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Journal of Bioethical Inquiry

Journal of Bioethical Inquiry 2/2018

Ausgabe 2/2018

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 13 Artikel )

02.07.2018 | Editorial | Ausgabe 2/2018

Bioethics and the Freedom Road. The JBI Community and the Change We Want To See

Michael A. Ashby, Bronwen Morrell

02.07.2018 | Recent Developments | Ausgabe 2/2018

Singapore Modifies the U.K. Montgomery Test and Changes the Standard of Care Doctors Owe to Patients on Medical Advice

Sumytra Menon, Voo Teck Chuan

01.06.2018 | Critical Perspectives | Ausgabe 2/2018

The Voice Is As Mighty As the Pen: Integrating Conversations into Advance Care Planning

Kunal Bailoor, Leslie H. Kamil, Ed Goldman, Laura M. Napiewocki, Denise Winiarski, Christian J. Vercler, Andrew G. Shuman

17.04.2018 | Critical Perspectives | Ausgabe 2/2018

Ethical and Legal Concerns With Nevada’s Brain Death Amendments

Greg Yanke, Mohamed Y. Rady, Joseph L. Verheijde

01.06.2018 | Original Research | Ausgabe 2/2018

Raising Rates of Childhood Vaccination: The Trade-off Between Coercion and Trust

Bridget Haire, Paul Komesaroff, Rose Leontini, C. Raina MacIntyre

16.04.2018 | Original Research | Ausgabe 2/2018

The Beneficence of Hope: Findings from a Qualitative Study with Gout and Diabetes Patients

Isabelle Wienand, Milenko Rakic, David Shaw, Bernice Elger

01.06.2018 | Original Research | Ausgabe 2/2018

Review of the Ethical Issues of a Biomarker-Based Diagnoses in the Early Stage of Alzheimer’s Disease

Gwendolien Vanderschaeghe, Kris Dierickx, Rik Vandenberghe

01.06.2018 | Original Research | Ausgabe 2/2018

Family Resemblances: Human Reproductive Cloning as an Example for Reconsidering the Mutual Relationships between Bioethics and Science Fiction

Solveig L. Hansen

01.06.2018 | Original Research | Ausgabe 2/2018

Moving Forward on Consent Practices in Australia

Rebekah E. McWhirter, Lisa Eckstein

01.06.2018 | Original Research | Ausgabe 2/2018

Can the Ethical Best Practice of Shared Decision-Making lead to Moral Distress?

Trisha M. Prentice, Lynn Gillam

01.06.2018 | Original Research | Ausgabe 2/2018 Open Access

A Morally Permissible Moral Mistake? Reinterpreting a Thought Experiment as Proof of Concept

Nathan Emmerich, Bert Gordjin

01.06.2018 | Original Research | Ausgabe 2/2018

The Enduring Influence of a Dangerous Narrative: How Scientists Can Mitigate the Frankenstein Myth

Peter Nagy, Ruth Wylie, Joey Eschrich, Ed Finn

01.06.2018 | Original Research | Ausgabe 2/2018

Beyond Compliance Checking: A Situated Approach to Visual Research Ethics

Caroline Lenette, Jessica R. Botfield, Katherine Boydell, Bridget Haire, Christy E. Newman, Anthony B. Zwi

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