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Journal of Medicine and the Person 3/2012
Journal of Medicine and the Person

Ausgabe 3/2012


Inhaltsverzeichnis (8 Artikel)

01.12.2012 | Editorial

Personhood: an inconvenient truth
Lodovico Balducci

01.12.2012 | Original Article

The determination of personhood
Bijal D. Shah

01.12.2012 | Original Article

Personhood: order and border of bioethics
Antonio G. Spagnolo

01.12.2012 | Original Article

Personhood and communication at the end of life
Jillian A. Tullis

01.12.2012 | Original Article

Bio-medical research and search for personhood: a 40-year project
Maria Benedetta Donati, Giovanni de Gaetano

01.12.2012 | Witnesses and leaders

Interview with Dr. Kathy Foley
Lodovico Balducci

01.12.2012 | Issues in International Public Health

Interdisciplinary care for children with spina bifida in East and Southern Africa
Pierre Mertens, Femke Bannink

01.12.2012 | Hospitals

The Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico of Milan
Michele Augusto Riva, Daniele Mazzoleni