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Journal of Medicine and the Person 3/2013
Journal of Medicine and the Person

Ausgabe 3/2013


Inhaltsverzeichnis (9 Artikel)

01.12.2013 | Editorial

Evidence-based or evidence-biased medicine?
Welcome to a new associate editor
Lodovico Balducci

01.12.2013 | Review

Portopulmonary hypertension, tuberculosis and previous dirofilariasis: case report and review of literature
Paolo Ghiringhelli, Roberto Cattaneo, Eugenio Limido, Simona Puricelli, Alessandro Diana

01.12.2013 | Review

Qualitative research: mapping an ongoing journey
Mariaelena Bartesaghi

01.12.2013 | Original Article

The “hateful” patient
Lodovico Balducci

01.12.2013 | Original Article

Chemotherapy prescription appropriateness in end-of-life cancer care: impact of referral to the palliative care specialist at the Cancer Institute of Romagna (IRST)–IRCCS
Mattia Marri, Marco Maltoni, Nicola Gentili, Elisabetta Sansoni, Oriana Nanni

Open Access 01.12.2013 | Short Reports in Best Clinical Practice

Improved neonatal survival through economically sustainable reorganization of a neonatal care unit in a developing country: 7-year experience in the Centre Medical Saint Camille (CMSC) of Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
Paolo Ernesto Villani, Alessandra Ricchini, Agnes Thombiano, Paul Ouedraogo, Donatella Cattarelli, Maria Paola Chiesi, Salvatore Pignatelli, Virginio Pietra, Autino Beatrice, Giovanna Mescoli, Richard Fabian Schumacher

01.12.2013 | Why Do We Take Care of Others?

The heart of medical care
Alberto Reggiori

01.12.2013 | Letter

Simultaneous care: integration between medical oncology and supportive care
Giuseppe Gabrielli, Maria Grazia Arena

01.12.2013 | Hospitals

Great Ormond Street Hospital for children
Nicholas J. Baldwin