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International Journal of Clinical Pharmacy

International Journal of Clinical Pharmacy 4/2020

Ausgabe 4/2020

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 27 Artikel )

20.08.2020 | Obituary | Ausgabe 4/2020

Foppe van Mil (1950–2020)

Filipa Alves da Costa

31.08.2020 | Editorial | Ausgabe 4/2020

Today the pharmacy world lost a leader in pharmaceutical care

Filipa Alves da Costa

24.04.2020 | Review Article | Ausgabe 4/2020

Impact of pharmacist interventions on medication errors in hospitalized pediatric patients: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Lina Mohammad Naseralallah, Tarteel Ali Hussain, Myriam Jaam, Shane Ashley Pawluk

30.06.2020 | Review Article | Ausgabe 4/2020 Open Access

A systematic review of pharmacist input to metabolic syndrome screening, management and prevention

Rana Moustafa Al AdAwi, Derek Stewart, Cristin Ryan, Antonella Pia Tonna

07.07.2020 | Review Article | Ausgabe 4/2020

Multidrug-resistant gram-negative organisms: a review of recently approved antibiotics and novel pipeline agents

A. Provenzani, A. R. Hospodar, A. L. Meyer, D. Leonardi Vinci, E. Y. Hwang, C. M. Butrus, P. Polidori

04.06.2020 | Review Article | Ausgabe 4/2020

Hematologic adverse effects induced by piperacillin–tazobactam: a systematic review of case reports

Qingqing Wang, Zhongfang He, Xin’an Wu, Yuhui Wei, Jianlin Huang

11.06.2020 | Research Article | Ausgabe 4/2020 Open Access

A novel approach to medicines optimisation post-discharge from hospital: pharmacist-led medicines optimisation clinic

Mohanad Odeh, Claire Scullin, Anita Hogg, Glenda Fleming, Michael G. Scott, James C. McElnay

03.06.2020 | Research Article | Ausgabe 4/2020

Self-reported clinical pharmacy service provision in Austria: an analysis of both the community and hospital pharmacy sector—a national study

S. Deibl, D. Mueller, K. Kirchdorfer, G. Stemer, M. Hoppel, A. E. Weidmann

17.06.2020 | Research Article | Ausgabe 4/2020

Evaluation of the medication reconciliation process and classification of discrepancies at hospital admission and discharge in Italy

Mattia Dei Tos, Cristina Canova, Teresa Dalla Zuanna

19.05.2020 | Research Article | Ausgabe 4/2020 Open Access

A survey of the European Society of Clinical Pharmacy members’ research involvement, and associated enablers and barriers

Derek Stewart, Vibhu Paudyal, Cathal Cadogan, Ankie Hazen, Betul Okuyan, Monika Lutters, Martin Henman, Daniella Fialová

21.05.2020 | Research Article | Ausgabe 4/2020

The role of pharmacists in community education to promote responsible self-medication in Indonesia: an application of the spiral educational model

Adji Prayitno Setiadi, Yosi Wibowo, Cecilia Brata, Steven Victoria Halim, Susilo Ari Wardhani, Bruce Sunderland

07.07.2020 | Research Article | Ausgabe 4/2020

Factors associated with work impairment and productivity among Lebanese community pharmacists

Rita Farah, Diana Malaeb, Hala Sacre, Marwan Akel, Souheil Hallit, Pascale Salameh

20.07.2020 | Research Article | Ausgabe 4/2020

Community pharmacists’ professional practices for complementary medicines: a qualitative study in New Zealand

Joanne Barnes, Rachael Butler

03.06.2020 | Research Article | Ausgabe 4/2020

Knowledge, perceived barriers and facilitators of medication error reporting: a quantitative survey in Malaysian primary care clinics

A. Samsiah, Noordin Othman, Shazia Jamshed, Mohamed Azmi Hassali

21.05.2020 | Research Article | Ausgabe 4/2020

Evaluation of a collaborative care program for pulmonary hypertension patients: a multicenter randomized trial

