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Journal of Digital Imaging

Journal of Digital Imaging 1/2012

Ausgabe 1/2012

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 28 Artikel )

01.02.2012 | Ausgabe 1/2012

From the Editor’s Desk

Janice Honeyman-Buck

01.02.2012 | Ausgabe 1/2012

The Insidious Problem of Fatigue in Medical Imaging Practice

Bruce I. Reiner, Elizabeth Krupinski

01.02.2012 | Ausgabe 1/2012

Optimizing Technology Development and Adoption in Medical Imaging Using the Principles of Innovation Diffusion, Part II: Practical Applications

Bruce I. Reiner

01.02.2012 | Ausgabe 1/2012

Barton F. Branstetter 4th, Daniel L. Rubin, D. Scott Griffin, David L. Weiss (eds): Practical Imaging Informatics. Foundations and Applications for PACS Professionals

Springer New York Dordrecht Heidelberg London, ISBN 978-1-4419-0483-6 e-ISBN 978-1-4419-0485-0,, © 2009 Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine (SIIM), published in 2010
Thomas M. Deserno

01.02.2012 | Ausgabe 1/2012

Image Data Sharing for Biomedical Research—Meeting HIPAA Requirements for De-identification

John B. Freymann, Justin S. Kirby, John H. Perry, David A. Clunie, C. Carl Jaffe

01.02.2012 | Ausgabe 1/2012

The Next Wave: Confexting

Shah LM, Quigley EP, Wiggins RH

01.02.2012 | Ausgabe 1/2012

Automated Detection of Critical Results in Radiology Reports

Paras Lakhani, Woojin Kim, Curtis P. Langlotz

01.02.2012 | Ausgabe 1/2012

Accurate Determination of Imaging Modality using an Ensemble of Text- and Image-Based Classifiers

Charles E. Kahn Jr., Jayashree Kalpathy-Cramer, Cesar A. Lam, Christina E. Eldredge

01.02.2012 | Ausgabe 1/2012

Development of Automated Detection of Radiology Reports Citing Adrenal Findings

Jason J. Zopf, Jessica M. Langer, William W. Boonn, Woojin Kim, Hanna M. Zafar

01.02.2012 | Ausgabe 1/2012

Integration of Imaging Signs into RadLex

Matthew W. Shore, Daniel L. Rubin, Charles E. Kahn Jr.

01.02.2012 | Ausgabe 1/2012

Analysis of RadLex Coverage and Term Co-occurrence in Radiology Reporting Templates

Yi Hong, Jin Zhang, Marta E. Heilbrun, Charles E. Kahn Jr

01.02.2012 | Ausgabe 1/2012

Influence of Radiology Report Format on Reading Time and Comprehension

Elizabeth A. Krupinski, E. Tyler Hall, Stacy Jaw, Bruce Reiner, Eliot Siegel

01.02.2012 | Ausgabe 1/2012

Streamlining Importation of Outside Prior DICOM Studies into an Imaging System

Peter M. Kuzmak, Ruth E. Dayhoff, Sergey Gavrilov, Greg Cebelinski, Maryann L. Shovestul, Andrew Casertano

01.02.2012 | Ausgabe 1/2012

Our Path to a Filmless Future

Luther Adair II, Eric Ledermann

01.02.2012 | Ausgabe 1/2012

Using an Open-Source PACS Virtual Machine for a Digital Angiography Unit: Methods and Initial Impressions

George C. Kagadis, Christos Alexakos, Steve G. Langer, Todd French

01.02.2012 | Ausgabe 1/2012

Comparison between Different Cost Devices for Digital Capture of X-ray Films: An Image Characteristics Detection Approach

Antonio José Salazar, Juan Camilo Camacho, Diego Andrés Aguirre

01.02.2012 | Ausgabe 1/2012

A Parallel Method to Improve Medical Image Transmission

Rouzbeh Maani, Sergio Camorlinga, Neil Arnason

01.02.2012 | Ausgabe 1/2012

Locating the Reference Point of Symphysis Pubis in Axial CT Images

Jiyong Oh, Dae Chul Jung, Chong-Ho Choi

01.02.2012 | Ausgabe 1/2012

A Comprehensive Descriptor of Shape: Method and Application to Content-Based Retrieval of Similar Appearing Lesions in Medical Images

Jiajing Xu, Jessica Faruque, Christopher F. Beaulieu, Daniel Rubin, Sandy Napel

01.02.2012 | Ausgabe 1/2012

Assessment of Coronary Artery Calcium Using Dual-Energy Subtraction Digital Radiography

John N. Mafi, Baowei Fei, Sharon Roble, Anthony Dota, Prashanth Katrapati, Hiram G. Bezerra, Hesheng Wang, Wei Wang, Leslie Ciancibello, Marco Costa, Daniel I. Simon, Carl E. Orringer, Robert C. Gilkeson

01.02.2012 | Ausgabe 1/2012

Biplane Correlation Imaging: A Feasibility Study Based on Phantom and Human Data

Ehsan Samei, Nariman Majdi-Nasab, James T. Dobbins III, H. Page McAdams

01.02.2012 | Ausgabe 1/2012

Computer-Aided Detection Scheme for Sentinel Lymph Nodes in Lymphoscintigrams using Symmetrical Property Around Mapped Injection Point

Ryohei Nakayama, Akiyoshi Hizukuri, Koji Yamamoto, Nobuo Nakako, Naoki Nagasawa, Kan Takeda

01.02.2012 | Ausgabe 1/2012

Identification of Apical Vertebra for Grading of Idiopathic Scoliosis using Image Processing

H. Anitha, G. K. Prabhu

01.02.2012 | Ausgabe 1/2012

Detection of Cancerous Masses in Mammograms by Template Matching: Optimization of Template Brightness Distribution by Means of Evolutionary Algorithm

Marcin Bator, Mariusz Nieniewski

01.02.2012 | Ausgabe 1/2012

Repeatability of Measured Brain Volume by Atlas-Based Method Using T1-Weighted Image

Masami Goto, Tosiaki Miyati, Osamu Abe, Hidemasa Takao, Tomomi Kurosu, Naoto Hayashi, Shigeki Aoki, Harushi Mori, Akira Kunimatsu, Kenji Ino, Keiichi Yano, Kuni Ohtomo

01.02.2012 | Ausgabe 1/2012

An Algorithm for Intelligent Sorting of CT-Related Dose Parameters

Tessa S. Cook, Stefan L. Zimmerman, Scott R. Steingall, William W. Boonn, Woojin Kim

01.02.2012 | Ausgabe 1/2012

Assessment of Patient Doses in CR Examinations Throughout a Large Health Region

Yogesh Thakur, Thorarin A. Bjarnason, Kevin Hammerstrom, Lorie Marchinkow, Tim Koch, John E. Aldrich

01.02.2012 | Ausgabe 1/2012

Optimization of the Radiological Protection of Patients Undergoing Digital Radiography

Menglong Zhang, Cunkun Chu

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