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08.12.2023 | Original Paper

Stressful Life Events and Problem Gambling Among Chinese Lottery Gamblers: The Mediating Effects of Coping Strategies and Magical Thinking

Problem gambling poses serious harm to individuals and societies worldwide. This study aims to investigate the relationship between stressful life events and problem gambling, and further explore the mediating role of coping strategies and magical …

verfasst von:
Yijun Jin, Zongshuai Zhang, Baolu Zhang, Jiaqing Wang, Yueming Tian

Open Access 07.12.2023 | Review Paper

Behavioral Tracking Studies in Online Gambling: A Note on Delfabbro et al. (2023)

verfasst von:
Mark D. Griffiths

25.11.2023 | Original Paper

How We Lost 90% of Participants on a Bad Bet: Results from a Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial on Cognitive Bias Modification in Problem Gamblers

Whilst opportunities to participate in gambling have increased, access to support for problem gamblers is lacking behind. This lack of balance calls for improved and accessible intervention methods. The present double-blind randomized controlled …

verfasst von:
Leroy Snippe, Marilisa Boffo, Harriet Galvin, Ronny Willemen, Thomas Pronk, Geert Dom, Reinout W. Wiers

21.11.2023 | Original Paper

Characteristics of Chinese Lottery Consumers’ Financial Literacy and its Relationship with Problem Lottery Gambling

Problem lottery gambling among lottery consumers has increased globally over the years, rendering it necessary to explore their financial literacy characteristics and to answer whether financial literacy inhibits problem lottery gambling. In the …

verfasst von:
Yixin Wang, Zhixu Yang, Ziqiang Xin

Open Access 19.11.2023 | Original Paper

A Structural Equation Model to Explain Gambling Problem Severity in Adolescents with an Integrated Perspective

To be effective in the prevention of adolescent problem gambling, it is fundamental to enhance knowledge about the antecedents of gambling problem severity and the mechanisms through which these dimensions are related to problematic gambling …

verfasst von:
Maria Anna Donati, Kimmo Vehkalahti, Daniela Capitanucci, Caterina Primi

17.11.2023 | Original Paper

Problem Gambling and Sexual Minority Individuals: Evaluating Influence of Age and Comorbid Mental Health and Substance Use Problems

Little is known about the prevalence of problem gambling among sexual minority individuals. The present study utilized an epidemiological sample, including individuals identifying as lesbian, gay, bisexual, asexual, and pansexual, to explore …

verfasst von:
Jackie F. Stanmyre, Lia Nower, Michelle L. Malkin

Open Access 14.11.2023 | Review Paper

Online Gambling: A Systematic Review of Risk and Protective Factors in the Adult Population

In recent decades, internet gambling has seen strong growth and diffusion due to intrinsic characteristics that make it particularly attractive to players (accessibility, anonymity, variety of games). This paper aims to present the current state …

verfasst von:
Michela Ghelfi, Paola Scattola, Gilberto Giudici, Veronica Velasco

14.11.2023 | Original Paper

Effect of Responsible Gaming Policy and Practice on Casino Gaming Behavior

Casino gaming is considered as an entertainment but it may cause financial and psychological burdens to some individuals and their families. Therefore, casino operators have established and deployed responsible gaming policy and practice to …

verfasst von:
Shuang Liu, Wai Ming To, Gui-Hai Huang

Open Access 09.11.2023 | Review Paper

A Systematic Review of Attentional Bias in Problem Gambling

A large body of previous research has provided support for the role of attentional bias as a maintaining factor in addiction. This systematic review aimed to investigate the extent and nature of attentional bias as a phenomenon which exists within …

verfasst von:
Zoe Farr, Niall M. Broomfield, Kenny R. Coventry

27.10.2023 | Original Paper

Sports Gambling Intention Comparison Between Males and Females in the United States

The focus of this research is to understand the sports gambling intentions of Gen Z (those born between 1997 and 2012) that can potentially lead to problematic gambling behavior. Rooted in the theory of planned behavior, the study delves into the …

verfasst von:
Christopher Kape, Nicolas Hamelin, Christopher Abraham

Open Access 25.10.2023 | Original Paper

Childhood Use of Coin Pusher and Crane Grab Machines, and Adult Gambling: Robustness to Subjective Confidence in a Young Adult USA Sample

