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Journal of Digital Imaging

Journal of Digital Imaging 5/2011

Ausgabe 5/2011

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 25 Artikel )

01.10.2011 | Editorial | Ausgabe 5/2011

From the Editor's Desk

Janice Honeyman-Buck

01.10.2011 | Ausgabe 5/2011

Optimizing Technology Development and Adoption in Medical Imaging Using the Principles of Innovation Diffusion, Part I: Theoretical, Historical, and Contemporary Considerations

Bruce I. Reiner

01.10.2011 | Ausgabe 5/2011

Marker-Controlled Watershed for Lesion Segmentation in Mammograms

Shengzhou Xu, Hong Liu, Enmin Song

01.10.2011 | Ausgabe 5/2011

Characterizing the Clustered Microcalcifications on Mammograms to Predict the Pathological Classification and Grading: A Mathematical Modeling Approach

Yuan-Zhi Shao, Li-Zhi Liu, Meng-Jie Bie, Chan-chan Li, Yao-pan Wu, Xiao-ming Xie, Li Li

01.10.2011 | Ausgabe 5/2011

False Positive Marks on Unsuspicious Screening Mammography with Computer-Aided Detection

Mary C. Mahoney, Karthikeyan Meganathan

01.10.2011 | Ausgabe 5/2011

A Pilot Study on Using Eye Tracking to Understand Assessment of Surgical Outcomes from Clinical Photography

Min Soon Kim, Angela Burgess, Andrew J. Waters, Gregory P. Reece, Elisabeth K. Beahm, Melissa A. Crosby, Karen M. Basen-Engquist, Mia K. Markey

01.10.2011 | Ausgabe 5/2011

Accuracy of CBCT Measurements of a Human Skull

Kıvanç Kamburoğlu, Eray Kolsuz, Hakan Kurt, Cenk Kılıç, Tuncer Özen, Candan Semra Paksoy

01.10.2011 | Ausgabe 5/2011

Human–Computer Interaction in Radiotherapy Target Volume Delineation: A Prospective, Multi-institutional Comparison of User Input Devices

Multi-Institutional Target Delineation in Oncology Group

01.10.2011 | Ausgabe 5/2011

Occlusal Caries Depth Measurements Obtained by Five Different Imaging Modalities

Kıvanç Kamburoğlu, Hakan Kurt, Eray Kolsuz, Bengi Öztaş, İlkan Tatar, Hakan Hamdi Çelik

01.10.2011 | Ausgabe 5/2011

Radiology IT: Applications Integration vs. Consolidation

Peter K. Kijewski

01.10.2011 | Ausgabe 5/2011

Creation and Storage of Standards-based Pre-scanning Patient Questionnaires in PACS as DICOM Objects

Tracy J. Robinson, Scott L. DuVall, Richard H. Wiggins III

01.10.2011 | Ausgabe 5/2011

Aging and Quality Control of Color LCDs for Radiologic Imaging

A. Walz-Flannigan, S. Stekel, H. Weber, D. Lanners, R. Jonsgaard, T. Peterson, S. G. Langer

01.10.2011 | Ausgabe 5/2011

Using JPEG 2000 Interactive Protocol to Stream a Large Image or a Large Image Set

Rita Noumeir, Jean-François Pambrun

01.10.2011 | Ausgabe 5/2011

Using Keynote to Present Radiology Images

Brian B. Ghoshhajra, Tust Techasith, Garry Choy, Carlos A. Rojas, Stuart R. Pomerantz

01.10.2011 | Ausgabe 5/2011

Dicoogle - an Open Source Peer-to-Peer PACS

Carlos Costa, Carlos Ferreira, Luís Bastião, Luís Ribeiro, Augusto Silva, José Luís Oliveira

01.10.2011 | Ausgabe 5/2011

Imaging Facilities for Basic Medical Units: A Case in the State of Guerrero, Mexico

Joaquín Azpiroz-Leehan, Fabiola Martínez Licona, Miguel Cadena Méndez

01.10.2011 | Ausgabe 5/2011

Development of a Research Dedicated Archival System (TARAS) in a University Hospital

Tiina Rajala, Sami Savio, Jarkko Penttinen, Prasun Dastidar, Mika Kähönen, Hannu Eskola, Risto Miettunen, Väinö Turjanmaa, Ritva Järvenpää

01.10.2011 | Ausgabe 5/2011

A Novel Medical Image Quality Index

Sheng-Chieh Lin, You-Chen Lin, Weng-Song Feng, Jia-Ming Wu, Tzong-Jer Chen

01.10.2011 | Ausgabe 5/2011

Virtual Machine Performance Benchmarking

Steve G. Langer, Todd French

01.10.2011 | Ausgabe 5/2011 Open Access

A Web-Based Flexible Communication System in Radiology

Alexander Valentine Rybkin, Mark Wilson

01.10.2011 | Ausgabe 5/2011

Orion: A Web-Based Application Designed to Monitor Resident and Fellow Performance On-Call

Jason N. Itri, Woojin Kim, Mary H. Scanlon

01.10.2011 | Ausgabe 5/2011

Online Social Networking: A Primer for Radiology

Prasanth M. Prasanna, F. Jacob Seagull, Paul Nagy

01.10.2011 | Ausgabe 5/2011

Rigid Registration of Medical Images Using 1D and 2D Binary Projections

Panayiotis Kotsas, Tony Dodd

01.10.2011 | Ausgabe 5/2011

Development of Subject-Specific Geometric Spine Model through Use of Automated Active Contour Segmentation and Kinematic Constraint-Limited Registration

Catherine G. Strickland, Daniel E. Aguiar, Eric A. Nauman, Thomas M. Talavage

01.10.2011 | Ausgabe 5/2011

Authentication and Self-Correction in Sequential MRI Slices

Vassilis Fotopoulos, Maria L. Stavrinou, Athanassios N. Skodras

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