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International Journal of Clinical Pharmacy

International Journal of Clinical Pharmacy 3/2005

Ausgabe 3/2005

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 28 Artikel )

01.06.2005 | Ausgabe 3/2005

In Memoriam

01.06.2005 | Ausgabe 3/2005

Defining Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Care

01.06.2005 | Ausgabe 3/2005

The History of DES, Lessons to be Learned

Marieke Veurink, Marlies Koster, Lolkje T.W. de Jong-van den. Berg

01.06.2005 | Ausgabe 3/2005

Cost-Containment as Part of Pharmaceutical Policy

Anna Birna Almarsdóttir, Janine M. Traulsen

01.06.2005 | Ausgabe 3/2005

Effects of Alendronate and Calcitonin on Bone Mineral Density in Postmenopausal Osteoporotic Women. An Observational Study

Miroslava Hejdova, Vladimir Palicka, Zdenek Kucera, Jiri Vlcek

01.06.2005 | Ausgabe 3/2005

Characteristics Associated with Neuropathy and/or Retinopathy in a Hospital Outpatient Diabetic Clinic

Mary. T. McClean, William John Andrews, James C. McElnay

01.06.2005 | Ausgabe 3/2005

Managing Urinary Tract Infections in Nursing Homes: A Qualitative Assessment

Anna K. Schweizer, Carmel M. Hughes, Domhnall C. Macauley, Ciaran O’Neill

01.06.2005 | Ausgabe 3/2005

Infovigilance: Reporting Errors in Official Drug Information Sources

Isabelle Fusier, Corinne Tollier, Marie-Caroline Husson

01.06.2005 | Ausgabe 3/2005

Cross Hypersensitivity Syndrome between Phenytoin and Carbamazepine

Nerea Moyano Sierra, Benito García, Javier Marco, Susana Plaza, Francisco Hidalgo, Teresa Bermejo

01.06.2005 | Ausgabe 3/2005

Actual and Perceived Provision of Pharmaceutical Care in Danish Community Pharmacies: The Pharmacists’ Opinions

Charlotte Rossing, Ebba Holme Hansen, Janine Morgall Traulsen, Ines Krass

01.06.2005 | Ausgabe 3/2005

The Frequency and Potential Causes of Dispensing Errors in a Hospital Pharmacy

Adnan Beso, Bryony Dean Franklin, Nick Barber

01.06.2005 | Ausgabe 3/2005

A Survey of the Provision of Clinical Pharmacy Services in Relation to Existing Published Standards

Ray W. Fitzpatrick, Helen F. Boardman

01.06.2005 | Ausgabe 3/2005

Methylphenidate: Use in Daily Practice

Jacqueline G. Hugtenburg, Judith E. Griekspoor, Ingrid De Boer, Eibert R. Heerdink, Yung Hwo Tso, Antoine C. G. Egberts

01.06.2005 | Ausgabe 3/2005

Implementation of a Pharmacist-Led Clinic for Hypertensive Patients in Primary Care – A Pilot Study

Fiona Reid, Pat Murray, Marion Storrie

01.06.2005 | Ausgabe 3/2005

Attitudes of Nigerian Pharmacists towards Pharmaceutical Care

Azuka C. Oparah, Adego E. Eferakeya

01.06.2005 | Ausgabe 3/2005

Hospital Pharmacists’ Awareness of a New Antibiotic Guideline in the UK: Implications for Practice

Eleanor M. Woodford, Keith A. Wilson, John F. Marriott

01.06.2005 | Ausgabe 3/2005

Use of Medicines that Influence Falls or Fractures in a Residential Home Setting

Michael Wilcock, Doug MacMahon, Anthony Woolf

01.06.2005 | Ausgabe 3/2005

“We are White Coats Whirling Round” – Moral Distress in Swedish Pharmacies

Sofia Kälvemark Sporrong, Anna T. Höglund, Mats G. Hansson, Peter Westerholm, Bengt Arnetz

01.06.2005 | Ausgabe 3/2005

Outpatient Use of Systemic Antibiotics in Croatia

D. Štimac, I. Vukušić, J. Čulig

01.06.2005 | Ausgabe 3/2005

Health Professionals: How Do They Assess New Medicines?

Rebecca Cheng, Kirsty Cook, Sarah Dowman, Rebecca Lawn, Jemma Leary, Taryn Quinn, Kim Schroder, Nicola Smith, June Tordoff

01.06.2005 | Research Article | Ausgabe 3/2005

Cost-Effectiveness of Thrombolytics: A Simplified Model

Şule Apikoğlu Rabuş, Fikret Vehbi lzzettin, Mesut Sancar, Murat Bülent Rabuş, Cevat Kırma, Cevat Yakut

01.06.2005 | Ausgabe 3/2005

A Clinical and Economic Study of Community-Acquired Pneumonia Between Single Versus Combination Therapy

Mohamed Azmi Ahmad Hasali, Mohamed Izham Mohamed Ibrahim, Syed Azhar Syed Sulaiman, Zhari Ahmad, Jameela Banu Ahmad Hasali

01.06.2005 | Ausgabe 3/2005

When Fever, Paracetamol? Theory and Practice in a Paediatric Outpatient Clinic

Mario Gehri, Emmanuèle Guignard, Samira Radji Djahnine, Jocelyne Quillet Cotting, Corinne Yersin, Ermindo R. Di. Paolo, Jean-Daniel Krahenbuhl, André Pannatier

01.06.2005 | Ausgabe 3/2005

Use of Antiplatelet Drugs in the Stroke Unit of a Hong Kong Hospital

Ho Hoi Luk, Janet Pang, Leonard Sheung Wai Li, Matthew Ng

01.06.2005 | Ausgabe 3/2005

Antidiabetic Drug Utilization in Hungary

Balázs Hankó, Éva Tukarcs, Péter Kumli, Zoltán Vincze

01.06.2005 | Ausgabe 3/2005


01.06.2005 | Posters Practice Research | Ausgabe 3/2005

Who, Why and What? Patients Requesting a Supply of Medication in the Emergency Department – is this a Job for the Pharmacist?

C. Collignon, C. A. Oborne, C. Ellis

01.06.2005 | UKCPA Residential Symposium | Ausgabe 3/2005

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