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International Urology and Nephrology

International Urology and Nephrology 11/2016

Ausgabe 11/2016

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 27 Artikel )

04.08.2016 | Urology - Original Paper | Ausgabe 11/2016

Primary non-refluxive megaureter in children: single-center experience and follow-up of 212 patients

P. Rubenwolf, J. Herrmann-Nuber, M. Schreckenberger, R. Stein, R. Beetz

04.08.2016 | Urology - Original Paper | Ausgabe 11/2016

Beneath the tip of the iceberg: using electronic referrals to map the unquantified burden of clinical activity in a urology service

Deepak Batura, Tumaj Hashemzehi, Tiffany Lee, Krsna Mahbubani, Munira Ally, Malwina Julia Figaszewska, Rajesh Kavia

21.07.2016 | Urology - Original Paper | Ausgabe 11/2016

Infective complications after retrograde intrarenal surgery: a new standardized classification system

Francesco Berardinelli, Piergustavo De Francesco, Michele Marchioni, Nicoletta Cera, Silvia Proietti, Derek Hennessey, Orietta Dalpiaz, Cecilia Cracco, Cesare Scoffone, Luigi Schips, Guido Giusti, Luca Cindolo

05.08.2016 | Urology - Original Paper | Ausgabe 11/2016

Povidone-iodine rectal cleansing and targeted antimicrobial prophylaxis using rectal swab cultures in men undergoing transrectal ultrasound-guided prostate biopsy are associated with reduced incidence of postoperative infectious complications

Ji Won Ryu, Seung Il Jung, Ji Hoon Ahn, Eu Chang Hwang, Ho Song Yu, Taek Won Kang, Dong Deuk Kwon, Kwangsung Park, Jin Woong Kim

15.07.2016 | Urology - Review | Ausgabe 11/2016

Congenital lymphovascular malformations with urological symptoms: a report of two cases and review of the literature

Miklos Romics, Geza Tasnadi, Balint Sulya, Andras Kiss, Miklos Merksz, Peter Nyirady

04.07.2016 | Urology - Original Paper | Ausgabe 11/2016

Bone remodeling markers as lithogenic risk factors in patients with osteopenia–osteoporosis

María Sierra Girón-Prieto, Salvador Arias-Santiago, María del Carmen Cano-García, Antonio Poyatos-Andújar, Tomás de Haro-Muñoz, Felix Abad-Menor, Miguel Quesada-Charneco, Miguel Ángel Arrabal-Polo, Miguel Arrabal-Martín

05.08.2016 | Urology - Original Paper | Ausgabe 11/2016

Does a history of bullying and abuse predict lower urinary tract symptoms, chronic pain, and sexual dysfunction?

Tori Nault, Priyanka Gupta, Michael Ehlert, Emily Dove-Medows, Marlene Seltzer, Donna J. Carrico, Jason Gilleran, Jamie Bartley, Kenneth M. Peters, Larry Sirls

13.08.2016 | Urology - Original Paper | Ausgabe 11/2016

Vitamin D3 deficiency is associated with female sexual dysfunction in premenopausal women

Masum Canat, Lütfi Canat, Feyza Yener Öztürk, Hatice Eroğlu, Hasan Anıl Atalay, Yüksel Altuntaş

29.07.2016 | Urology - Original Paper | Ausgabe 11/2016

A cross-sectional study in the USA of the epidemiology and quality of life of underactive bladder symptoms

Kassem Faraj, Florence Doo, Judy Boura, Andrew Vereecke, Michael B. Chancellor

14.07.2016 | Urology - Original Paper | Ausgabe 11/2016

Survival following laparoscopic adrenalectomy for solitary metastasis of lung cancer

Senol Tonyali, Hakan Bahadir Haberal, Sertac Yazici, Mustafa Erman, Zafer Volkan Kaynaroglu, Cenk Yucel Bilen

23.07.2016 | Urology - Original Paper | Ausgabe 11/2016

Sunitinib in metastatic renal cell carcinoma (mRCC): a developing country experience. Do our patients behave differently than the Western patients?

Mohmad Hussain Mir, Khalid Hamid Changal, Shiekh Aejaz Aziz, Gull Mohammad Bhat, Abdul Rashid Lone

11.08.2016 | Urology - Original Paper | Ausgabe 11/2016

Renal functional outcomes after robotic multiplex partial nephrectomy: the National Cancer Institute experience with robotic partial nephrectomy for 3 or more tumors in a single kidney

Ryan A. Hankins, Annerleim Walton-Diaz, Hong Truong, Joanna Shih, Gennady Bratslavsky, Peter A. Pinto, W. Marston Linehan, Adam R. Metwalli

28.07.2016 | Urology - Original Paper | Ausgabe 11/2016

Transurethral ventral buccal mucosa graft inlay urethroplasty for reconstruction of fossa navicularis and distal urethral strictures: surgical technique and preliminary results

Dmitriy Nikolavsky, Mourad Abouelleil, Michael Daneshvar

11.07.2016 | Urology - Original Paper | Ausgabe 11/2016

Urethroplasty for treatment of long anterior urethral stricture: buccal mucosa graft versus penile skin graft—does the stricture length matter?

