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(formerly: Radiation Medicine)

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22.11.2020 | Technical Note

Split-bolus injection protocol with optimized timings of contrast medium injection and CT scanning for 3D CT angio-venography before laparoscopic gastrectomy

Assessment of the anatomical positional relationships of the arteries and veins around the stomach using three-dimensional (3D) computed tomography (CT) angio-venography prior to laparoscopic gastrectomy is effective for safe and rapid surgery [ 1 …

20.11.2020 | Original Article

Carcinosarcoma of the ovary: MR and clinical findings compared with high-grade serous carcinoma

Carcinosarcoma (CS) is a rare ovarian tumor reported to represent 2% of ovarian malignancies [ 1 ]. CS is a biphasic neoplasm composed of high-grade malignant epithelial and mesenchymal elements, synonymous with malignant mixed mesodermal tumor …

19.11.2020 | Special Report Open Access

Developing diagnostic reference levels in Japan

In recent years, concern regarding the effects of radiation exposure in medical care has increased with the rapidly expanding use of medical radiation. Japan is facing a unique situation: although the use of radiological tests is increasing …

19.11.2020 | Original Article

Usefulness of dual-layer spectral CT in follow-up examinations: diagnosing recurrent squamous cell carcinomas in the head and neck

Post-treatment follow-up study in patients with head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC) is important because over 50% of patients with advanced HNSCC have locoregional or distant recurrence after treatment [ 1 , 2 ]. CT has been widely used …

16.11.2020 | Original Article

Visualizing “featureless” regions on mammograms classified as invasive ductal carcinomas by a deep learning algorithm: the promise of AI support in radiology

The increasing interest in the use of artificial intelligence (AI) has been significant. A recent example is the use of AI in the form of AlphaGo which defeated human Go champions [ 1 ]. In most cases, AI refers to an algorithm developed using deep …

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Japanese Journal of Radiology is a peer-reviewed journal, officially published by the Japan Radiological Society. The main purpose of the journal is to provide a forum for the publication of papers documenting recent advances and new developments in the field of radiology in medicine and biology.
The scope of Japanese Journal of Radiology encompasses but is not restricted to
diagnostic radiology, interventional radiology, radiation oncology, nuclear medicine,
radiation physics, and radiation biology. Additionally, the journal covers technical and industrial innovations.

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