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Journal of Digital Imaging

Journal of Digital Imaging 6/2012

Ausgabe 6/2012

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 15 Artikel )

01.12.2012 | Book Review | Ausgabe 6/2012

Thomas M. Deserno (ed): Biomedical Image Processing

Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg, ISBN 978-3-642-15815-5 e-ISBN 978-3-642-13813-2, published in 2011
Janice Honeyman-Buck

01.12.2012 | Ausgabe 6/2012

Whitepapers on Imaging Infrastructure for Research Part Three: Security and Privacy

Tony Pan, Bradley J. Erickson, Daniel S. Marcus, CTSA Imaging Informatics Project Group

01.12.2012 | Ausgabe 6/2012

Using Analysis of Speech and Linguistics to Characterize Uncertainty in Radiology Reporting

Bruce I. Reiner

01.12.2012 | Ausgabe 6/2012

Content-Based Retrieval of Focal Liver Lesions Using Bag-of-Visual-Words Representations of Single- and Multiphase Contrast-Enhanced CT Images

Wei Yang, Zhentai Lu, Mei Yu, Meiyan Huang, Qianjin Feng, Wufan Chen

01.12.2012 | Ausgabe 6/2012

A Study on Image Quality Management in PACS Used by Korean Hospitals

Jae-Hwan Cho, Hae-Kag Lee, Kyung-Rae Dong, Woon-Kwan Chung

01.12.2012 | Ausgabe 6/2012

Integration of the Image-Guided Surgery Toolkit (IGSTK) into the Medical Imaging Interaction Toolkit (MITK)

Tong Lu, Ping Liang, Wen-Bo Wu, Jin Xue, Cheng-Long Lei, Yin-Yan Li, Yun-Na Sun, Fang-Yi Liu

01.12.2012 | Ausgabe 6/2012

Observer Performance Using Virtual Pathology Slides: Impact of LCD Color Reproduction Accuracy

Elizabeth A. Krupinski, Louis D. Silverstein, Syed F. Hashmi, Anna R. Graham, Ronald S. Weinstein, Hans Roehrig

01.12.2012 | Ausgabe 6/2012

Workflow Continuity—Moving Beyond Business Continuity in a Multisite 24–7 Healthcare Organization

Brian J. Kolowitz, Gonzalo Romero Lauro, Charles Barkey, Harry Black, Karen Light, Christopher Deible

01.12.2012 | Ausgabe 6/2012

An Improved Tamper Detection and Localization Scheme for Volumetric DICOM Images

Wenbo Dou, Chueh Loo Poh, Yong Liang Guan

01.12.2012 | Ausgabe 6/2012

Extreme Compression for Extreme Conditions: Pilot Study to Identify Optimal Compression of CT Images Using MPEG-4 Video Compression

P. Gabriel Peterson, Sung K. Pak, Binh Nguyen, Genevieve Jacobs, Les Folio

01.12.2012 | Ausgabe 6/2012

Impact of a Computer-Aided Detection (CAD) System Integrated into a Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) on Reader Sensitivity and Efficiency for the Detection of Lung Nodules in Thoracic CT Exams

Luca Bogoni, Jane P. Ko, Jeffrey Alpert, Vikram Anand, John Fantauzzi, Charles H. Florin, Chi Wan Koo, Derek Mason, William Rom, Maria Shiau, Marcos Salganicoff, David P. Naidich

01.12.2012 | Ausgabe 6/2012

Efficient Denoising Technique for CT images to Enhance Brain Hemorrhage Segmentation

H. S. Bhadauria, M. L. Dewal

01.12.2012 | Ausgabe 6/2012

Interactive Visualization and Analysis of Multimodal Datasets for Surgical Applications

Can Kirmizibayrak, Yeny Yim, Mike Wakid, James Hahn

01.12.2012 | Ausgabe 6/2012

Skull Stripping of Neonatal Brain MRI: Using Prior Shape Information with Graph Cuts

Dwarikanath Mahapatra

01.12.2012 | Ausgabe 6/2012

Quantitative Computed Tomography (QCT) as a Radiology Reporting Tool by Using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Macro Program

Young Han Lee, Ho-Taek Song, Jin-Suck Suh

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