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International Ophthalmology

International Ophthalmology 7/2020

Ausgabe 7/2020

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 30 Artikel )

15.06.2020 | Ausgabe 7/2020

New treatments for keratoconus

Emilio Pedrotti, Chiara Chierego, Erika Bonacci, Alessandra De Gregorio, Arianna De Rossi, Andrea Zuliani, Adriano Fasolo, Giorgio Marchini

21.03.2020 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 7/2020

Features of cotton wool spots in diabetic retinopathy: a spectral-domain optical coherence tomography angiography study

Amir Mahdjoubi, Youcef Bousnina, Gaelle Barrande, Faïza Bensmaine, Sadri Chahed, Amina Ghezzaz

30.03.2020 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 7/2020

Intracameral tissue plasminogen activator in trabeculectomy: a 1-year prospective, randomized, controlled study

Dana Barequet, Eldar Rosenfeld, Gilad Rabina, Gabi Shemesh, Shimon Kurtz

21.03.2020 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 7/2020

Assessment of the G-ROP study criteria for predicting retinopathy of prematurity: results from a tertiary centre in Turkey

Ozge Yabas Kiziloglu, Yesim Coskun, Ipek Akman

19.03.2020 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 7/2020

Effect of corneal marking features on toric intraocular lens alignment

Hasan Aytogan

27.03.2020 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 7/2020

Early diagnosis of subclinical keratoconus by wavefront parameters using Scheimpflug, Placido and Hartmann–Shack based devices

Zahra Heidari, Mehrdad Mohammadpour, Hassan Hashemi, Ebrahim Jafarzadehpur, Alireza Moghaddasi, Mehdi Yaseri, Akbar Fotouhi

26.03.2020 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 7/2020

Keratoconus prognosis study for patients with corneal external mechanical stress mode

Toufik Bettahar, Chemseddine Rahmoune, Djamel Benazzouz

23.03.2020 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 7/2020

Conjunctival impression cytology and tear-film changes in cases with vitamin D deficiency

Seyhan Dikci, Ayşe Nur Akatlı, Tülay Yıldırım

21.03.2020 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 7/2020

Comparison of two intense pulsed light patterns for treating patients with meibomian gland dysfunction

Yue Wu, Junhua Li, Man Hu, Yinying Zhao, Xiaolei Lin, Yiqin Chen, Lu Li, Yun-e Zhao

20.03.2020 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 7/2020

The effect of retrobulbar anesthesia for cataract surgery on the retinal nerve fiber layer thickness

Erkut Küçük, Kürsad Ramazan Zor

21.03.2020 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 7/2020

A retrospective study comparing DALK and PKP in the treatment of necrotizing stromal keratitis

Hanhan Liu, Shuirong Liu, Hui Tao, Shuyu Hu, Zhihong Deng, Jia Tan

21.03.2020 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 7/2020

Curved single-plane clear corneal incision made under anterior chamber collapse by aqueous humor aspiration prevents leakage after cataract surgery

Masahiro Zako, Masahiko Gosho, Kyoichi Mizumoto

24.03.2020 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 7/2020

Relationship between homocysteine levels, anterior chamber depth, and pseudoexfoliation glaucoma in patients with pseudoexfoliation

Haci Koc, Faruk Kaya

19.03.2020 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 7/2020

Enucleated globes with advanced retinoblastoma: correlation of histopathological features and reclassification of tumors according to the 8th edition of the American Joint Committee on Cancer (AJCC)

Hind Manaa Alkatan, Faisal Saeed AlQahtani, Azza MY Maktabi

27.03.2020 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 7/2020

Macular choroidal thickness in patients with pseudoxanthoma elasticum measured by enhanced-depth imaging spectral-domain optical coherence tomography

Tania Hidalgo-Díaz, María José Morillo-Sánchez, Radua Kamal-Salah, Francisca Rius-Díaz, María García-Fernandez, Jose Manuel García-Campos

