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27.01.2023 | Original Article

Impact of antithrombotic therapy on acute and delayed intracranial haemorrhage and evaluation of the need of short-term hospitalisation based on CT findings after mild traumatic brain injury: experience from an oral and maxillofacial surgery unit

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is an acute neurologic disorder with an important economic effect on health systems [ 1 ]. Mild TBI (mTBI) is the most common type of TBI and is defined by a Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS) score of ≥ 13, loss of consciousness …

verfasst von:
Andreas Sakkas, Christel Weiß, Frank Wilde, Marcel Ebeling, Oliver Christian Thiele, Robert Andreas Mischkowski, Sebastian Pietzka

Open Access 26.01.2023 | Original Article

The potential of point-of-care diagnostics to optimise prehospital trauma triage: a systematic review of literature

The accurate prehospital triage of patients who have been exposed to significant trauma mechanisms but do not show obvious signs of injury is a daily challenge in emergency services, globally. In 2012, trauma was identified as the sixth leading …

verfasst von:
Leonard Stojek, Dan Bieler, Anne Neubert, Tobias Ahnert, Sebastian Imach

Open Access 24.01.2023 | Original Article

Does minimally invasive percutaneous transilial internal fixator became an effective option for sacral fractures? A prospective study with novel implantation technique

Several posterior fixation methods have been reported for pelvic ring fractures, including ilio-sacral screw (IS) fixation, plate fixation, and spinopelvic fixation. Although IS screw fixation is minimally invasive, reduction is challenging …

verfasst von:
Elsayed Kassem, Sherif A. Khaled, Mahmoud Abdel Karim, Ahmed Goda El-Hamalawy, Mahmoud Fahmy

Open Access 24.01.2023 | Original Article

Techniques for mesoappendix transection and appendix resection: insights from the ESTES SnapAppy study

Acute appendicitis is one of the most common abdominal emergencies requiring acute surgery. The incidence of appendicitis is estimated at 100, 105, and 151 per 100,000 person years in North America, Eastern Europe, and Western Europe, respectively …

verfasst von:
Gary Alan Bass, Lewis J. Kaplan, Maximilian Peter Forssten, Thomas N. Walsh, Yang Cao, Shahin Mohseni, ESTES SnapAppy Group

24.01.2023 | Original Article

Syringic acid ameliorates ischemia/reperfusion-induced testicular injury in rats via suppressing of HMGB1/NF-κB axis and endoplasmic reticulum stress

Testicular torsion (TT) is one of the most serious surgical emergencies caused by the rotating of the spermatic cord around own axis, resulting in reduced blood flow to the affected testicle and ultimately testicular atrophy [ 1 ]. When the …

verfasst von:
Elif Ayazoglu Demir, Selim Demir, Ilke Onur Kazaz, Hatice Kucuk, Nihal Turkmen Alemdar, Omer Faruk Gecici, Ahmet Mentese, Yuksel Aliyazicioglu

Open Access 21.01.2023 | Original Article

Is hospital volume related to quality of hip fracture care? Analysis of 43,538 patients and 68 hospitals from the Dutch Hip Fracture Audit

The expected increase in hip fracture incidence due to the aging population underlines the importance of effective and efficient treatment, leading to the best achievable outcomes. [ 1 – 3 ] There is a growing interest in centralization of hip …

verfasst von:
Franka S. Würdemann, Erik W. van Zwet, Pieta Krijnen, Johannes H. Hegeman, Inger B. Schipper, The Dutch Hip Fracture Audit Group

Open Access 21.01.2023 | Original Article

The potential impact of coagulation factor XIII in trauma-induced coagulopathy – a retrospective case series analysis

Severe bleeding remains a challenge in the management of major trauma patients and accounts for approximately 50% of deaths [ 1 ]. Therefore, early and aggressive treatment of the underlying coagulopathy is mandatory. Surgical measures should be …

verfasst von:
Michaela Wilhelmi, Alexander Albrecht, Christian Macke, Mathias Wilhelmi, Mohammed Omar, Marcel Winkelmann, Jan-Dierk Clausen

Open Access 20.01.2023 | Original Article

Early total care or damage control orthopaedics for major fractures ? Results of propensity score matching for early definitive versus early temporary fixation based on data from the trauma registry of the German Trauma Society (TraumaRegister DGU®)

The term ‘damage control’ refers to a treatment strategy that aims to keep the impact of initial surgical treatment to the minimum level necessary in severely injured patients [ 24 ]. Rotondo et al. proposed the damage control approach in 1993 in …

verfasst von:
Falk von Lübken, Sascha Prause, Patricia Lang, Benedikt Dieter Friemert, Rolf Lefering, Gerhard Achatz

Open Access 19.01.2023 | COVID-19 | Original Article

Surgical management of acute appendicitis during the European COVID-19 second wave: safe and effective

Acute appendicitis is one of the most frequent surgical emergencies, and its management is one of the most commonly-performed emergency general surgery procedures [ 1 – 4 ]. While predominantly affecting younger patients [ 5 ], appendicitis may …

verfasst von:
Maximilian Peter Forssten, Lewis J. Kaplan, Matti Tolonen, Isidro Martinez-Casas, Yang Cao, Thomas N. Walsh, Gary Alan Bass, Shahin Mohseni, For the ESTES SnapAppy Group

19.01.2023 | Original Article

Emergency approach to the femoral artery

Lesions to the femoral vessels are among the most common vascular injuries, accounting for about 70% of all peripheral vascular traumas [ 1 ]. Concerning all kinds of vascular injuries, lesions to the femoral artery account for approximately 26% [ …

verfasst von:
Peter Grechenig, Ulrike Wittig, Theresa di Vora, Walter Prager, Gloria Hohenberger

19.01.2023 | Original Article

Evaluating temporal trends and the impact of surgical subspecialisation on patient outcomes following adhesional small bowel obstruction: a multicentre cohort study

Small bowel obstruction (SBO) is one of the most common surgical emergencies. While approximately half of those admitted are successfully managed conservatively [ 1 ], SBO still accounts for > 60% of all emergency laparotomies performed in the …

verfasst von:
Lewis Green, Roxane Stienstra, Leo R. Brown, Ross C. McLean, Michael S. J. Wilson, Andrew B. C. Crumley, Paul O. Hendry

Open Access 17.01.2023 | Original Article

Epidemiology of carpal fractures: is it only about the scaphoid?

