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International Urogynecology Journal

International Urogynecology Journal 8/2018

Ausgabe 8/2018

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 24 Artikel )

07.05.2018 | Editorial | Ausgabe 8/2018

Quo vadis, vaginal mesh in pelvic organ prolapse?

Stephen Jeffery, Jan-Paul Roovers

11.06.2018 | Clinical Opinion | Ausgabe 8/2018

How do patients and surgeons decide on uterine preservation or hysterectomy in apical prolapse?

Breffini Anglim, Orfhlaith O’Sullivan, Barry O’Reilly

04.01.2018 | Review Article | Ausgabe 8/2018

Role of sacral neuromodulation in modern urogynaecology practice: a review of recent literature

Samina Tahseen

06.03.2018 | Original Article | Ausgabe 8/2018

A generic health-related quality of life instrument for assessing pelvic organ prolapse surgery: correlation with condition-specific outcome measures

Daniel Altman, Kirk Geale, Christian Falconer, Edward Morcos

25.05.2018 | Original Article | Ausgabe 8/2018

Open sacrocolpopexy and vaginal apical repair: retrospective comparison of success and serious complications

Rebecca G. Rogers, Tracy L. Nolen, Alison C. Weidner, Holly E. Richter, J. Eric Jelovsek, Jonathan P. Shepherd, Heidi S. Harvie, Linda Brubaker, Shawn A. Menefee, Deborah Myers, Yvonne Hsu, Joseph I. Schaffer, Dennis Wallace, Susan F. Meikle, for the NICHD Pelvic Floor Disorders Network

21.12.2017 | Original Article | Ausgabe 8/2018

Detrusor underactivity in pelvic organ prolapse

Matteo Frigerio, Stefano Manodoro, Alice Cola, Stefania Palmieri, Federico Spelzini, Rodolfo Milani

07.09.2017 | Original Article | Ausgabe 8/2018

Pre-operative guided imagery in female pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgery: a randomized trial

Elizabeth J. Billquist, Aaron Michelfelder, Cynthia Brincat, Linda Brubaker, Colleen M. Fitzgerald, Elizabeth R. Mueller

16.08.2017 | Original Article | Ausgabe 8/2018

Discontinuation rate and adverse events after 1 year of vaginal pessary use in women with pelvic organ prolapse

Theerarat Yimphong, Teerayut Temtanakitpaisan, Pranom Buppasiri, Chompilas Chongsomchai, Supparaluck Kanchaiyaphum

15.09.2017 | Original Article | Ausgabe 8/2018

Obesity: how much does it matter for female pelvic organ prolapse?

Natharnia Young, Ixora Kamisan Atan, Rodrigo Guzman Rojas, Hans Peter Dietz

03.10.2017 | Original Article | Ausgabe 8/2018

Current practice patterns and knowledge among gynecologic surgeons of InterStim® programming after implantation

Deslyn T. G. Hobson, Jeremy T. Gaskins, LaTisha Frazier, Sean L. Francis, Casey L. Kinman, Kate V. Meriwether

27.01.2018 | Original Article | Ausgabe 8/2018

Quality of life following vaginal reconstructive versus obliterative surgery for treating advanced pelvic organ prolapse

Alin Petcharopas, Supreeya Wongtra-ngan, Orawee Chinthakanan

24.02.2018 | Original Article | Ausgabe 8/2018

Effect of generalized anxiety disorders on the success of pessary treatment for pelvic organ prolapse

Fang-Fang Ai, Meng Mao, Ye Zhang, Jia Kang, Lan Zhu

02.03.2018 | Original Article | Ausgabe 8/2018

Modified laparoscopic pectopexy: short-term follow-up and its effects on sexual function and quality of life

Ali Emre Tahaoglu, Mehmet Sait Bakir, Nurullah Peker, İhsan Bagli, Ahter Tanay Tayyar

26.02.2018 | Original Article | Ausgabe 8/2018

Manchester–Fothergill procedure versus vaginal hysterectomy with uterosacral ligament suspension: an activity-based costing analysis

Karen Ruben Husby, Cæcilie Krogsgaard Tolstrup, Gunnar Lose, Niels Klarskov

06.03.2018 | Original Article | Ausgabe 8/2018

Relationship of degree of uterine prolapse between pelvic examination in lithotomy position with cervical traction and pelvic examination in standing position

Pichai Leerasiri, Parit Wachasiddhisilpa, Pattaya Hengrasmee, Chutimon Asumpinwong

13.03.2018 | Original Article | Ausgabe 8/2018

Does transition of urinary incontinence from one subtype to another represent progression of the disease?

Vatché A. Minassian, Xiaowei Yan, Anna L. Pilzek, Raisa Platte, Walter F. Stewart

24.03.2018 | Original Article | Ausgabe 8/2018

Vaginal hysterectomy with apical fixation and anterior vaginal wall repair for prolapse: surgical technique and medium-term results

Juliane Marschke, Carlo Michael Pax, Kathrin Beilecke, Frank Schwab, Ralf Tunn

12.03.2018 | Original Article | Ausgabe 8/2018

The Manchester procedure: anatomical, subjective and sexual outcomes

Sissel Hegdahl Oversand, Anne C. Staff, Ellen Borstad, Rune Svenningsen

29.03.2018 | Original Article | Ausgabe 8/2018

Early catheter removal after pelvic floor reconstructive surgery: a randomized trial

Charelle M. Carter-Brooks, Halina M. Zyczynski, Pamela A. Moalli, Peter G. Brodeur, Jonathan P. Shepherd

18.04.2018 | Original Article | Ausgabe 8/2018

A cost-effectiveness analysis of Onabotulinumtoxin A as first-line treatment for overactive bladder

Jonathan P. Shepherd, Charelle M. Carter-Brooks, Christopher Chermanksy

29.04.2018 | Commentary | Ausgabe 8/2018

Commentary on: A cost-effectiveness analysis of onabotulinumtoxin A as first-line treatment for overactive bladder

Abdelmageed Abdelrahman

11.04.2018 | IUJ Video | Ausgabe 8/2018

Entry into the anterior cul-de-sac during vaginal hysterectomy

Brian J. Linder, John B. Gebhart

02.03.2018 | IUJ Video | Ausgabe 8/2018

Laparoscopic high uterosacral ligament suspension: an alternative route for a traditional technique

Giovanni Panico, Giuseppe Campagna, Daniela Caramazza, Nicola Amato, Alfredo Ercoli, Giovanni Scambia, Mauro Cervigni, Riccardo Zaccoletti

20.06.2018 | Letter to the Editor | Ausgabe 8/2018

Mechanical support of cardinal/uterosacral ligaments improves OAB symptoms: implications for management

Peter Petros

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