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International Urogynecology Journal 3/2022
International Urogynecology Journal

Ausgabe 3/2022


Inhaltsverzeichnis (37 Artikel)

24.01.2022 | Editorial

Management of concomitant pelvic floor disorders and gynecological malignancy: a clinical challenge
Gregor Prša, Tamara Serdinšek

03.02.2022 | Clinical Opinion

Lies, damned lies, and pelvic floor illustration: Confused about pelvic floor anatomy? You are not alone
John O. L. DeLancey

29.06.2021 | Review Article

Surgical interventions in female urethral strictures: a comprehensive literature review
Joy Narayan Chakraborty, Arun Chawla, Nachiket Vyas

08.06.2021 | Review Article

Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) as an adjunct therapy for pain management in interstitial cystitis/bladder pain syndrome
Christina Ross, Tyler Overholt, Raymond Xu, Gopal Badlani, Robert J. Evans, Catherine A. Matthews, Stephen J. Walker

03.06.2021 | Review Article

Contemporary management considerations of urinary tract infections for women with spina bifida
Ellen Fremion, Paola Bustillos, Rose Khavari

24.07.2021 | Review Article

Effectiveness of physiotherapy for lower urinary tract symptoms in postpartum women: systematic review and meta-analysis
Dai Zhu, Zhijun Xia, Zhiqi Yang

Open Access 22.01.2022 | Special Contribution

Stress urinary incontinence is caused predominantly by urethral support failure
Bo S. Bergström

Open Access 10.02.2021 | Original Article

Involuntary reflexive pelvic floor muscle training in addition to standard training versus standard training alone for women with stress urinary incontinence: a randomized controlled trial
Helena Luginbuehl, Corinne Lehmann, Irene Koenig, Annette Kuhn, Reto Buergin, Lorenz Radlinger

06.04.2021 | Original Article

Urethral support in female urinary continence part 1: dynamic measurements of urethral shape and motion
Megan R. Routzong, Cecilia Chang, Roger P. Goldberg, Steven D. Abramowitch, Ghazaleh Rostaminia

31.03.2021 | Original Article

Urethral support in female urinary continence part 2: a computational, biomechanical analysis of Valsalva
Megan R. Routzong, Liam C. Martin, Ghazaleh Rostaminia, Steven Abramowitch

14.04.2021 | Original Article

Urinary microbiota of women with recurrent urinary tract infection: collection and culture methods
Baylie R. Hochstedler, Lindsey Burnett, Travis K. Price, Carrie Jung, Alan J. Wolfe, Linda Brubaker

11.06.2021 | Original Article

Methenamine hippurate compared with trimethoprim for the prevention of recurrent urinary tract infections: a randomized clinical trial
Carolyn Botros, Svjetlana Lozo, Shilpa Iyer, Alexandra Warren, Roger Goldberg, Janet Tomezsko, Karen Sasso, Peter Sand, Adam Gafni-Kane, Adam Biener, Sylvia Botros-Brey

06.07.2021 | Commentary

Commentary on “Methenamine hippurate compared with trimethoprim for the prevention of recurrent urinary tract infections: a randomized clinical trial”
Abdelmageed Abdelrahman

02.10.2021 | Original Article

How do women with interstitial cystitis/bladder pain syndrome make treatment choices?
Daisy Hassani, Lorraine Flick, Hareena Sangha, Lily A. Brown, Uduak Andy, Lily Arya

14.01.2022 | Commentary

Commentary on “How do women with interstitial cystitis/bladder pain syndrome make treatment choices?”
Marianne Koch

09.01.2022 | Original Article

Quality of life is improved after urethroplasty in women with urethral stricture
Ahmet Tahra, Resul Sobay, Eyüp Veli Küçük

10.01.2022 | Original Article

The ultrasonographic characteristics of female periurethral solid masses
Xia Wang, Jiewen Lei, Wei Zhang, Junhong Zhou, Lujie Song, Tao Ying

03.03.2021 | Original Article

Ultrasound assessment of urethral structure and bladder neck position in women with different parities
Roopali Karmarkar, Alex Digesu, Ruwan Fernando, Vik Khullar

19.03.2021 | Original Article

Examination of pelvic floor muscle elasticity in patients with interstitial cystitis/bladder pain syndrome using real-time tissue elastography
Yui Abe-Takahashi, Takeya Kitta, Mifuka Ouchi, Hiroki Chiba, Madoka Higuchi, Mio Togo, Nobuo Shinohara