Because of their low incidence, studies about carpal fractures are rare. The aim of the present study was to analyze epidemiology and treatment of fractured carpal bones. We retrospectively analyzed data of 178 patients admitted to our emergency …

verfasst von:
Olivia Boeddrich, Anna Lena Sander, Thomas Lustenberger, Ingo Marzi, Johannes Frank, Maika Voth, Katharina Sommer

17.01.2023 | Original Article

A prospective comparative study of the functional results associated with the use of Björk flap tracheostomy versus standard tracheostomy

Acute cardio-respiratory failure in the setting of medical and surgical critical illness, as well as in the presence of severe traumatic injuries remain conditions that require prolonged mechanical ventilation [ 1 , 2 ]. Prolonged intubation, which …

verfasst von:
Corrado P. Marini, Erin McMurdo, John McNelis, Erin Lewis, Anthony Policastro, Gary Lombardo, Dmitry Karev, Patrizio Petrone

16.01.2023 | Original Article

Graded operative autonomy in emergency appendectomy mirrors case-complexity: surgical training insights from the SnapAppy prospective observational study

Graduated autonomy during surgical training drives increased independence from acquired knowledge coupled with increasing technical skills. This process flows from the apprenticeship model articulated by Halsted, but has been enhanced by planned …

verfasst von:
Nathalie Young, Rebecka Ahl Hulme, Maximilian Peter Forssten, Lewis Jay Kaplan, Thomas Noel Walsh, Yang Cao, Shahin Mohseni, Gary Alan Bass, ESTES SnapAppy Group

13.01.2023 | Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor concerning “Mortality and functional outcomes of fragility fractures of the pelvis by fracture type with conservative treatment: a retrospective, multicenter TRON study”

verfasst von:
Shiori Tanaka, Tadatsugu Morimoto, Takaomi Kobayashi, Masatsugu Tsukamoto, Tomohito Yoshihara, Hirohito Hirata, Masaaki Mawatari

13.01.2023 | Review Article

Reducing the incidence and mortality of traumatic brain injury in Latin America

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) represents a considerable portion of the global injury burden. The incidence of TBI will continue to increase in view of an increase in population density, an aging population, and the increased use of motor vehicles …

verfasst von:
Lucia Rivera-Lara, Walter Videtta, Eusebia Calvillo, Jorge Mejia-Mantilla, Karen March, Santiago Ortega-Gutierrez, Guadalupe Castillo Obrego, Jorge E. Paranhos, Jose I. Suarez

Open Access 12.01.2023 | Original Article

A nationwide analysis on the interaction between frailty and beta-blocker therapy in hip fracture patients

Hip fracture patients comprise a significant challenge for health care systems globally. Owing to the high degree of frailty and considerable comorbidity burden in this population, they demand a substantial amount of resources both during their …

verfasst von:
Maximilian Peter Forssten, Ahmad Mohammad Ismail, Ioannis Ioannidis, Per Wretenberg, Tomas Borg, Yang Cao, Marcelo A. F. Ribeiro Jr., Shahin Mohseni

11.01.2023 | Original Article

Comparison of different scoring systems in predicting mortality and postoperative complications in acute care surgery patients at a Saudi Academic Centre

There is increasing recognition of the burden of surgical emergencies on health care systems worldwide [ 1 , 2 ]. It has been well established that morbidity and mortality are generally more likely to occur in non-elective operations [ 3 ].

verfasst von:
Thamer Nouh, Norah Alkadi, Lamis Alsuwailem, Albatoul Alshanaifi, Rahaf Alshunaiber, Ahmed Alburakan

Open Access 09.01.2023 | Review Article

Concepts, utilization, and perspectives on the Dutch Nationwide Trauma registry: a position paper

Over the last decades, the Dutch trauma care have seen major improvements. To assess the performance of the Dutch trauma system, in 2007, the Dutch Nationwide Trauma Registry (DNTR) was established, which developed into rich source of information …

verfasst von:
R. J. Hoepelman, M. L. S. Driessen, M. A. C. de Jongh, R. M. Houwert, I. Marzi, F. Lecky, R. Lefering, B. J. M. van de Wall, F. J. P. Beeres, M. G. W. Dijkgraaf, R. H. H. Groenwold, L. P. H. Leenen

07.01.2023 | Original Article

Evaluation of the location, number and diameter of bezoars in patients with a history of previous gastrointestinal surgery

Bezoars are foreign bodies developed due to the swallowing of indigestible substances in the stomach that accumulate in the lumen of the gastrointestinal tract (GIT) [ 1 ]. The stomach is the most common location for bezoars, although gastric …

verfasst von:
Ali Muhtaroğlu, Merve Yiğit, Hakan Demir, Uğur Dülger, Muhammed Doğangün, İbrahim Furkan Küçük, Fatih Altintoprak