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World Journal of Pediatrics OnlineFirst articles

World Journal of Pediatrics OnlineFirst articles

15.06.2018 | Original Article

High incidence of maternal vitamin B12 deficiency detected by newborn screening: first results from a study for the evaluation of 26 additional target disorders for the German newborn screening panel

Newborn screening (NBS) is a prerequisite for early diagnosis and successful treatment of many severe conditions presenting in the neonatal period or infancy. The German NBS panel currently includes 15 target disorders, including 12 metabolic …

Gwendolyn Gramer, Junmin Fang-Hoffmann, Patrik Feyh, Glynis Klinke, Peter Monostori, Jürgen G. Okun, Georg F. Hoffmann

11.06.2018 | Original Article

Necrotizing pneumonia caused by refractory Mycoplasma pneumonia pneumonia in children

Mycoplasma pneumoniae (MP) is the common pathogens leading to community-acquired pneumonia (CAP) in children [ 1 , 2 ]. M. pneumoniae pneumonia (MPP) is generally recognized as a self-limiting illness, but sometimes it will develop into refractory …

Xia Wang, Li-Jia Zhong, Zhi-Min Chen, Yun-Lian Zhou, Bei Ye, Yuan-Yuan Zhang

01.06.2018 | Review Article

Multifarious diagnostic possibilities of the S100 protein family: predominantly in pediatrics and neonatology

S100 proteins, found only in vertebrates [ 1 ], are low molecular weight proteins with two Ca 2+ binding sites of EF-hand type [ 2 ]. Another ion, which is bound by these proteins and is intensively studied, is Zn 2+ ; thanks to this, S100 proteins …

Anna Medkova, Josef Srovnal, Jarmila Potomkova, Jana Volejnikova, Vladimir Mihal

25.05.2018 | Original Article

Polymorphisms in the promoter region of IL10 gene are associated with virus etiology of infant bronchiolitis

Viral bronchiolitis is the most common reason that infants in the developed world are admitted to the hospital [ 1 ]. Variations in innate immunity, which regulate inflammatory reactions and development of adaptive immunity, may be the reason why …

Annukka Holster, Johanna Teräsjärvi, Juho Vuononvirta, Petri Koponen, Ville Peltola, Merja Helminen, Qiushui He, Matti Korppi, Kirsi Nuolivirta

23.05.2018 | Letter to the Editor

Liver transplantation due to cerebrotendinous xanthomatosis end-stage liver disease

Cong-Huan Shen, Zheng-Xin Wang

22.05.2018 | Letter to the Editor

Consecutive occurrence of benign epilepsy with centro-temporal spike and childhood absence epilepsy: true coexistence or atypical evolution?

Eun Hye Lee, Hoi Soo Yoon

30.04.2018 | Letter to the Editor

Antibiotic use in children with Kawasaki disease

Seung Beom Han, Soo-Young Lee

11.04.2018 | Letter to the Editor

BECTS and CAE: a possible neurobiological continuum

Alberto Verrotti, Chiara Mazzocchetti

20.03.2018 | Letter to the Editor

Children with abnormal DMSA nuclear scan present a higher risk of recurrent febrile urinary tract infections

Luke Harper, Yan Lefevre, Xavier Delforge, David Bourquard, Cyril Ferdynus

16.03.2018 | Original Article

Elevated serum neopterin levels in children with functional constipation: association with systemic proinflammatory cytokines

Functional constipation is one of the most frequently seen functional gastrointestinal disorders in the pediatric age group. Although several clinical, pathophysiological, and epidemiological studies have been carried out, the cause of childhood …

Ceren Cıralı, Emel Ulusoy, Tuncay Kume, Nur Arslan

13.03.2018 | Original Article

Association of sleep quality with sociodemographic factors and lifestyle in adolescents from southern Brazil

Adequate quality sleep is essential for growth, development, and physical and mental health of individuals [ 1 ]. The low sleep quality in adolescents was directly related to the difficulty in sleeping, late sleep onset complications in maintaining …

Tiago Rodrigues de Lima, Diego Augusto Santos Silva

07.03.2018 | Original Article

Gestational weight gain among minority adolescents predicts term birth weight

In adult women, there is strong evidence of the effects of prepregnancy body mass index (BMI) on infant birth weight. Women who are overweight or obese are more likely to have an infant with higher birth weight and are at greater risk for having a …

Maheswari Ekambaram, Matilde Irigoyen, Johelin DeFreitas, Sharina Rajbhandari, Jessica Lynn Geaney, Leonard Edward Braitman

06.03.2018 | Original Article

Citation classics in pediatrics: a bibliometric analysis

The publication of a research finding is the first step in its scientific journey; the second, and more important step is, its acceptance by the scientific community. One of the methods to judge acceptance is by analyzing the post-publication …

Viswas Chhapola, Soumya Tiwari, Bobbity Deepthi, Sandeep Kumar Kanwal

05.03.2018 | Original Article

Impact of hospital volume on outcomes of percutaneous ASD/PFO closure in pediatric patients

Atrial septal defect (ASD) is one of the most common congenital cardiac diseases [ 1 ]. Percutaneous interventions for ASD are a less invasive alternative to surgical closure. In an appropriately selected patient population, percutaneous closure is …

Parth Bhatt, Achint Patel, Varun Kumar, Anusha Lekshminarayanan, Viranchi Patel, Srilatha Alapati, Zeenia Cyrus Billimoria

05.03.2018 | Original Article

Ex utero intrapartum treatment for giant congenital omphalocele

An omphalocele is a congenital abdominal wall defect that occurs in 1 out of every 6000 live births [ 1 , 2 ]. It is caused by the failure of the cephalic, caudal, and lateral folds to properly fuse during gestation. The contents of the abdominal …

Xu-Yong Chen, Ji-Xin Yang, Hong-Yi Zhang, Xiao-Feng Xiong, Khalid Mohamoud Abdullahi, Xiao-Juan Wu, Jie-Xiong Feng

05.03.2018 | Original Article

The role of melatonin and cortisol circadian rhythms in the pathogenesis of infantile colic

Infantile colic (IC) is a syndrome of an infant who suffers from crying for 3 hours or more per day, for three or more days per week, and for three consecutive weeks according to Wessel’s classical definition [ 1 ]. It is one of the most common …

Tolga İnce, Hakkı Akman, Dilek Çimrin, Adem Aydın

20.02.2018 | Original Article

Incidence and risk factors of post-phototherapy neonatal rebound hyperbilirubinemia

Estimation of rebound hyperbilirubinemia after stopping phototherapy has been addressed previously by some observational studies [ 1 – 5 ] which have concluded that bilirubin rebound is a rare phenomenon; however, the underlying pathogenesis of …

Ismail Mohamed Elhawary, Eman Abdel Ghany Abdel Ghany, Walaa Alsharany Aboelhamed, Shahinaz Gamal Eldin Ibrahim

14.02.2018 | Personal Viewpoint

ADHD-juvenile bipolar disorder: mimics and chameleons!

Ahmed Naguy

06.03.2014 | Original Article

Effect of pravastatin on endothelial dysfunction in children with medium to giant coronary aneurysms due to Kawasaki disease