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02.12.2021 | Original Paper

The Bounded Ending Effect in the Domain of Football Gambling: High Risks Are Not Always Preferred at the End

Previous research has demonstrated that individuals present increased risk taking at the end of a series of gambles, a phenomenon called the ending effect. By using a large online football gambling data, we attempted to replicate the ending effect …

21.11.2021 | Original Paper

Stressful Life Events Precede Gambling Problems, and Continued Gambling Problems Exacerbate Stressful Life Events; A Life Course Calendar Study

Do stressful life events cause gambling problems, or do gambling problems cause stressful life events? This study used a retrospective design to examine the temporal order of these associations. Specifically, the study employed a life course …

20.11.2021 | Original Paper

What Contributes to Public Stigma Towards Problem Gambling?: A Comparative Analysis of University Students in Australia, Canada, Croatia and Israel

Stigma refers to the attribution of negative sentiments towards a particular entity, object or individual. Stigma can be public, perceived, or self-referential and can have negative consequences for individuals, including losses of self-esteem …

20.11.2021 | Original Paper

Development and Validation of a Near Miss Scale for Assessing Gambling Tendency

Although near-miss is an important tendency indicator for gambling addiction, no scale has been developed to evaluate these feelings. In this study, the aim is to develop a Near Miss Scale (NMS) to assess the tendency of gambling. In the first …

20.11.2021 | Original Paper

Gambling Disorder in an Italian Population: Risk of Suicide Attempts and Associated Demographic-Clinical Factors using Electronic Health Records

To identify the demographic and clinical characteristics associated with access to Emergency Departments for Suicide Attempt in a cohort of patients with Gambling disorders. We used electronic health records of inpatient and outpatient services to …

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The Journal of Gambling Studies is an interdisciplinary forum for research and discussion of the many and varied aspects of gambling behavior, both controlled and pathological. Coverage extends to the wide range of attendant and resultant problems, including alcoholism, suicide, crime, and a number of other mental health concerns. Articles published in this journal span a cross-section of disciplines including psychiatry, psychology, sociology, political science, criminology, and social work.

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