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22.11.2023 | Original Article

Kinship Support Differentially Predicts Problematic Smartphone Use in Left-behind Children Compared to Non-left-behind Children: A Longitudinal Study

Currently, severe problematic smartphone use among left-behind children in China is a prevalent issue. However, there is still relatively little research focusing on left-behind children’s problematic smartphone use. Left-behind children refer to …

verfasst von:
Ji Shan, Liping Ma, Yanhui Xiang

Open Access 22.11.2023 | Original Article

Peer-Related Correlates of e-Cigarette Use in Australian Adolescents: a Cross-sectional Examination

verfasst von:
Emily Hunter, Lauren A. Gardner, Siobhan O’Dean, Nicola C. Newton, Louise Thornton, Amy-Leigh Rowe, Tim Slade, Nyanda McBride, Emma K. Devine, Lyra Egan, Maree Teesson, Katrina E. Champion

Open Access 22.11.2023 | Correction

Correction: Conceptualisation of Personal Recovery and Recovery-Oriented Care for Youth: Multisystemic Perspectives

verfasst von:
Vicki C. Dallinger, Govind Krishnamoorthy, Carol du Plessis, Arun Pillai-Sasidharan, Alice Ayres, Lillian Waters, Yasmin Groom, Kiara Sweeney, Linda Anderson, Bronwyn Rees, Lorelle Burton

20.11.2023 | Original Article

Indigenously Adapted Community Reinforcement Approach (IA-CRA) for Cannabis Users: a Randomized Controlled Trial

Cannabis abuse is prevalent among young people in Pakistan, despite its association with significant psychopathology. Current treatment models to reduce cannabis use have been purported to have variable effectiveness and lack cultural …

verfasst von:
Muhammad Tahir Khalily, Basharat Hussain, Brian Hallahan, Shahid Irfan, Neelam Ehsan, Muhammad Saghir, Syeda Ayat-e-Zainab Ali, Shamsher Hayat Khan, Tanveer Akhtar, Muhammad Abbas

17.11.2023 | Correction

Correction to: Different Roles of Academic Stress and Academic Expectation Stress in Emotional Problems and Internet Gaming Disorder Among Chinese Adolescents: Application of the General Strain Theory

verfasst von:
Xue Yang, Xuewen Jiang, Anna Wong, Le Ma, Yong Cai, Xin Wang

Open Access 16.11.2023 | Original Article

A Portrait of Gambling Behaviors and Associated Cognitive Beliefs Among Young Adolescents in Italy

Gambling disorder is a highly prevalent behavioral addiction in young adults. Accordingly, data on the prevalence of gambling as experience and problem gambling as at-risk behavior among adolescents are necessary, due to the increase in gambling …

verfasst von:
Francesca Favieri, Giuseppe Forte, Maria Casagrande, Claudio Dalpiaz, Anna Riglioni, Viviana Langher

10.11.2023 | Original Article

Cannabis Coping Motives Might Mediate the Association Between PTSD Symptom Severity and Trauma Cue–Elicited Cannabis Craving

Conditioned cannabis craving to trauma cues, arising through coping-motivated cannabis use, may contribute to PTSD—cannabis use disorder comorbidity. However, prior work unexpectedly failed to support negative affect–specific coping motives as a …

verfasst von:
Pars Atasoy, Laura Lambe, Sarah DeGrace, Tessa Cosman, Pablo Romero-Sanchiz, Sherry H. Stewart

Open Access 10.11.2023 | Original Article

Cultural Adaptation and Validation of the Attitudes Towards Alcohol Scale for Health Professionals in Portugal

We aimed to conduct an adaptation and validation of the Attitudes towards Alcohol, Alcoholism and Individuals with Alcohol Use Disorders Scale (EAFAA) which set to address the main groups of attitudes. It is composed in its original version by 50 …

verfasst von:
Paulo Seabra, Inês Nunes, Vanessa Silva, Olga Valentim, Lara Pinho, Lídia Moutinho, Divane de Vargas, Alice Curado

10.11.2023 | Original Article

Rumination as a Moderating Factor for Different Dimensions of Depressive and Anxiety Symptoms in Adolescents with Subthreshold Depression: a Multi-Wave Longitudinal Study

This article reports on a longitudinal study in which we examined, across multiple waves of participants, the rumination vulnerability-stress model for the differential prediction of the dimensions of anxiety and depression. Baseline and 6-month …

verfasst von:
Weiqi Li, Yini He, Jing Xiao

09.11.2023 | Original Article

Cross-national Validation of the Arabic Version of the Cannabis Use Intention Questionnaire (CUIQ) Among University Students from Egypt, Kuwait, and Tunisia

Despite the widespread use of cannabis and its relative acceptance among Arab young adults, there still remains high social stigma in addressing these issues and providing treatment options. In addition, research on cannabis use among young adults …

verfasst von:
Feten Fekih-Romdhane, Amthal Alhuwailah, Hanaa Ahmed Mohamed Shuwiekh, Manel Stambouli, Abir Hakiri, Amira Jaoua, Majda Cheour, Daniel Lloret-Irles, Souheil Hallit

