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International Urogynecology Journal 2/2022
International Urogynecology Journal

Ausgabe 2/2022


Inhaltsverzeichnis (32 Artikel)

19.01.2022 | Editorial

Continuing research after training: perspectives from the IUGA fellows session 2021
Ankita Gupta

03.01.2022 | Special Contribution

International urogynecology consultation chapter 1 committee 2: Epidemiology of pelvic organ prolapse: prevalence, incidence, natural history, and service needs
Heidi W. Brown, Aparna Hegde, Markus Huebner, Hedwig Neels, Hayley C. Barnes, Gisele Vissoci Marquini, Narmin Mukhtarova, Bernard Mbwele, Visha Tailor, Ervin Kocjancic, Elisa Trowbridge, Lynsey Hayward

03.01.2022 | Special Contribution

International Urogynaecology Consultation chapter 1 committee 4: patients’ perception of disease burden of pelvic organ prolapse
Dudley Robinson, Lisa T. Prodigalidad, Symphorosa Chan, Maurizio Serati, Svjetlana Lozo, Jerry Lowder, Chiara Ghetti, Kathie Hullfish, Suzanne Hagen, Chantal Dumoulin

16.11.2021 | Clinical Opinion

Pelvic floor muscle injury during a difficult labor. Can tissue fatigue damage play a role?
Maria C. P. Vila Pouca, Marco P. L. Parente, Renato M. Natal Jorge, John O. L. DeLancey, James A. Ashton-Miller

04.01.2022 | Review Article

Do vaginal pessaries used to treat pelvic organ prolapse impact on sexual function? A systematic review and meta-analysis
Laura Wharton, Ruth Athey, Swati Jha

13.01.2022 | Review Article

Impact of intravesical onabotulinumtoxinA (Botox) on sexual function in patients with overactive bladder syndrome: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Sami Shawer, Aethele Khunda, Gareth J. Waring, Paul Ballard

24.05.2021 | Original Article

Pelvic floor function and morphological abnormalities in primiparas with postpartum symptomatic stress urinary incontinence based on the type of delivery: a 1:1 matched case–control study
Yan Hongliang, Li Pengfei, Jin Cuiping, Hao Jieqian, Pan Ling, Shang Yumin

05.06.2021 | Original Article

Development of a multinational, multidisciplinary competency framework for physiotherapy training in pessary management: an E-Delphi study
Patricia B. Neumann, Nada Radi, Tamara Lynn Gerdis, Clee Tonkin, Chenaye Wright, K. Jane Chalmers, Irena Nurkic

Open Access 01.01.2022 | Original Article

The polymorphisms of extracellular matrix-remodeling genes are associated with pelvic organ prolapse
Lei Li, Yidi Ma, Hua Yang, Zhijing Sun, Juan Chen, Lan Zhu

03.05.2021 | Original Article

Pelvic organ prolapse recurrence after apical prolapse repair: does obesity matter?
Nina Durchfort Metcalfe, Lisa M. Shandley, Marisa Rogers Young, Michelle Higgins, Chidimma Abanulo, Gina M. Northington

28.05.2021 | Commentary

Pelvic organ prolapse recurrence after apical prolapse repair: does obesity matter?
Alexandra Dubinskaya

03.03.2021 | Original Article

Bacterial biofilm formation on vaginal ring pessaries used for pelvic organ prolapse
Felicity G. Gould, Marcus P. Carey, Erica L. Plummer, Gerald L. Murray, Jennifer A. Danielewski, Sepehr N. Tabrizi, Suzanne M. Garland

24.03.2021 | Original Article

Comparing the outcomes and effectiveness of robotic-assisted sacrocolpopexy and laparoscopic sacrocolpopexy in the treatment of pelvic organ prolapse
Chia-Lun Chang, Chun-Hua Chen, Shang-Jen Chang

Open Access 31.03.2021 | Original Article

Public understanding of female genital anatomy and pelvic organ prolapse (POP); a questionnaire-based pilot study
Dina El-Hamamsy, Chanel Parmar, Stephanie Shoop-Worrall, Fiona M. Reid

Open Access 09.04.2021 | Original Article

Laparoscopic lateral suspension for anterior and apical prolapse: a prospective cohort with standardized technique
Kyriaki Chatziioannidou, Nikolaus Veit-Rubin, Patrick Dällenbach