31.03.2021 | Original Article

Small intestinal submucosa xenograft to manage lower urinary tract prostheses perforation: a new path?
Florence Cour, Pierre Munier, Kevin Kaulanjan, Adrien Vidart, Pierre-Olivier Bosset, Yann Neuzillet

23.04.2021 | Original Article

Vaginal stenosis in women with cervical or endometrial cancer after pelvic radiotherapy: a cross-sectional study of vaginal measurements, risk for sexual dysfunction and quality of life
Thaís de Morais Siqueira, Sophie Derchain, Cassia Raquel Teatin Juliato, Marcela Ponzio Pinto e Silva, Helymar Costa Machado, Luiz Gustavo Oliveira Brito

29.04.2021 | Original Article

Traumatic deficient perineum: surgical management and outcome from a single center
Carlos Cerdán-Santacruz, Óscar Cano-Valderrama, Javier Cerdán-Miguel

15.05.2021 | Original Article

What do female university students know about pelvic floor disorders? A cross-sectional survey
Marta Bailón Queiruga, Aina Delgado-Morell, Marta Peró Garcia, Sandra Coll Girona, Ignasi Gich Saladich, Oriol Porta Roda

15.05.2021 | Original Article

The effect of mindfulness-based stress reduction on the urinary microbiome in interstitial cystitis
Abigail Shatkin-Margolis, James White, Anne E. Jedlicka, Tiffanie Tam, Austin Hill, Jennifer Yeung, Catrina C. Crisp, Rachel N. Pauls

09.06.2021 | Original Article

Impact of preoperative pelvic floor muscle training (pretraining) on urinary storage and emptying symptoms in women undergoing sling surgery
Kathryn Nauman, Ann Stolzle, Laura Owens, Clifton F. Frilot II, Alex Gomelsky

02.07.2021 | Original Article

Clinical presentation and treatment of Macroplastique® urethral exposures: a retrospective case series
Laura Ramirez-Caban, Maral Malekzadeh, David A. Ossin, Eric A. Hurtado

21.07.2021 | Original Article

Do patients discharged from the physiotherapy-led pelvic health clinic re-present to the urogynaecology service?
Jennifer Nucifora, Zara Howard, Kelly A. Weir

18.05.2021 | Original Article

Outcome of dorsal buccal graft urethroplasty in female urethral stricture disease (FUSD); our institutional experience
Abdul Rouf Khawaja, Yaser Ahmad Dar, Farzana Bashir, Prince Muzafer Wani, Arif Hamid Bhat, Mohammad Saleem Wani

16.02.2021 | Original Article

Antibiotic regimen and route of administration do not alter rates of urinary tract infection after intravesical botulinum toxin injection for overactive bladder
Sarah E. Eckhardt, Yoko Takashima, Stephanie J. Handler, Christopher Tenggardjaja, Tajnoos Yazdany

13.02.2021 | Original Article

The effect of preoperative phenazopyridine on short-term urinary retention following urogynecologic surgery
Sallie McSwain, Abbigail Woll, Autumn Edenfield, Kendra Kesty, Kyle Brong, Steven Swift

02.08.2021 | Original Article

Long-term outcomes of Altis® single-incision sling procedure for stress urinary incontinence
Alexandre Gromicho, Jorge Dias, Débora Araújo, Raquel Rodrigues, George Bou Kheir, Luís Ferraz

14.01.2022 | Original Article

Psychological intervention in women with Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser syndrome after artificial vaginoplasty: a prospective study
Shuyi Shao, Xiao Wang, Xiaohong Lei, Keqin Hua, Ying Zhang

18.01.2022 | Original Article

Female urethral stricture: which one is stronger? Labial vs buccal graft
Coskun Sahin, Cumhur Yesildal

20.09.2021 | IUJ Video

Transvaginal repair of vesicouterine fistulae: our experience of three cases
Mingxin Cao, Junlong Zhang, Yu Chen, Yueyou Liang

08.10.2021 | IUJ Video

Lateral cut as management of late voiding dysfunction syndrome post sling: ‘more than a cut’ - video article
Juan D. Solarte, Carlos A. Diaz, Carlos A. Beltran

09.09.2021 | Images in Urogynecology

Youssef’s syndrome: diagnosis on MRI
Smita Manchanda, Sunesh Kumar, Arun Kumar Gupta

29.01.2022 | Correction

Correction to: Comment on “Urinary incontinence during pregnancy: prevalence, experience of bother, beliefs, and help-seeking behavior”
Serveh Parang, Kamyar Mansori

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