Mario Tumbarello

01.06.2014 | Original | Ausgabe 6/2014

Characteristics and prognosis of sudden cardiac death in Greater Paris

Population-based approach from the Paris Sudden Death Expertise Center (Paris—SDEC)
Wulfran Bougouin, Lionel Lamhaut, Eloi Marijon, Daniel Jost, Florence Dumas, Nicolas Deye, Frankie Beganton, Jean-Philippe Empana, Emilie Chazelle, Alain Cariou, Xavier Jouven

01.06.2014 | Original | Ausgabe 6/2014

Blood glucose level and outcome after cardiac arrest: insights from a large registry in the hypothermia era

Fabrice Daviaud, Florence Dumas, Nadège Demars, Guillaume Geri, Adrien Bouglé, Tristan Morichau-Beauchant, Yên-Lan Nguyen, Wulfran Bougouin, Frédéric Pène, Julien Charpentier, Alain Cariou

01.06.2014 | Pediatric Original | Ausgabe 6/2014

Use of tracheostomy in the PICU among patients requiring prolonged mechanical ventilation

Martin K. Wakeham, Evelyn M. Kuhn, K. Jane Lee, Michael C. McCrory, Matthew C. Scanlon

01.06.2014 | Statistical Note | Ausgabe 6/2014

Incidence in ICU populations: how to measure and report it?

Jan Beyersmann, Petra Gastmeier, Martin Schumacher

01.06.2014 | What's New in Intensive Care | Ausgabe 6/2014

Clinical meaning of the GRADE rules

B. Rochwerg, W. Alhazzani, Roman Jaeschke

01.06.2014 | What's New in Intensive Care | Ausgabe 6/2014

What’s new on NIV in the PICU: does everyone in respiratory failure require endotracheal intubation?

Andrew C. Argent, Paolo Biban

01.06.2014 | What's New in Intensive Care | Ausgabe 6/2014

Defining death: the importance of scientific candor and transparency

Robert D. Truog, Franklin G. Miller

01.06.2014 | Understanding the Disease | Ausgabe 6/2014

Understanding paracetamol-induced liver failure

Fin Stolze Larsen, Julia Wendon

01.06.2014 | Imaging in Intensive Care Medicine | Ausgabe 6/2014

Paradoxical massive pulmonary embolism with a straddling thrombus across a patent foramen ovale

Roshen Mathew, Winnie E. Roy

01.06.2014 | Imaging in Intensive Care Medicine | Ausgabe 6/2014

Angioedema induced by angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors, potentiated by m-TOR inhibitors: successful treatment with icatibant

Alexandre Charmillon, Joëlle Deibener, Pierre Kaminsky, Guillaume Louis

01.06.2014 | From the Inside | Ausgabe 6/2014

Time to die!

Gilberto Friedman

01.06.2014 | Editorial | Ausgabe 6/2014

Only a very bold man would attempt to define death

Michael A. Kuiper, Erwin J. O. Kompanje

01.06.2014 | Editorial | Ausgabe 6/2014

Clinical trials in patients with the acute respiratory distress syndrome: Burn after reading

Jesús Villar, Robert M. Kacmarek, Claude Guérin

01.06.2014 | Editorial | Ausgabe 6/2014

Give me less sugar: how to manage glucose levels in post-anoxic injury?

Fabio Silvio Taccone, Katia Donadello, Pierre Kalfon

01.06.2014 | Editorial | Ausgabe 6/2014

Sudden cardiac death: good perspectives with this major health care issue

Bernd W. Böttiger, Jan-Thorsten Gräsner, Maaret Castren

01.06.2014 | Letter | Ausgabe 6/2014

Cost analysis of miniaturized ECMO in H1N1-related ARDS managed by a single caregiver

Roberto Roncon-Albuquerque Jr, Vera Almeida, Marcos Lopes, Lídia Castro, Afonso Pedrosa, José Artur Paiva

01.06.2014 | Letter | Ausgabe 6/2014

Should we use anticoagulant lock for short-term haemodialysis catheter in the ICU?

Jean-François Soubirou, Morgane Commereuc, Tomek Kofman, Adrien Constan, Irma Bourgeon-Ghittori, Frédérique Schortgen

01.06.2014 | Letter | Ausgabe 6/2014

An interdisciplinary approach for renal transplant recipients with severe pneumonia: a single ICU experience

Guo-wei Tu, Min-jie Ju, Yi-jun Zheng, Du-ming Zhu, Ming Xu, Rui-ming Rong, Tong-yu Zhu, Zhe Luo

01.06.2014 | Correspondence | Ausgabe 6/2014

Influence of ventilatory strategy on the PRESERVE mortality risk score: response to Camporota et al.

Matthieu Schmidt, Alain Combes

01.06.2014 | Correspondence | Ausgabe 6/2014

Should we relax the definition of death or the dead donor rule?

K. Rusinova, J. Simek

01.06.2014 | Correspondence | Ausgabe 6/2014

Exogenous lactate supplementation to the injured brain: misleading conclusions with clinical implications

Carl-Henrik Nordström, Troels Halfeld Nielsen

01.06.2014 | Correspondence | Ausgabe 6/2014

Hypertonic lactate and the injured brain: facts and the potential for positive clinical implications

Pierre Bouzat, Pierre J. Magistretti, Mauro Oddo

01.06.2014 | Correspondence | Ausgabe 6/2014

Comment on Kalfon et al.: Tight computerized versus conventional glucose control in the ICU: a randomized controlled trial

Geoffrey M. Shaw, Christopher G. Pretty, J. Geoffrey Chase

01.06.2014 | Correspondence | Ausgabe 6/2014

Clinical research in emergency situations in incompetent persons: the situation in Italy

Nereo Zamperetti, Mariassunta Piccinni, Alberto Giannini

01.06.2014 | Erratum | Ausgabe 6/2014

Erratum to: Clinical practice guideline on diagnosis and treatment of hyponatraemia

Goce Spasovski, Raymond Vanholder, Bruno Allolio, Djillali Annane, Steve Ball, Daniel Bichet, Guy Decaux, Wiebke Fenske, Ewout J. Hoorn, Carole Ichai, Michael Joannidis, Alain Soupart, Robert Zietse, Maria Haller, Sabine van der Veer, Wim Van Biesen, Evi Nagler

01.06.2014 | Erratum | Ausgabe 6/2014

Erratum to: How to derive and validate clinical prediction models for use in intensive care medicine

José Labarère, Bertrand Renaud, Michael J. Fine

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