16.04.2021 | Original Article

A soft elastomer alternative to polypropylene for pelvic organ prolapse repair: a preliminary study
Katrina M. Knight, Gabrielle E. King, Stacy L. Palcsey, Amanda M. Artsen, Steven D. Abramowitch, Pamela A. Moalli

04.05.2021 | Original Article

Abdominal pressure and pelvic organ prolapse: is there an association?
Yu Hwee Tan, Moshe Gillor, Hans Peter Dietz

14.06.2021 | Original Article

Long term outcomes of laparoscopic sacro/colpo-hysteropexy with and without rectopexy for the treatment of prolapse
Ehud Grinstein, Yara Abdelkhalek, Nikolaus Veit-Rubin, Ohad Gluck, Bruno Deval

16.06.2021 | Original Article

Healthcare utilization following minimally invasive apical prolapse repair in a large integrated healthcare system
Barbara Ha, Toya Gordon, Maqdooda Merchant, Olga Ramm

16.06.2021 | Original Article

Laparoscopic sacral hysteropexy versus laparoscopic sacral colpopexy plus supracervical hysterectomy in patients with pelvic organ prolapse
Giuseppe Campagna, Lorenzo Vacca, Giovanni Panico, Valerio Rumolo, Daniela Caramazza, Andrea Lombisani, Cristiano Rossitto, Pierre Gadonneix, Giovanni Scambia, Alfredo Ercoli

16.06.2021 | Original Article

Position and orientation of vaginal pessaries in situ on magnetic resonance imaging
Christopher X. Hong, Elana Meer, Max Cioban, David J. Tischfield, Daisy B. Hassani, Heidi S. Harvie

Open Access 23.06.2021 | Original Article

Robot-assisted sacrocolpopexy: not only for vaginal vault suspension? An observational cohort study
Femke van Zanten, Egbert Lenters, Ivo A. M. J. Broeders, Steven E. Schraffordt Koops

23.03.2021 | Original Article

Racial disparities in complications and costs after surgery for pelvic organ prolapse
Oluwateniola Brown, Tsung Mou, Kimberly Kenton, David Sheyn, C. Emi Bretschneider

08.04.2021 | Original Article

Cross sectional study on assessment of ring pessary cleaning and removal every six months: adverse events and complications
Suelene Costa de Albuquerque Coelho, Gláucia Miranda Varella Pereira, Luiz Gustavo Oliveira Brito, Cássia Raquel Teatin Juliato

Open Access 11.05.2021 | Original Article

The distribution of pelvic organ support defects in women undergoing pelvic organ prolapse surgery and compartment specific risk factors
Emmanuel Payebto Zoua, Michel Boulvain, Patrick Dällenbach

08.06.2021 | Original Article

Absorbable versus non-absorbable sutures for vaginal mesh attachment during sacrocolpopexy: a randomized controlled trial
Christl Reisenauer, Jürgen Andress, Birgitt Schoenfisch, Markus Huebner, Sara Yvonne Brucker, Andrea Lippkowski, Kathrin Beilecke, Juliane Marschke, Ralf Tunn

17.06.2021 | Original Article

Determinants of uterovaginal prolapse in Western Ethiopia
Gamachis Firdisa, Temesgen Tilahun, Gemechu Kejela

08.07.2021 | IUJ Video

Modified vaginal hysterectomy for chronic non-puerperal complete uterine inversion: video presentation
Manidip Pal, Ritwik Samanta, Soumen Deb, Sougata Kumar Burman, Jayeeta Mukherjee, Madhumita Ray

Open Access 14.07.2021 | IUJ Video

Modified autologous fascial sling technique (‘sling on a string’) for stress incontinence
Victoria Asfour, Kostis I. Nikolopoulos, Giuseppe Alessandro Digesu, Simon Emery, Zainab Khan

07.10.2021 | Images in Urogynecology

Large vaginal polyp post-Manchester repair masquerading as uterine prolapse
Nicole Moriarty, Fadi T. Salameh, Naomi Burke

04.11.2021 | Images in Urogynecology

Surgical management of vaginal cancer and concomitant complete uterovaginal prolapse
Matteo Frigerio, Alice Cola, Silvia Volontè, Marta Barba, Luca Bazzurini

20.10.2021 | Abstracts

British Society of Urogynaecology Abstracts: Annual Research Meeting November 2020

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