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International Journal of Health Economics and Management

International Journal of Health Economics and Management 1/2008

Ausgabe 1/2008

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 4 Artikel )

01.03.2008 | Ausgabe 1/2008 Open Access

Do health insurers possess monopsony power in the hospital services industry?

Laurie J. Bates, Rexford E. Santerre

01.03.2008 | Ausgabe 1/2008

The effect of physician and health plan market concentration on prices in commercial health insurance markets

John E. Schneider, Pengxiang Li, Donald G. Klepser, N. Andrew Peterson, Timothy T. Brown, Richard M. Scheffler

01.03.2008 | Ausgabe 1/2008

Can a violation of investor trust lead to financial contagion in the market for tax-exempt hospital bonds?

Patrick M. Bernet, Thomas E. Getzen

01.03.2008 | Ausgabe 1/2008

The level of hospital charges and the income of the uninsured patient

William J. Lynk, Rachelle F. Alcain

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