08.11.2023 | Original Article

Longitudinal Associations Between Multiple Types of Adverse Childhood Experiences and Depression Trajectories in Middle-Aged and Older Chinese Adults: a Growth Mixture Model

Adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) are related to depression in older adults. However, little is known about the long-term effect of ACEs or potential gender differences. This study aimed to examine the longitudinal associations between multiple …

verfasst von:
Man-Man Peng, Zurong Liang

07.11.2023 | Brief Report

Sex, Age, and Smartphone Addiction Across 41 Countries

Most studies of problematic smartphone use focus on younger participants in a single country, which makes global comparisons difficult. Here, we administered the Smartphone Addiction Scale (Short Version) to 50,423 participants aged 18 to 90 from …

verfasst von:
Jay A. Olson, Dasha A. Sandra, Samuel P. L. Veissière, Ellen J. Langer

06.11.2023 | Commentary

Equity-Oriented Care: A Path to Improving Access to Adolescent Mental Health and Substance Use Services?

Despite ostensibly universal access to health care, many adolescents in countries such as Canada lack access to much-needed mental health and substance use services. There are many complex and interrelated factors that contribute to people’s lack …

verfasst von:
Claire F. Pitcher, Annette J. Browne

01.11.2023 | Original Article

Association Between E-cigarette Exposure and Susceptibility: the Mediation Effect of Perception

This study aims to explore the relationship between e-cigarette social environment exposure, perceptions, and susceptibility. We surveyed 4290 middle school students aged 13–18 in Shanghai, China. A multivariate logistic regression was performed …

verfasst von:
Lulu Zhang, JuanJuan Wang, Ziyan Li, Suizi Zhao, Jingfen Zhu

30.10.2023 | Original Article

Association Between Legal Access to Medical Cannabis and Frequency of Non-Medical Prescription Opioid Use Among U.S. Adults

The impact of state-level medical cannabis laws (MCL) on individual-level opioid outcomes is inconclusive. We analyzed representative samples of U.S. adults ≥ 21 years reporting past-year non-medical prescription opioid (NMPO) use in the 2004–2014 …

verfasst von:
Hillary Samples, Natalie S. Levy, Emilie Bruzelius, Luis E. Segura, Pia M. Mauro, Anne E. Boustead, Christine M. Mauro, Silvia S. Martins

Open Access 27.10.2023 | Original Article

Illicit Substance Use and Harm in Young Adulthood: the Role of Substance Use in Close Relationships and Individual Social Skills

To examine illicit substance use across young adulthood and explore the extent to which social skills moderate the relationship between use and harm. 1,404 (761 women) from the Australian Temperament Project (est. 1983) participated across young …

verfasst von:
C. J. Greenwood, P. Letcher, J. A. Macdonald, D. M. Hutchinson, G. J. Youssef, J. W. Toumbourou, E. Spry, A. Sanson, J. Cleary, C. A. Olsson

27.10.2023 | Original Article

Sense of Coherence, Family Sense of Coherence and Psychological Distress: The Mediating Role of Self Satisfaction

The current study was cross-sectional design and investigated the mediating role of self satisfaction in the relationship between the sense of coherence, family sense of coherence, and psychological distress. A total of 1022 participants adults …

verfasst von:
Ayse Rezan Cecen, Muhammet Ali Mert

27.10.2023 | Original Article

Different Roles of Academic Stress and Academic Expectation Stress in Emotional Problems and Internet Gaming Disorder Among Chinese Adolescents: Application of the General Strain Theory

This study tested a framework of general strain theory in which academic-related stress (perceived academic stress and academic expectation stress) would be associated with Internet gaming disorder (IGD) through negative emotions/common emotional …

verfasst von:
Xue Yang, Xuewen Jiang, Anna Wong, Le Ma, Yong Cai, Xin Wang

24.10.2023 | Original Article

Personality and Acculturation as Predictors of Self-harm Behaviors in Latinx Young Adults

There is a paucity of research identifying predictors of self-harm behaviors in Latinx youth. With the current complex and dynamic sociopolitical landscape in the USA, acculturation processes and cultural stressors may be related to previously …

verfasst von:
Amanda Palomin, Rebeca Zapata, Andy Torres, Kristin Croyle, Alfonso Mercado

23.10.2023 | Original Article

Self-Stigma, Secrecy, and Disclosure Among Chinese with Serious Mental Illness

The self-stigma of mental illness can undermine self-esteem leading to greater depression. This study examines the impact of varied models of self-stigma on Chinese with serious mental illness. First, we validate a progressive model of …

verfasst von:
Sang Qin, Lindsay Sheehan, Eva Yau, Ying Chen, Yutian Wang, Hong Deng, Patrick Corrigan, CBPR Team