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Journal of Family Violence

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19.03.2020 | Original Article

Adolescent and Young Women’s Daily Reports of Emotional Context and Episodes of Dating Violence

To investigate same day, previous day, and next day associations between trust, closeness, commitment, jealousy and provision of instrumental support with dating violence victimization and perpetration. A convenience sample of young women, 16–19 …

16.03.2020 | Original Article

Perceptions of College Campus Alcohol and Sexual Violence Prevention among Students with Disabilities: “it Was a Joke”

The purpose of this study was to understand perceptions of campus-based alcohol and sexual violence (SV) prevention programming among college students with disabilities to inform future development of prevention programs appropriate for the needs …

13.03.2020 | Original Article

Perceived and Collective Norms Associated with Sexual Violence among Male Soldiers

The present study explores perceived and collective social norms pertaining to consent for sexual activity, comfort with sexism, stereotypes about rape, attitudes regarding relationships, and the use of dating apps. Data were collected via an …

13.03.2020 | Original Article

Responding to Stalking Victims: Perceptions, Barriers, and Directions for Future Research

Stalking cases have long presented challenges for the criminal justice system. The end result has been low conviction rates for stalking offenses and frustration for stalking victims. To date, little is known regarding the perspectives of criminal …

11.03.2020 | Original Article

The Effects of Intimate Partner Violence and a History of Childhood Abuse on Mental Health and Stress during Pregnancy

Maternal adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and intimate partner violence (IPV) are temporally distinct risk factors that negatively impact mothers and their offspring. Risk associated with ACEs and IPV begin during pregnancy, a period of …

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The journal focuses on investigations utilizing group comparisons and single-case experimental strategies. It features case studies of special clinical relevance or that describe innovative evaluation and intervention techniques, reviews, and theoretical discussions that substantially contribute to understanding of family violence.

This interdisciplinary forum presents information on clinical and investigative efforts concerning all forms of family violence and its precursors, including spouse-battering, child abuse, sexual abuse of children, incest, abuse of the elderly, marital rape, domestic homicide, the alcoholic marriage, and general family conflict.

The journal publishes clinical and research reports spanning a broad range of disciplines, including clinical and counseling psychology, sociology, psychiatry, public health, criminology, law, marital counseling, and social work.

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