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Journal of Inherited Metabolic Disease

Journal of Inherited Metabolic Disease 1/2000

Ausgabe 1/2000

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 15 Artikel )

01.02.2000 | Ausgabe 1/2000

Editorial changes

01.02.2000 | Ausgabe 1/2000

Psychiatric symptoms of inherited metabolic disease

Y. Estrov, F. Scaglia, O. A. F. Bodamer

01.02.2000 | Ausgabe 1/2000

Brain phenylalanine concentration in the management of adults with phenylketonuria

R. A. Moats, R. Koch, K. Moseley, P. Guldberg, F. Guttler, R. G. Boles, M. D. Nelson Jr.

01.02.2000 | Ausgabe 1/2000

Treatment of late-onset nonketotic hyperglycinaemia: Effectiveness of imipramine and benzoate

E. J. Wiltshire, N. K. Poplawski, J. R. Harrison, J. M. Fletcher

01.02.2000 | Ausgabe 1/2000

Effect of sodium benzoate in the treatment of atypical nonketotic hyperglycinaemia

J. M. Neuberger, S. Schweitzer, M.-O. Rolland, R. Burghard

01.02.2000 | Ausgabe 1/2000

Acylcarnitines in fibroblasts of patients with long-chain 3-hydroxyacyl-CoA dehydrogenase deficiency and other fatty acid oxidation disorders

J. J. Shen, D. Matern, D. S. Millington, S. Hillman, M. D. Feezor, M. J. Bennett, M. Qumsiyeh, S. G. Kahler, Y.-T. Chen, J. L. K. Van Hove

01.02.2000 | Ausgabe 1/2000

Dietary therapy in two patients with a mild form of sulphite oxidase deficiency. Evidence for clinical and biological improvement

G. Touati, E. Rusthoven, E. Depondt, C. Dorche, M. Duran, B. Heron, D. Rabier, M. Russo, J. M. Saudubray

01.02.2000 | Ausgabe 1/2000

Pharmacological and genetic modifications of somatic cholesterol do not substantially alter the course of CNS disease in Niemann–Pick C mice

R. P. Erickson, W. S. Garver, F. Camargo, G. S. Hossian, R. A. Heidenreich

01.02.2000 | Ausgabe 1/2000

A non-glycosylated and functionally deficient mutant (N215H) of the sphingolipid activator protein B (SAP-B) in a novel case of metachromatic leukodystrophy (MLD)

D. Wrobe, M. Henseler, S. Huettler, S. I. Pascual Pascual, A. Chabas, K. Sandhoff

01.02.2000 | Ausgabe 1/2000

The natural course of Gaucher disease in The Netherlands: Implications for monitoring of disease manifestations

P. Maaswinkel-Mooij, C. Hollak, M. Van Eysden-Plaisier, M. Prins, H. Aerts, R. Pöll

01.02.2000 | Ausgabe 1/2000

Neurological deterioration in adult phenylketonuria

J. Weglage, C. Oberwittler, T. Marquardt, J. Schellscheidt, A.v. Teeffelen-Heithoff, G. Koch, H. Gerding

01.02.2000 | Ausgabe 1/2000

The glutamine paradox in a neonate with propionic acidaemia and severe hyperammonaemia

L. Ierardi-Curto, P. Kaplan, S. Saitta, A. Mazur, G. T. Berry

01.02.2000 | Ausgabe 1/2000

Protein, glucose and energy metabolism in Gaucher disease type I

O. A. F. Bodamer, A. Vellodi

01.02.2000 | Ausgabe 1/2000

Increased urine heparan and chondroitin sulphate excretion in patients with osteopetrosis

R. D. Steiner, M. P. Whyte, E. Chang, J. Hanks, C. Mattes, H. Senephansiri, K. M. Gibson

01.02.2000 | Ausgabe 1/2000

Pyridoxine-responsive nephrocalcinosis and glycolic aciduria in two siblings without hyperoxaluria and with normal alanine:glyoxalate aminotransferase activity

J. E. Kist-van Holthe, W. Onkenhout, A. J. van der Heijden

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