Gambling as a youth is a risk factor for experiencing gambling-related harm as an adult. Most youth gambling research focuses on illegal engagement with age-restricted products, but youth can also gamble legally, by for example betting with …

verfasst von:
Oliver Bastiani, Alex M. T. Russell, Philip Newall

Open Access 28.09.2023 | Original Paper

Gambling Motives and Offshore Gambling: A Finnish Population Study

The rise of online gambling has drawn attention towards offshore gambling. Currently there is lack of evidence on reasons and motivations to gamble on offshore gambling sites. This study investigated the general gambling motives of onshore and …

verfasst von:
Heli Hagfors, Atte Oksanen, Anne H. Salonen

26.09.2023 | Original Paper

Prevalence and Clinical Characteristics of Recreational and At-Risk/Problematic Gambling Among Low-Income U.S. Veterans: Results from the National Veteran Homeless and Other Poverty Experiences (NV‐HOPE) Study

This study examined associations between recreational gambling (RG) and at-risk/problem gambling (ARPG), and clinical measures of mental illness and substance use, functionality, homelessness, in a nationally representative sample of U.S. military …

verfasst von:
Elina A. Stefanovics, Marc N. Potenza, Jack Tsai

Open Access 22.09.2023 | Review Paper

Understanding Esports-related Betting and Gambling: A Systematic Review of the Literature

Esports gambling has steadily grown in popularity alongside esports itself. While research has been increasing in the field of esports-related gambling, no study has yet reviewed the relevant literature on esports gambling. The present study aimed …

verfasst von:
Harshdeep S. Mangat, Mark D Griffiths, Shu M. Yu, Katalin Felvinczi, Ronald K. Ngetich, Zsolt Demetrovics, Andrea Czakó

19.09.2023 | Original Paper

Relationship Between Social Isolation, Cultural Adaptation, and Sports Gambling Addiction Among Korean Chinese Sports club Participants

This study aims to verify the relationship between social isolation, cultural adaptation, and gambling addiction tendency among Korean Chinese sports club participants living in Korea. This will be helpful in identifying the sports gambling …

verfasst von:
Menglong Lin, Yang Yang, Woogyeon Jo

07.09.2023 | Original Paper

Emotional Dysregulation, Shame and Guilt Predict Severity of Gambling Among a Population of Gamblers

Over the last few years, gambling has diversified, particularly with the arrival of legislation authorizing online gambling in 2010 in France. Psychology has been very interested in emotional regulation strategies, and more recently and more …

verfasst von:
Samantha Tessier, Lucia Romo, Oulmann Zerhouni

Open Access 02.09.2023 | Original Paper

Applying the Just-In-Time Adaptive Intervention Framework to the Development of Gambling Interventions

Just-In-Time Adaptive Interventions (JITAIs) are emerging “push” mHealth interventions that provide the right type, timing, and amount of support to address the dynamically-changing needs for each individual. Although JITAIs are well-suited to the …

verfasst von:
Nicki A. Dowling, Simone N. Rodda, Stephanie S. Merkouris

Open Access 27.08.2023 | Review Paper

Behavioural Tracking and Profiling Studies Involving Objective Data Derived from Online Operators: A Review of the Evidence

Studies involving the analysis of objective data from online operators attempt to address common concerns about biases in self-report research. This paper surveys the progress in this area of research over the last 15 years. The findings highlight …

verfasst von:
Paul Delfabbro, Jonathan Parke, Maris Catania

13.08.2023 | Original Paper

The Differences of Gambling-Related Harms Among Low-Investment and Normal-Investment Pachinko/Pachislot Players in Japan: A Cross Sectional Study

Pachinko and pachislot are popular types of gambling activities in Japan. Prior studies in Japan have reported a concerning prevalence of problem gambling among adult players. While these studies have identified various gambling-related harms …

verfasst von:
Kengo Yokomitsu, Kazuya Inoue, Tomonari Irie

Open Access 07.08.2023 | Original Paper

Impulsivity, Gambling-Related Cognitions, Cognitive Reappraisal and Gambling Behaviour in a Malaysian Sample

The relationships between cognitive reappraisal and problem gambling have been widely studied in different contexts. However, previous research findings remain inconsistent. This discrepancy might be attributed to the effects of interactions …

verfasst von:
Gillian Shu Lin Tan, Cai Lian Tam