27.03.2020 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 7/2020

Measurement of central corneal thickness using Orbscan 3, Pentacam HR and ultrasound pachymetry in normal eyes

Hesham Mohamed Gharieb, Doaa Maamoun Ashour, Mohamed Ibrahim Saleh, Ihab Saad Othman

21.03.2020 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 7/2020

Quantitative analysis of macular and peripapillary microvasculature in adults with anisometropic amblyopia

Gamze Dereli Can

21.03.2020 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 7/2020

The 3-year outcomes of corneal tattooing for severely disfigured corneas

Jinho Jeong, Jonathan D. Fay, Jimmy K. Lee, Roy S. Chuck, Ji-Won Kwon

20.03.2020 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 7/2020

Clinical demographics of pterygium excision and prevalence of conjunctival intraepithelial neoplasia: a 15-year review

Kuo-Hsuan Hung, Ching-Hsi Hsiao, Hsin-Yuan Tan, Hung-Chi Chen, David Hui-Kang Ma, Hsin-Chiung Lin, Lung-Kun Yeh

20.03.2020 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 7/2020

Glaucoma as the presenting sign of intraocular tumors: beware of the masquerading sign

Vijitha S. Vempuluru, Saumya Jakati, Rashmi Krishnamurthy, Sirisha Senthil, Swathi Kaliki

27.03.2020 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 7/2020

Patients’ perception of glaucoma diagnosis practice: Results from a survey of glaucoma patients in North India

Devindra Sood, Ishaana Sood, Shivam Sood, Dinesh Kumar, Rajeev Sood, Narender N. Sood

09.04.2020 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 7/2020

Fluorescein angiography as a primary guide for reduced-fluence photodynamic therapy for the treatment of chronic central serous chorioretinopathy

Arif Koytak, Havvanur Bayraktar, Hakan Ozdemir

04.04.2020 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 7/2020

Venous blood flow alterations in glaucoma patients

Selim Orgül, Konstantin Gugleta, Matthias C. Grieshaber, Andreas Schoetzau

03.04.2020 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 7/2020

Appropriate stage of Descemet membrane removal during donor preparation in deep anterior lamellar keratoplasty

Sepehr Feizi, Amir A. Azari

05.04.2020 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 7/2020 Open Access

Correlation among Lens Opacities Classification System III grading, the 25-item National Eye Institute Visual Functioning Questionnaire, and Visual Function Index-14 for age-related cataract assessment

Yu Wan, Yinhao Wang, Liming Zhao, Min Sun, Li An, Yang Yang, Aimin Jiang, Yanhui Xu, Zhimin Chen, Xuemin Li

06.04.2020 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 7/2020

Associations of polymorphisms in LOXL1 and copper chaperone genes with pseudoexfoliation-syndrome-related cataract in a Chinese Uygur population

Qinghe Jing, Dan Li, Wei Gao, Fan Zhang, Yi Lu, Yongxiang Jiang

15.04.2020 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 7/2020

Refractive predictability using two optical biometers and refraction types for intraocular lens power calculation in cataract surgery

Huanhuan Cheng, Jianbing Li, Bing Cheng, Mingxing Wu

07.04.2020 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 7/2020

Part-time use of 1% atropine eye drops for prevention of myopia progression in children

Li Lian Foo, HlaMyint Htoon, Saadia Zohar Farooqui, Audrey Chia

08.04.2020 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 7/2020

Evaluation of ocular surface and meibomian glands in patients with uveitis related to oligoarticular juvenile idiopathic arthritis

Cumali Degirmenci, Melis Palamar, Suzan Güven Yılmaz, Halil Ates

10.04.2020 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 7/2020

Protective effects of carnosic acid on retinal ganglion cells in acute ocular hypertension rats

Liang Liang, Liye He, Mengnan Zhu, Baoji Chen, Changyi Xiao

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