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14.06.2020 | Original paper Open Access

The Relationship Between Gambling Event Frequency, Motor Response Inhibition, Arousal, and Dissociative Experience

Speed of play has been identified as a key structural characteristic in gambling behaviour, where games involving higher playing speeds enhance the experience of gambling. Of interest in the present study is the consistent finding that games with …

09.06.2020 | Original Paper

The Effect of Gambling Motivation of Sport Spectators on Propensity for Violence in Sport

The study aims to analyse the relationships between sport spectators’ gambling motivation and propensity for violence. Descriptive and relational screening model were used in this study. Study group is composed of 539 volunteers determined via …

08.06.2020 | Original Paper

Loot Boxes and Gambling: Similarities and Dissimilarities in Risk and Protective Factors

Politicians, health officials, and scholars have argued that loot boxes (virtual items that can be redeemed to receive randomly selected other virtual items) in video games function as a type of gambling, and research has shown that loot box …

20.05.2020 | Original Paper

The Severity of Gambling and Gambling Related Cognitions as Predictors of Emotional Regulation and Coping Strategies in Adolescents

People with gambling disorder (GD) exhibit distorted cognitions and superstitious beliefs more often than the general population. Similarly, difficulties in coping and emotion dysregulation are more prevalent among those with GD, and could …

18.05.2020 | Original Paper

Measuring Gambling Harm: The Influence of Response Scaling on Estimates and the Distribution of Harm Across PGSI Categories

Recent research has shown that harm is not just a feature of problem gambling, but can also be observed in other lower risk categories. Some debates exist, however, as to the distribution of harm across these categories and how harm should be best …

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The Journal of Gambling Studies is an interdisciplinary forum for research and discussion of the many and varied aspects of gambling behavior, both controlled and pathological. Coverage extends to the wide range of attendant and resultant problems, including alcoholism, suicide, crime, and a number of other mental health concerns. Articles published in this journal span a cross-section of disciplines including psychiatry, psychology, sociology, political science, criminology, and social work.

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