Matthieu Roustit, Marie-Camille Chaumais, Claire Chapuis, Anne Gairard-Dory, Caroline Hadjadj, Sébastien Chanoine, Benoît Allenet, Olivier Sitbon, Christophe Pison, Pierrick Bedouch, for the ETHAP Study Group

26.05.2020 | Research Article | Ausgabe 4/2020

Prevalence, associated factors and reasons for antibiotic self-medication among dwellers in Anuradhapura: a community-based study

Devarajan Rathish, Nuwan Darshana Wickramasinghe

20.07.2020 | Research Article | Ausgabe 4/2020

Pharmaceutical care in children, an exploratory study of parental experiences in Jordan

Tareq L. Mukattash, Anan S. Jarab, Walaa H. Gharaibeh, Rana K. Abu-Farha, Mohammad B. Nusair, Rajaa Daghash

03.06.2020 | Research Article | Ausgabe 4/2020

Impact of a pharmacist-administered deprescribing intervention on nursing home residents: a randomized controlled trial

Cathy Balsom, Nicole Pittman, Renee King, Debbie Kelly

30.05.2020 | Research Article | Ausgabe 4/2020 Open Access

Association of health literacy and cognition levels with severity of adverse drug reactions in cancer patients: a South Asian experience

Vishal Gupta, Gangachannaiah Shivaprakash, Dipanjan Bhattacherjee, Karthik Udupa, Basavaraj Poojar, Ravi Sori, Shubhangi Mishra

11.06.2020 | Research Article | Ausgabe 4/2020

Cost-effectiveness of atezolizumab plus chemotherapy for advanced non-small-cell lung cancer

Shen Lin, Shaohong Luo, Lixian Zhong, Shubin Lai, Dayong Zeng, Xin Rao, Pinfang Huang, Xiuhua Weng

05.06.2020 | Research Article | Ausgabe 4/2020

Tigecycline-associated hypofibrinogenemia in a real-world setting

David Campany-Herrero, Maria Larrosa-Garcia, Pilar Lalueza-Broto, Lucas Rivera-Sánchez, Juan Espinosa-Pereiro, Jaume Mestre-Torres, Carles Pigrau-Serrallach

03.06.2020 | Research Article | Ausgabe 4/2020 Open Access

Prevalence of potential drug–drug interactions in outpatients of a general hospital in China: a retrospective investigation

Weifang Ren, Yujuan Liu, Jun Zhang, Zhonghong Fang, Huan Fang, Yuan Gong, Xiaoqun Lv

11.06.2020 | COVID-19 | Research Article | Ausgabe 4/2020 Zur Zeit gratis

Provision of community pharmacy services during COVID-19 pandemic: a cross sectional study of community pharmacists’ experiences with preventative measures and sources of information

Kreshnik Hoti, Arianit Jakupi, Dardan Hetemi, Denis Raka, Jeffery Hughes, Shane Desselle

26.07.2020 | Research Article | Ausgabe 4/2020

Impact of IL28B gene polymorphism on efficacy and safety of direct acting antivirals in hepatitis C Egyptian patients

Abdel-Hameed Ibrahim Mohamed Ebid, Ossama Ashraf Ahmed, Sara Hassan Agwa, Sara Mohamed Abdel-Motaleb, Radwa Samir Hagag

07.07.2020 | Research Article | Ausgabe 4/2020

Population pharmacokinetics of isoniazid and dose recommendations in Mexican patients with tuberculosis

Ana Patricia Huerta-García, Susanna Edith Medellín-Garibay, Arturo Ortiz-Álvarez, Martín Magaña-Aquino, Cristian Jazmín Rodríguez-Pinal, Diana Patricia Portales-Pérez, Silvia Romano-Moreno, Rosa del Carmen Milán-Segovia

26.05.2020 | Research Article | Ausgabe 4/2020 Open Access

Compliance to prescribing guidelines among public health care facilities in Namibia; findings and implications

Qamar Niaz, Brian Godman, Stephen Campbell, Dan Kibuule

30.06.2020 | Short Research Report | Ausgabe 4/2020

Characteristics of drug-related problems among hospitalized ischemic stroke patients in China

Qingqing Chen, Zhao Jin, Ping Zhang, Shusen Sun, Ling Li, Yun Liao

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