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Journal of Family Violence

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19.10.2020 | Original Article

On the Margins: the Challenges of Identifying Domestic Violence in Mental Health Services. Findings of a Qualitative Irish Study

Although the relationship between mental ill health and the experience of domestic violence (DV) is well established, service users frequently report an absence of appropriate professional responses to disclosures. This study explored how …

13.10.2020 | Review Article

Nonfatal Strangulation (NFS) and Intimate Partner Violence: a Brief Overview

Approximately 1.3 million women in the United States will experience various forms of aggression by an intimate partner, per year. The clinical implications of “choke-holds” and lethal outcomes have recently garnered national attention. Nonfatal …

11.10.2020 | Original Article

Love Hurts?: Identifying Abuse in the Virgin-Beast Trope of Popular Romantic Fiction

Popular romantic fiction dating back to the 1700s often portrays a submissive/virginal female character and an aggressive/beastly male character. This binary portrayal of heterosexual relationships is problematic because it presents a power …

10.10.2020 | Original Article

Transactional Associations between Children’s Socioemotional Difficulties and Parental Aggression toward the Child over a Ten-Year Period in a Lower-Income Population

This study examined the transactional effects of parental physical and verbal aggression and children’s externalizing (EP) and internalizing problems (IP) from early school age to adolescence in lower-income community sample using a …

06.10.2020 | Original Article Open Access

How Do Memories of Having Been Parented Relate to the Parenting-Experience of Fathers in Treatment for Intimate Partner Violence? A Phenomenological Analysis

Few studies have examined how men who use intimate partner violence (IPV) experience being a parent. This study describes how Norwegian men in treatment for IPV reflect upon the impact of their childhood experiences on their fathering. We …

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The journal focuses on investigations utilizing group comparisons and single-case experimental strategies. It features case studies of special clinical relevance or that describe innovative evaluation and intervention techniques, reviews, and theoretical discussions that substantially contribute to understanding of family violence.

This interdisciplinary forum presents information on clinical and investigative efforts concerning all forms of family violence and its precursors, including spouse-battering, child abuse, sexual abuse of children, incest, abuse of the elderly, marital rape, domestic homicide, the alcoholic marriage, and general family conflict.

The journal publishes clinical and research reports spanning a broad range of disciplines, including clinical and counseling psychology, sociology, psychiatry, public health, criminology, law, marital counseling, and social work.

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