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Journal of Community Health

Journal of Community Health 6/2016

Ausgabe 6/2016

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 25 Artikel )

04.05.2016 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 6/2016

Reasons for Using Electronic Cigarettes and Intentions to Quit Among Electronic Cigarette Users in Malaysia

Li Ping Wong PhD, Sharina Mahavera Mohamad Shakir MSc, Haridah Alias MSc, Nasrin Aghamohammadi PhD, Victor CW Hoe PhD

21.09.2016 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 6/2016

E-Cigarette Policies on College Campuses: Student Use Behaviors, Awareness, and Policy Support

Elizabeth M. Brown, Amy L. Henes, Lindsay T. Olson

19.05.2016 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 6/2016

Secondhand Smoke Exposure and Smoke-Free Policy Support Among Public Housing Authority Residents in Rural and Tribal Settings

Lisa M. Schmidt, Alison A. Reidmohr, Steven D. Helgerson, Todd S. Harwell

02.06.2016 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 6/2016

Awareness and Use of South Asian Tobacco Products Among South Asians in New Jersey

Mary Hrywna, M. Jane Lewis, Arnab Mukherjea, Smita C. Banerjee, Michael B. Steinberg, Cristine D. Delnevo

08.07.2016 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 6/2016

Outcomes for a Public Hospital Tobacco Cessation Program: The Cook County Health and Hospitals System Experience

David N. Goldberg, Anne J. Krantz, Sara Semal, Huiyuan Zhang, William E. Trick

01.12.2016 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 6/2016

Surveillance of Tobacco Use Among South Asians in the US: Are We Underestimating Prevalence?

Michelle T. Bover Manderski, Michael B. Steinberg, Kimberly N. Rahi, Smita C. Banerjee, Cristine D. Delnevo

29.09.2016 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 6/2016

Examining Smoking Cessation in a Community-Based Versus Clinic-Based Intervention Using Community-Based Participatory Research

Payam Sheikhattari, Jummai Apata, Farin Kamangar, Christine Schutzman, Anne O’Keefe, Jane Buccheri, Fernando A. Wagner

16.04.2016 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 6/2016

Community Gardens for Refugee and Immigrant Communities as a Means of Health Promotion

Kari A. Hartwig, Meghan Mason

27.04.2016 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 6/2016

The Effect of an All-Ages Bicycle Helmet Law on Bicycle-Related Trauma

Paula Kett, Frederick Rivara, Anthony Gomez, Annie Phare Kirk, Christina Yantsides

26.04.2016 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 6/2016

Measuring the Developing Therapeutic Relationship Between Pregnant Women and Community Health Workers Over the Course of the Pregnancy in a Study Intervention

Maureen Y. Lichtveld, Arti Shankar, Chris Mundorf, Anna Hassan, Stacy Drury

10.05.2016 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 6/2016

Caregiving on the Hopi Reservation: Findings from the 2012 Hopi Survey of Cancer and Chronic Disease

Felina M. Cordova, Robin B. Harris, Nicolette I. Teufel-Shone, Peyton L. Nisson, Lori Joshweseoma, Sylvia R. Brown, Priscilla R. Sanderson, Delores Ami, Kathylnn Saboda, Ann M. Mastergeorge, Lynn B. Gerald

22.04.2016 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 6/2016

Evaluation of a Childhood Obesity Prevention Online Training Certificate Program for Community Family Educators

Kaitlyn Eck, Gayle Povis Alleman, Virginia Quick, Jennifer Martin-Biggers, Nobuko Hongu, Carol Byrd-Bredbenner

21.04.2016 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 6/2016

Waiting Room Education in a Community Health System: Provider Perceptions and Suggestions

Noor Beckwith, Marie-Louise Jean-Baptiste, Arlene Katz

30.04.2016 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 6/2016

The Utility of a Syndemic Framework in Understanding Chronic Disease Management Among HIV-Infected and Type 2 Diabetic Men Who Have Sex with Men

Blaire Byg, Angela Robertson Bazzi, Danielle Funk, Bonface James, Jennifer Potter

20.05.2016 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 6/2016

Marketing Strategies Used to Promote Children’s Medicine Sold on Internet Sites of Pharmaceutical Stores

Corey H. Basch, Katherine J. Roberts, Emily A. Zagnit, Amairany Martinez

30.05.2016 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 6/2016

Nutritional Intervention to Improve the Quality of Lunchboxes Among Mexican School Children

Glenda Díaz-Ramírez, Arturo Jiménez-Cruz, Montserrat Bacardí-Gascón

17.06.2016 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 6/2016

Diabetes and Impaired Fasting Glucose Prediction Using Anthropometric Indices in Adults from Maracaibo City, Venezuela

Valmore Bermúdez, Juan Salazar, Joselyn Rojas, María Calvo, Milagros Rojas, Mervin Chávez-Castillo, Roberto Añez, Mayela Cabrera

02.06.2016 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 6/2016

Counting and Surveying Homeless Youth: Recommendations from YouthCount 2.0!, a Community–Academic Partnership

Sarah C. Narendorf, Diane M. Santa Maria, Yoonsook Ha, Jenna Cooper, Christine Schieszler

06.06.2016 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 6/2016

Differences in Child Passenger Safety Counseling Frequency and Attitudes by Health Care Provider Specialty

Andrea L. Huseth-Zosel, Megan Orr

10.06.2016 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 6/2016

Community-Based Diabetes Community Health Worker Intervention in an Underserved Chicago Population

Michelle M. Hughes, Eric Yang, Dharani Ramanathan, Maureen R. Benjamins

16.06.2016 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 6/2016

Factors Associated with the Accurate Diagnosis of Obesity

Erica O. Miller, Bryan Stanistreet, Emily Ruckdeschel, Karen Nead, Robert J. Fortuna

23.06.2016 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 6/2016

Diabetes Prevalence and Risk Factors in Four Asian American Communities

Susan L. Stewart, Julie Dang, Moon S. Chen Jr.

30.06.2016 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 6/2016

Risk of Developing Diabetes Among Refugees and Immigrants: A Longitudinal Analysis

Seth A. Berkowitz, Gabriel E. Fabreau, Sridharan Raghavan, Katherine Kentoffio, Yuchiao Chang, Wei He, Steven J. Atlas, Sanja Percac-Lima

30.06.2016 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 6/2016

American Heart Association’s Ideal Cardiovascular Health Metrics in Under-Represented Asian Americans

Freda Patterson, Guo Zhang, Adam Davey, Yin Tan, Grace X. Ma

04.07.2016 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 6/2016

Hispanics’ Satisfaction with Free Clinic Providers: An Analysis of Patient-Centered Medical Home Characteristics

Elena R. Platonova, Jan Warren-Findlow, William J. Saunders, Jenny A. Hutchison, Maren J. Coffman

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