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Journal of Contemporary Psychotherapy

Journal of Contemporary Psychotherapy 1/2018

Ausgabe 1/2018

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01.08.2017 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 1/2018

Efficacy of Treating Sexual Trauma in a Substance Abuse Residential Program for Women

Gina Hemma, Amanda McNab, Lori S. Katz

02.09.2017 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 1/2018 Open Access

Improvements in Depression and Mental Health After Acceptance and Commitment Therapy are Related to Changes in Defusion and Values-Based Action

Kate Bramwell, Thomas Richardson

07.08.2017 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 1/2018

Exploring Associations Between Therapy Factors and Post-therapy Development After Naturalistic Psychotherapies

Vidar Blokhus Ekroll, Michael Helge Rønnestad

28.08.2017 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 1/2018

Two-Track Differentiation Paradigm in Psychotherapy

Shaul Navon, Joseph Meyerson, Yael Lahav

21.09.2017 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 1/2018

The Persistent Case of Major Depression: An Argument for Long-Term Treatment

Adam Clark, Geoff Goodman, Christina Petitti

04.07.2017 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 1/2018

From Puddles to Potholes: The Role of Overvalued Beliefs in Emotional Problems

James C. Overholser

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