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Journal of Maxillofacial and Oral Surgery OnlineFirst articles

14.06.2019 | Original Article

Maxillofacial Nursing: Assessing the Knowledge and Awareness of Nurses in Handling Maxillofacial Injuries Through a Comprehensive Survey

Complete patient care is not possible without having proper systematic and comprehensive nursing care for any patient who is admitted to a hospital for any illness. Nursing education in India is limited to medical hospitals and is routinely taught …

Nishit Kumar, Rama Shankar Choudhary, Kamal Malhotra, Rahul Kathariya

12.06.2019 | Invited Mini Review

Current Strategies in Post-traumatic Orbital Reconstruction

Posttraumatic orbital reconstruction is one of the most fascinating fields in reconstructive craniomaxillofacial surgery. Hardly any other field in craniomaxillofacial surgery has changed so much in terms of diagnostics, biomaterial selection for …

Nils-Claudius Gellrich, Jan Dittmann, Simon Spalthoff, Philipp Jehn, Frank Tavassol, Rüdiger Zimmerer

11.06.2019 | Case Report

Report of a Case of Tuberculosis of Mandibular Condyle in a Patient on Haemodialysis

Tuberculosis is an infectious disease of granulomatous nature affecting multiple organs commonly caused by the acid-fast bacilli Mycobacterium tuberculosis and rarely Mycobacterium bovis [ 1 ]. Worldwide, tuberculosis is one of the top ten causes …

Shreya Krishna, Aditya Moorthy, Prithvi Bachalli, Rohith Gaikwad, Prashanth Bhat, Shobha Hegde

08.06.2019 | Clinical Paper

Cyst Enucleation Revisited: A New Technical Modification to Ensure Complete Removal of Cystic Lining

A cyst is a pathological cavity in the bone or soft tissue, with an outer wall of connective tissue and an inner wall composed of epithelium. The interior of the cystic cavity is filled with a cystic content, which may be watery, colloidal or …

Naveen Chhabra, Shruti Chhabra, Abhishek Kumar

05.06.2019 | Original Article

The Comparison of Utilizing Piezotome and Surgical Disc in Ridge Splitting of Atrophic Edentulous Maxillary Ridge

Nowadays, the increased quality of life, the high therapeutic expectations and tendency to receive the most efficient treatments have made the use of novel medical and dental techniques inevitable [ 1 – 3 ]. It should be noted that a minimum …

Reza Shahakbari, Majid Eshghpour, Vajiheh Mianbandi, Solmaz Pourgonabadi, Elahe Tohidi, Seyed Jalal Seyedi, Sahand Samieirad

03.06.2019 | Original Article

Ti–15Mo Alloy Decreases the Stress Concentration in Mandibular Angle Fracture Internal Fixation Hardware

Mandibular fracture represents one of the most common trauma in the body, with mandibular angle fracture being the most predominant, accounting for 40% of all mandibular fractures. The literature indicates that among the possible causes of …

F. P. S. Guastaldi, A. P. Martini, E. P. Rocha, E. Hochuli-Vieira, A. C. Guastaldi

31.05.2019 | Technical Note

Lower Vestibular Incision: A Modified Technique of Dissection

A lower labial vestibular incision allows access to the symphysis region for a wide array of procedures. The anatomical structure of surgical importance encountered during such incisions is the mentalis muscle. The mentalis muscle is unique as it …

Adarsh Kudva, A. Chitra, Charlene Dsouza, Mehul Saha

31.05.2019 | Clinical Paper

Evaluation of Alveolar Ridge Height Gained by Vertical Ridge Augmentation Using Titanium Mesh and Novabone Putty in Posterior Mandible

Bone augmentation procedures in posterior edentulous mandible are often necessary for placement of endosseous dental implants as, at times, available bone height is limited due to ridge resorption and presence of inferior alveolar nerve [ 1 ].

Rahul Malik, Ashish Gupta, Pankaj Bansal, Rahul Sharma, Sneha Sharma

30.05.2019 | Case Report

A Case of Pleomorphic Adenoma Originating from Accessory Parotid Gland

A 65-year-old male patient presented to Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Okayama University hospital with a complaint of a slowly growing cheek mass for 2 years. He has a medical history of hypertension treated with calcium channel …

Tatsuo Okui, Soichiro Ibaragi, Mariko Fujita, Akira Sasaki

29.05.2019 | Case Report

Maxillofacial Gossypiboma: Case Report, Review of the Literature, and Diagnosis Algorithm

Gossypiboma is a retained surgical sponge and represents a rare complication with an uncertain incidence probably due to medical–legal implications. It is an iatrogenic condition solely due to human factors. While the medical literature has …

