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Journal of Digital Imaging

Journal of Digital Imaging 3/2013

Ausgabe 3/2013

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 25 Artikel )

01.06.2013 | Ausgabe 3/2013

Creating Accountability in Image Quality Analysis. Part 2: Medical Imaging Accreditation

Bruce I. Reiner

01.06.2013 | Ausgabe 3/2013 Open Access

Commercialization of Quality

John Strauss

01.06.2013 | Ausgabe 3/2013

The IIP Examination: an Analysis of Group Performance 2009–2011

Ben Babcock, Paul Nagy

01.06.2013 | Ausgabe 3/2013

Can the Documented Patient Briefing Be Carried Out with an iPad App?

Philipp Martin Schlechtweg, Matthias Hammon, Christian Heberlein, David Giese, Michael Uder, Siegfried Alexander Schwab

01.06.2013 | Ausgabe 3/2013

Identifying Radiological Needs of Referring Clinicians

Li Zhang, Antje Hefke, Jens Figiel, Ulrike Schwarz, Marga Rominger, Klaus Jochen Klose

01.06.2013 | Ausgabe 3/2013

Challenges to Protocol Optimization Due to Unexpected Variation of CT Contrast Dose Amount and Flow

Tracy J. Robinson, Jeffrey D. Robinson, Daniel S. Hippe, Lee M. Mitsumori

01.06.2013 | Ausgabe 3/2013

Automated Estimation of Abdominal Effective Diameter for Body Size Normalization of CT Dose

Phillip M. Cheng

01.06.2013 | Ausgabe 3/2013

Efficiency and Effectiveness of an Innovative RIS Function for Patient Information Reconciliation Directly Integrated with PACS

Andrea Nitrosi, Marco Bertolini, Pietro Notari, Andrea Botti, Vladimiro Ginocchi, Giulio Tondelli, Mauro Iori, Pierpaolo Pattacini

01.06.2013 | Ausgabe 3/2013

Using a High-Speed Movie Camera to Evaluate Slice Dropping in Clinical Image Interpretation with Stack Mode Viewers

Masahiro Yakami, Akira Yamamoto, Morio Yanagisawa, Hiroyuki Sekiguchi, Takeshi Kubo, Kaori Togashi

01.06.2013 | Ausgabe 3/2013

Quantitative Visually Lossless Compression Ratio Determination of JPEG2000 in Digitized Mammograms

Verislav T. Georgiev, Anna N. Karahaliou, Spyros G. Skiadopoulos, Nikos S. Arikidis, Alexandra D. Kazantzi, George S. Panayiotakis, Lena I. Costaridou

01.06.2013 | Ausgabe 3/2013

Evaluation of Irreversible Compression Ratios for Medical Images Thin Slice CT and Update of Canadian Association of Radiologists (CAR) Guidelines

David Koff, Peter Bak, André Matos, Geoff Norman

01.06.2013 | Ausgabe 3/2013

Properties of Noise in Positron Emission Tomography Images Reconstructed with Filtered-Backprojection and Row-Action Maximum Likelihood Algorithm

A. Teymurazyan, T. Riauka, H.-S. Jans, D. Robinson

01.06.2013 | Ausgabe 3/2013

Statistical Characterization of Portal Images and Noise from Portal Imaging Systems

Antonio González-López, Juan Morales-Sánchez, Rafael Verdú-Monedero, Jorge Larrey-Ruiz

01.06.2013 | Ausgabe 3/2013

Spatial Distribution of Wall Shear Stress in Common Carotid Artery by Color Doppler Flow Imaging

Chao Wang, Ming Chen, Sheng-lin Liu, Yi Liu, Jia-mei Jin, Yu-hui Zhang

01.06.2013 | Ausgabe 3/2013

Region-Based Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Lesion Segmentation from MRI Using Clustering- and Classification-Based Methods with Learning

Wei Huang, Kap Luk Chan, Jiayin Zhou

01.06.2013 | Ausgabe 3/2013

A Fully Automatic Method for Lung Parenchyma Segmentation and Repairing

Ying Wei, Guo Shen, Juan-juan Li

01.06.2013 | Ausgabe 3/2013

A Novel Supervised Approach for Segmentation of Lung Parenchyma from Chest CT for Computer-Aided Diagnosis

Shiloah Elizabeth Darmanayagam, Khanna Nehemiah Harichandran, Sunil Retmin Raj Cyril, Kannan Arputharaj

01.06.2013 | Ausgabe 3/2013

A Knowledge-Based Approach for Carpal Tunnel Segmentation from Magnetic Resonance Images

Hsin-Chen Chen, Yi-Ying Wang, Cheng-Hsien Lin, Chien-Kuo Wang, I-Ming Jou, Fong-Chin Su, Yung-Nien Sun

01.06.2013 | Ausgabe 3/2013

An Effective Non-rigid Registration Approach for Ultrasound Image Based On “Demons” Algorithm

Yan Liu, H. D. Cheng, Jianhua Huang, Yingtao Zhang, Xianglong Tang, Jiawei Tian

01.06.2013 | Ausgabe 3/2013

SVM-Based Characterization of Liver Ultrasound Images Using Wavelet Packet Texture Descriptors

Jitendra Virmani, Vinod Kumar, Naveen Kalra, Niranjan Khandelwal

01.06.2013 | Ausgabe 3/2013

Ovarian Tumor Characterization and Classification Using Ultrasound—A New Online Paradigm

U. Rajendra Acharya, S. Vinitha Sree, Luca Saba, Filippo Molinari, Stefano Guerriero, Jasjit S. Suri

01.06.2013 | Ausgabe 3/2013

Automated, Foot-Bone Registration Using Subdivision-Embedded Atlases for Spatial Mapping of Bone Mineral Density

Lu Liu, Paul K. Commean, Charles Hildebolt, Dave Sinacore, Fred Prior, James P. Carson, Ioannis Kakadiaris, Tao Ju

01.06.2013 | Ausgabe 3/2013

Automatic Intracranial Space Segmentation for Computed Tomography Brain Images

C. Adamson, A. C. Da Costa, R. Beare, A. G. Wood

01.06.2013 | Ausgabe 3/2013

Role of Computer-Aided Detection in Very Small Screening Detected Invasive Breast Cancers

Xavier Bargalló, Martín Velasco, Gorane Santamaría, Montse del Amo, Pedro Arguis, Sonia Sánchez Gómez

01.06.2013 | Ausgabe 3/2013

Adaptive Segmentation of Vertebral Bodies from Sagittal MR Images Based on Local Spatial Information and Gaussian Weighted Chi-Square Distance

Qian Zheng, Zhentai Lu, Qianjin Feng, Jianhua Ma, Wei Yang, Chao Chen, Wufan Chen

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