Mohamed M. Hussein, Hazem Almogazy, Ahmed Mamdouh, Fawzy Farag, Elnesr Rashed, Wael Gamal, Ahmed Rashed, Mohamed Zaki, Esam Salem, Ahmed Ryad

14.07.2016 | Urology – Letter to the Editor | Ausgabe 11/2016

Tumor lysis syndrome in anti-androgen-treated metastatic prostate cancer

Sandra Mazzoni

04.08.2016 | Urology – Letter to the Editor | Ausgabe 11/2016

Retroperitoneal metastatic germ cell tumor presenting as a psoas abscess: a rare clinical occurrence and review of the literature

Kenneth R. Verlage, Lauren Underwood, Werner T. W. de Riese

01.08.2016 | Urology - Book review | Ausgabe 11/2016

Review of “The Nurse Practitioner in Urology”

Jay B. Hollander

29.06.2016 | Nephrology – Review | Ausgabe 11/2016

Molecular mechanisms in lithium-associated renal disease: a systematic review

Soham Rej, Shamira Pira, Victoria Marshe, André Do, Dominique Elie, Karl J. Looper, Nathan Herrmann, Daniel J. Müller

27.07.2016 | Nephrology - Original Paper | Ausgabe 11/2016

Potential diagnostic biomarkers for IgA nephropathy: a comparative study pre- and post-tonsillectomy

Ying-Xin Xie, Li-Yu He, Xian Chen, Xiao-Fei Peng, Mu-Yao Ye, Yu-Jing Zhao, Wen-Zhe Yan, Chan Liu, Jing Shao, You-Ming Peng

28.06.2016 | Nephrology - Original Paper | Ausgabe 11/2016

Underlying renal insufficiency: the pivotal risk factor for Pneumocystis jirovecii pneumonia in immunosuppressed patients with non-transplant glomerular disease

Wen-Ling Ye, Nan Tang, Yu-Bing Wen, Hang Li, Min-Xi Li, Bin Du, Xue-Mei Li

24.06.2016 | Nephrology - Original Paper | Ausgabe 11/2016

Clinical study of total glucosides of paeony for the treatment of diabetic kidney disease in patients with diabetes mellitus

Qijin Zhu, Xiangming Qi, Yonggui Wu, Kun Wang

01.09.2016 | Nephrology - Original Paper | Ausgabe 11/2016

Micafungin treatment and eradication of candiduria among hospitalized patients

Steven Gabardi, Spencer Martin, Mihir Sura, Anisa Mohammed, Yoav Golan

23.08.2016 | Nephrology - Original Paper | Ausgabe 11/2016

Effects of omega-3 fatty acid plus alpha-tocopherol supplementation on malnutrition–inflammation score, biomarkers of inflammation and oxidative stress in chronic hemodialysis patients

Zatollah Asemi, Alireza Soleimani, Hossein Shakeri, Navid Mazroii, Ahmad Esmaillzadeh

12.09.2016 | Nephrology - Original Paper | Ausgabe 11/2016

Application of bioimpedance spectroscopy in Asian dialysis patients (ABISAD-III): a randomized controlled trial for clinical outcomes

Chen Huan-Sheng, Chang Yeong-Chang, Hsieh Ming-Hsing, Tseng Fan-Lieh, Lin Chu-Cheng, Wu Tsai-Kun, Chen Hung-Ping, Hung Sze-Hung, Chiu Hsien-Chang, Lee Chia-Chen, Hou Chun-Cheng, Cheng Chun-Ting, Liou Hung-Hsiang, Lin Chun-Ju, Lim Paik-Seong

01.09.2016 | Nephrology - Original Paper | Ausgabe 11/2016

Pre-dialysis renal clinic visits and patients’ outcomes on peritoneal dialysis

Wen Tang, Xiu-Hong Hu, Lei Zhu, Zhe-Li Niu, Chu-Yan Su, Qing-Feng Han, Tao Wang

13.08.2016 | Nephrology - Original Paper | Ausgabe 11/2016

The effect of hypercalcemia on allograft calcification after kidney transplantation

Aygül Çeltik, Sait Şen, Mümtaz Yılmaz, Meltem Seziş Demirci, Gülay Aşçı, Abdülkerim Furkan Tamer, Banu Sarsık, Cüneyt Hoşcoşkun, Hüseyin Töz, Ercan Ok

27.07.2016 | Nephrology - Original Paper | Ausgabe 11/2016

The renal mitochondrial dysfunction in patients with vascular calcification is prevented by sodium thiosulfate

Prithvika Krishnaraj, Sriram Ravindran, Gino A. Kurian

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