Francisco Samuel Rodrigues Carvalho, Fábio Wildson Gurgel Costa, Filipe Nobre Chaves, Henrique Clasen Scarparo, Eduardo Costa Studart Soares

28.05.2019 | Review Paper

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) Hair Transplant: Curves Ahead

The hair transplant has become widely popular aesthetic procedure. Follicular unit transplantation (FUT) and follicular unit extraction (FUE) are two commonly used and accepted techniques. FUT requires excision of strip of tissue from occipital …

Ravi Sharma, Anushri Ranjan

28.05.2019 | Original Article

Efficacy of Prednisolone Mouthwash in Management of Grade III Oral Submucous Fibrosis: A Newer Drug Regimen

Oral submucous fibrosis (OSF) is a chronic slowly progressive disease of oral cavity which is most prevalent in India and East Asia. According to J. J. Pindborg, submucous fibrosis may be defined as an insidious, chronic disease affecting any part …

Abhay Datarkar, Abhishek Akare, Shikha Tayal

28.05.2019 | Clinical Paper

Evaluation of the Dimensions of Anterior Loop of Mental Nerve in CBCT: A Radiographic Analysis

The mental nerve is a general somatic afferent nerve with the purpose of providing sensation to the lip, chin and gingiva. It derives from the inferior alveolar nerve, which is a branch from posterior trunk of V3 (mandibular) of the trigeminal …

Ashish Gupta, Lovekesh Pubreja, Rahul Malik, Neha Gupta

27.05.2019 | Original Article

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) of Perpendicular Plating Versus Conventional Plating in Mandibular Symphysis Fracture

Masticatory function refers to the ability of a person to masticate or chew without pain or interference. The major determinants of masticatory function are the range of mandibular motion, occlusion, maximum occlusal forces and the activity of …

Lohit Arora, Siddharth Bhardwaj, Ghulam Sarwar Hashmi, Syed Fahad Anwar, Sajjad Abdur Rahman

25.05.2019 | Case Report

Microstomia Following Caustic Soda Ingestion: Report of a Case

Caustic soda ingestion causes strictures in the respiratory, gastrointestinal systems and even death. In the oral and perioral areas it causes contractures leading to microstomia that is difficult to manage to restore structure and function of the …

Midion M. Chidzonga

24.05.2019 | Original Article

Comparison of Ultrasonography with Conventional Radiography in Diagnosis of Zygomatic Complex Fractures

The zygomatic bone is a thick strong bone which forms the key to the structure of the anterolateral surface of the face [ 1 ]. The zygomatic complex plays an important role in the function and appearance of the facial skeleton. The prominent convex …

Priyangana Nath, Suresh Menon, A. Suresh, S. Archana

15.05.2019 | Original Article

Incidence of Micrometastasis and Isolated Tumour Cells in Clinicopathologically Node-Negative Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma

It is a well known fact by now that cervical nodal status is the single most important prognostic factor in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC). The presence of nodal metastasis decreases 5-year survival by 50% [ 1 ]. The active …

Kinjal Shankar Majumdar, Vishal U. S. Rao, Rachana Prasad, Veena Ramaswamy, Piyush Sinha, Anand Subash

13.05.2019 | Original Article

Experience with Anterior Maxillary Osteotomy Techniques: A Prospective Study of 20 Cases

Dentofacial deformities can be defined as conditions in which the facial skeleton diverges from normality; additionally, there is malocclusion, and the facial appearance is affected. This condition may be evident at birth or appear during growth …

Ashish Gupta, Sneha D. Sharma, Vimanyu Kataria, Pankaj Bansal, Rahul Sharma

13.05.2019 | Comparative Study

Are Bondable Buttons a Better Option than Intermaxillary Fixation Screws for Achieving Maxillomandibular Fixation? A Prospective Randomized Clinical Study

In order to achieve a meticulous reduction followed by proper fixation of mandibular fractures, a perfect maxillomandibular fixation (MMF) is must. Numerous modalities of achieving MMF are being used worldwide with inherent merits and demerits. A …

Anshul Rai, Anuj Jain, Abhay Datarkar, Subodh Purohit

10.05.2019 | Case Report

Intraoperative Image-Guided Retrieval of Foreign Body from Infratemporal Fossa: A Rare Case Report

Entrapped foreign bodies in the head and neck region pose a challenge for surgeons, especially when present in areas like infratemporal space. In this case report, a bomb splinter entered through skin below the right infraorbital rim, traversed …

Swapan Kumar Majumdar, Debasis Barman, Divya Chadda, Malay Kanti Bachhar, Md. Arif Hossain, Siddhartha Mishra